Web Writing Tips for PR People

These links will help you write for the web tightly and effectively. Learn how to write better web content, more effective online news writing, avoid web writing mistakes and find the best blogs for web writers. All web writing tips and resources, all the time!

Other PR Coach writing resources you may find useful include Blog Writing, Journalism Writing & Resources, News Release Writing Tips, Newsletter Writing Tips, and PR Writing Tips & Tools. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

4 Fatal Errors of Web Writing
Four fatal writing errors that stop visitors from finding info quickly and easily. Don’t shovel print online; keep it concise; avoid bureaucratic words; and don’t bury the lead.

9 Ways to Use Social Media to Inspire Your Writing
Valuable social media sources for writing inspiration.

11 Commandments of Creating Compelling Web Copy for the Non-Copywriter
11 tips to help you write better web copy.

20 Places to Find Online Courses for Writers
A useful list of online writing courses from the Freelance Writing Jobs Network.

21 Must-Read Tips to Write Better Web Content
21 excellent article links to help elevate your web writing from Jay White.   W

Be Succinct: Writing for the Web
Older post by web guru Jakob Nielsen still applies: succinct, scannable and linked.

Better Writing
180+ articles on better writing by Men with Pens. A superb blog and web writing resource!   W W

Blah Blah Text: Keep, Cut or Kill?
Introductory web texts are too long. Use short intros and get to the point fast.

Chunks: Writing for the Web
What’s a chunk? How long is a chunk? These answers and more chunks right here.

Any Gahran’s terrific blog on how we communicate in an online age.

Copyblogger is Brian Clark’s superb blog on web writing.   W W

Creating Web Content: How to Write a Book Review
Rachelle Money shows how to write an effective book review.   W

Deep Linking Is Good Linking
Links that go deep into interior pages greatly enhance usability.

First 2 Words: A Signal for the Scanning Eye
Web readers are scanners. The first 11 characters must grab them.

Headline Writing Tips for Social News Success and Visibility
Five things Adam Singer says will help you write more effective headlines.

How a Good Title and Description Can Make or Break Your Social Media Submission
Here’s why good titles and descriptions can payback in social media.

How Little Do Users Read?
If you knew that users read only 20-28% of content, would you change what you write?

How to Write for the Web: 23 Useful Rules
23 tips to keep you on track.

How to Write Headlines That Work
Eight time-tested headline categories that work.   W

How to Write Web Headlines That Catch Search Engine Spiders
Great copy can be written for great search engine optimization too. Here’s how.   W

How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer
Jennifer Blanchard shows how Twitter makes your writing better.

How Web and Print Headlines Differ
Learn how web headlines are different and how to write them.

Journalism 2.0: AP Stylebook Now Includes 42 Social Media Guidelines
At 450 pages, the most recent AP Stylebook really is the journalist’s and writer’s Bible, especially with new social media tips.

Microcontent: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines
You have 40-60 characters to explain your microcontent. Titles and headlines must explain exactly what it is.

Online Media Types
This chart gives a quick snapshot of online media types, characteristics and where or how to use them.

Reuters Handbook of Journalism
Reuters handbook is invaluable for journalists and web writers of all kinds.   W

Show Numbers as Numerals When Writing for Online Readers
The usability research is clear. Numbers work better than words every time.

Success Works
Learn all about SEO copywriting and content from Heather Lloyd-Martin.

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines
Brian Clark shows how to write magnetic Twitter headlines.

The Secret to Search Engine Optimization: It’s About the Content, Stupid!
A reminder from Newt Barrett that content comes first, for readers and SEO.

Tips for Clear Websites
Simple guidelines for more effective websites.

Tips for Writing for the Web
Mindy McAdams has concise web writing tips.

Web Writing Tips From ProBloggers and Online Writers
Lawrie Pawlik-Kienlin offers useful web writing tips and resources.

World’s Best Headlines: BBC News
Precise communication in a handful of words every day? Jakob Nielsen says BBC does usability right and shares his tips.   W

Write Articles, Not Blog Posts
Research shows that rich, informative content is better at establishing credibility and expertise than short, shallow posts. This will give you pause.

Write for Reuse
Users often see online content out of context. That’s why you need to write with multiple use in mind.

Writing for Public Relations: Introduction
Rich Becker shares an excellent intro to PR writing presentation.   W

Writing for the Web
Crawford Killian’s blog is a must-read for web writers.  

Writing Style for Print Vs Web
Read what the research says and clean up your web writing fast!