Newsletter Writing Tips & Strategies

Newsletter writing is an art. Here are some of the best newsletter writing tips for PR and communication managers, internal communication tools and resources to make your newsletters sparkle, resonate and connect. Learn how to write better email newsletters,create  stronger headlines, write more effective leads, and improve your storytelling. Get your employees engaged and see better organizational communication.

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3 Big e-Newsletter Myths
How cost effective are e-newsletters and how do they fit into your marketing strategy? David Freedman looks at three key myths.   W

3 Secrets to Writing Great Newsletter Headlines
Here’s three powerful principles for great headlines: promise a benefit; qualify the reader; and get them to read the article.

4 Easy Tips on Writing a Winning Newsletter
Content and consistency are just newsletter writing tips offered by Jason Drohn.

6 Great Newsletter Article Ideas – When You’re Out of Ideas
Six practical tips from Jim Palmer to help you generate fresh article ideas.

7 Creative Ideas for Your Employee Newsletter
Here are seven helpful and creative ideas to add fresh content to your newsletter.

9 Ways to Motivate Contributors
Here’s nine excellent tips to get staff, professionals and consultants to write quality articles, on deadline.

10 Tips on Writing Effective Newsletter Articles
If you’re looking for basic newsletter writing guidelines, here are 10 good ones.

12 Profound Tips for Client Newsletters
These 12 tips are invaluable for newsletter editors and publishers.

15 Tips on Writing, Editing
A newsletter is like a paring knife and Al Czarnecki offers 15 sharp newsletter tips.

26 Ways to Spruce Up Your Newsletter
Struggling to find fresh content? Here’s 26 great idea starters.   W

Avoid These Critical Mistakes With Your Newsletter
Here’s four critical newsletter mistakes you must avoid from Jim Palmer.

Blue Penguin Development
Newsletter guy Michael Katz has an informative e-newsletter and an archive chock full of excellent newsletter writing tips.   W

Clarity is King
David Freedman has 12 tips to make your newsletter easy to read and navigate.   W

Copyblogger is Brian Clark’s superb blog on web writing.   W W

Curse of the Me-Newsletter
Michael Katz says put yourself in the shoes of your reader. And, make sure the shoes fit!

Eight Tips for Killer Press Releases [Video 8:23]
A video tutorial from Francisco Dao on how to write press releases.   W

Ezine Article Ideas: 15 to Spur Your Creative Writing Spark
Chris Knight’s tips are sure to kick start your creatives juices, without any juice!    W

Fair Use Doctrine
Here’s what newsletter editors should know about using or referencing copyright material.

First Draft Secrets: Five Simple Steps
Marla Beck shows to get past the first draft deadlock and shares her “Swiss cheese” approach.

Five Ways to Beef Up Your Employee E-newsletter
Ken Beaulieu considers five ways to improve the impact and results of your newsletter.

Four Ways That the Best Newsletter Are Like Blogs
Is your newsletter engaging, timely, linked and interactive? Just like a good blog writes Nick Usborne.

How Planned Disconnectors Create Powerful Articles
Sean DSouza shows how and when to use “disconnectors” to generate impact in your articles.

How to Build a Successful Email Newsletter
Eight newsletter tips to help you build an effective email newsletter.

How to Write a Newsletter That Will be Read 
Anticipated, valuable, and relevant. That’s what makes a newsletter great!  W

How to Write the Lead
Consider the inverted pyramid style for stronger leads.

Improved Internal Communication Can Turn Employees Into Ambassadors
Employee communication should be the cornerstone of strategy writes Deborah Zanke.

Most Common Newsletter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
A great list of newsletter editorial, design, production and marketing mistakes to avoid.

Newsletter Article Ideas If You’re Stuck
Jeff Rubin has some practical ideas to help when you’re stuck for newsletter topics.

Newsletter Writing Tips
5 tips to get your newsletter tuned up.

Find newsletter ideas and tips including layout, design, content, writing and interviewing.

Proper Newsletter Writing Is Essential to Publishing a Successful Newsletter
Newsletter guru Jim Palmer highlights five tips for ‘clean writing’ and newsletter success.

Recruit and Use an Editorial Board
An independent editorial board can be invaluable by building prestige, providing guidance and fresh ideas, and help add value.

Three Keys to an Effective Client/Customer Newsletter
Interview with newsletter guru David Freedman identifies three things that make an effective newsletter: great design or first impression; useful info; and action by readers.

The (Nearly) Ultimate Resource: 176 Tips for Writers
This is a great, and growing list of writing tips put together by Mary Jaksch at Write to Done.   W

Top 13 Tips to Creating a Professional Looking Newsletter
These newsletter tips from Michael Wong

What Makes Readers Read?
Ann Wylie says feature-style writing increases reader satisfaction and she offers four ways to get features into your newsletter.

Wordflab Surgery: How to Put Your Writing Under the Knife
Here’s how to remove word flab in just two simple steps: remove all adjectives and eliminate dispensible adverbs.

Write to Done
Leo Babauta produces one of the best writer’s’ blogs around. A must read!   W