News Release Writing & Distribution Tips

Are you news release savvy?

News releases aren’t dead, they’re evolving! Learn how to write a traditional press release when you need one and get news release writing tips to improve your craft.  And a reminder? You still need “news.” Oh yeah. “Press” releases went out with typesetting, the typewriter and the dodo bird.

We also have a whole new section just on Social Media Releases (SMRs) where you can find out how to create, produce and distribute SMRs for maximum impact through new social media channels. Other PR Coach resources you may find useful include Blog Writing, Journalism Writing & Resources, Newsletter Writing Tips, PR Writing Tips & Tools, Social Media and Web Writing TipsSites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

4 Simple Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Press Release
Just do it.

4 Tools for Creating Multimedia Press Releases
Here’s a fresh look at social media news releases.  W

4 Ways News Releases Boost SEO
Simple, practical advice.

4 Ways to Improve Quotes in Press Releases 
How to solve the problem of contrived quotes and painful press releases.

4 Ways to Rethink the Press Release
Alternatives worth a look.

5 mistakes press release writers make
Great reminders.

5 Tips for Composing a Press Release a Journalist Will Actually Want to Read
Smart press release tips.

5 Tips for Great Online Press Releases
RealWire offers five easy tips for better online news releases.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release
Useful, practical press release tips.

5 Tips to Optimize Press Releases For Search
Good press releases can get great SEO.

6 Mistakes that Can Sink Press Release Visibility
Listen up Pilgrim! Good tips.

6 Reasons the Press Release is NOT Dead 
Still a good PR tool if used intelligently says PR Web.

7 Deadly PR Sins Committed on
Dave Manzer serves up seven press release sins committed way too often. Read ‘em and weep.

7 Things I hate about press releases
Lots to learn from these press release pet peeves.

7 Timeless Press Release Tips from Around the Web
Great news release tips from PRWeb.

9 Press Release SEO Questions Answered
Valuable news release SEO tips from Cision.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Today’s News Release
Practical news release tips.

10 Essential Tips to Press Release Success
10 things to consider before sending your next news release from Mickie Kennedy.

10 fatal news release mistakes
Sound PR advice from Mark Tosczak.

10 Press Release Alternatives
Heather Whaling suggests other options for sharing the news.  W

10 Tips for a Killer Press Release
Just the basics for news release success.

10 Words I Would Love to See Banned from Press Releases
Banned by Robin Waters: leading, best, innovative, revolutionary, award-winning, disruptive, cutting edge, next generation… and more from Tech Crunch.

11 friendly tips to help PR write effective press releases
Media relations reminders for better results. W

12 Steps to Great Press Release SEO & Usability
Useful tips for better SEO.

15 Online Press Release Distribution Sites
A mix of free and paid news release distribution services from Alyssa Gregory.

17 Impact Factors of Online Press Release Performance
Terrific tips to tune up your online press release for best results.  W

20 Free Best Press Release Distribution Sites
Navneet Kaushal reviews 16 free and four paid news release distribution sites.

21 Brand New Worst Press Release Disasters
Lots of lessons, fresh from the newswires by The PR Coach, Jeff Domansky.

60 free press release sites tested – a detailed review
Useful rundown of free news release services.

62 Ways to Improve Your Press Releases
Matthew Stibbe shares 62 great news release improvement tips.   W

100th Birthday of the Press Release
We know the future of press releases is linked with SEO. But there are some valuable lessons from its history too.

AT&T Loses Case; News Release Held Under Paid Advertising Laws
Big eye-opener for any reference to celebrities or public figures. W

A Case for Shorter Boilerplates
Remember the KISS principle.

Amateur, Arrogant, Wandering News Release of the Day
Bad release = bad PR. Lots of lessons from this poor effort.

Bad News Releases: Yokohama Tire Gets a Flat
8 tips for a better press release and why Yokohama’s news was flat.  W

Bad Press Releases: 20 Worst Headlines Ever
Lots of news release learning from these stinkers!  W

Bad Press Releases: BS + Bafflegab = PR Fail
When you mix BS with bafflegab all you get is bad news.  W

Bad Press Releases: Mixing Marketing Up With News
Bad news releases usually result when mixing marketing with news.

Bad Press Releases: Weight Loss News Loses Credibility
This news release was a definite PR fail. Learn why.

Banished Words List
These trite, hackneyed, overblown and overused words should not be in your news releases. From Wall Street to Main Street, these mavericks, icons, first dudes and game changers should stop leaving green carbon footprints, seeking bailouts and undertaking desperate searches. Kudos to the folks at Lake Superior State University.  

Best Practices: Writing Press Releases for the Web
Good media relations and news release tips.

Blog Posts vs Press Releases?
Thinking aloud; interesting question.

Boost Your Press Release Optimization To Get In With the Cool Kids
Good SEO can help your news be more easily found in search engines.

Case Study: How Startup’s Press Release Went Viral, Snagged 10,000 Media Mentions
Monika Jansen shares a valuable case study.

‘Classically bad’ press release leaves Citi vulnerable
Worst press release and classic PR fail. W

Content Marketing & the Press Release
Useful tips to add value to news releases from PR Newswire.

Creating the Desire for News
This post by Valeria Maltoni will make you rethink the social media release, best practices and the importance of creating real value.

Demand More From Your Press Releases
Useful media relations tips.

Dismembered bodies, gunned-down landlords
Worst press release ever! Here’s why.  W

Does the Press Release Need Rebranding?
Fresh thinking about press releases from Brooke Nolan.

Editor’s Corner: Best Practices for Using Links in Press Releases 
What Sera Gonzalez says.

Evolution of the News Release [Infographic]
Kevin Duggan shares an interesting news release infographic.

Five Subtle Techniques to Make Your Press Releases More Readable
Five snappy news release tips that work.

Five Tips for Tweeting Press Releases & Other Content
Really useful ways to use Twitter to enhance news release results.  W

Formatting Press Releases for Maximum Effectiveness
New rules, great reminders.

Four Steps to Optimize A News Release For Google News
An optimized news release is smart PR.

Free Press Release Distribution Roundup
Mickie Kennedy of eReleases takes a look at the more reliable of the free news release distribution services.   W

Good Press: 6 Steps to Writing Killer Op-Eds and Commentaries
Six tips to get your press releases primed for prime time.

Headline Appreciation 101
Learn the art of the headline and how  to make them sing.

Here’s a Handy Checklist for Writing Press Releases
11 points to cover with your next news release.

How Press Releases Work
How they work, suggested positive and defensive releases and distribution tips.

How To Extend the Life of a Press Release Online
Smart media relations tactics.

How a fake press release made everyone think Google was buying ICOA 
Caveat emptor: The challenge of verification.

How to Keep Your Press Releases from Getting Rejected by Google News
What works, what doesn’t.

How to Optimize a News Release (brief tutorial)
Corinne Weisgerber shares tips.

How to Write a Press Release
Forbes offers all-you-can-eat press release tips.

How to Write a Press Release People Will Read
Inc shows how to craft a news-worthy release that will pique reporters’ interest – and stay far away from the recycle bin.  W

How to Write a Press Release People Will Read 
Useful basics from Beth Monaghan.

How to Write a Press Release that Gets Attention
Solid basics to help write a better news release.

How to Write a Social Media Press Release
Excellent primer on social news releases.  W

How to Write a Winning Press Release: The Step-by-Step Guide
Ten terrific tips for DIY news releases.  W

How to Write a Must-Read Press Release [Video 2:31]
Jeff Crilley tells how to write an irresistible news release.   W

How to Write a Winning Press Release: The Step-by-Step Guide

A good news release primer from Shira Levine.  W

Industry Opinion: Is the Social Media Press Release Here to Stay?
Experts look at the social media news release and its role in new PR.

Infographics in Press Releases: Tips & Examples
Good media relations advice.

Insanity: Very Pleasing Press Release Quotes
How to get better quotes for your news releases by Frank Strong.

Is it plagiarism for a journalist to use press release copy?
Pot, meet kettle.

Is Your Media Release Twitter Ready?
Twittercues: Very smart social media PR release tip.  W

Is Your Press Release Guilty of Information Overload?
No excuses. Write tight. Edit. Give them news essentials.

Link Love
Shame on you if your press release lacks Link Love.

Long Live the Press Release
Five reasons why the news release is still useful.

Make Up Your Mind to Make Some News
Barbara Rozgonyi shows why news releases should be part of your marketing mix.

Most Confusing Press Release Ever
This was one confusing news release.

Need Press? Repeat – ‘Green’, ‘Sex’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Secret’, ‘Fat’ –
What do the media want? This story quotes several experts to help put it simply.

New Journalist Survey Zooms in on Images in News Releases
Consider adding pics for better media relations results.

News Releases
Michael Turney shows how to write a traditional news release.

Not So Fast, AdAge: “RIP, the Press Release (1906-2010)”
Maybe the news release is just on life support?

Only 13 per cent of press releases include multimedia according to RealWire research
Hard to believe more PR pros aren’t taking advantage of multimedia in their news releases, particularly because the media usage increases dramatically when multimedia is featured.  W

Only 18% of News Release Headlines are Optimized for SEO
This is a helpful analysis of headline writing for news releases.

Optimized Press Release Services – Generate Traffic in Hours
Thomas Petty shows how a proper SEO news release can get readers within hours.

Optimized Press Release Services – Which Gives Results?
Three SEO press release services are reviewed and recommended by Thomas Petty.    W

PEJ Study Shows Print Still Primary Source of Original News Reporting
Adam Sherk notes that while traditional news sources still matter, the study also showed press releases have a vital role as well.

PR Firms and the Link-less News Release
Basic social media smarts ignored by PR people writes Tom Foremski.

PR News and PRWeb Study Shows Big Shift in PR Pros’ Perceptions and Use of Press Releases
Study shows: digital delivery has changed how PR pros use press releases to reach media and directly to consumers and other audiences.   W

PR Peeps Poll: 43% Cite Driving Traffic as Primary Objective in Optimizing Press Releases
As well as news, your press release can drive traffic to your website or business.

PR Pros: Stop Cramming Everything into the News Release Headline
Excellent analysis of news releases with tips for improvement.  W

People Are Talking in Press Releases, But Is Anyone Listening?
Six tips to help you improve your news release.

Press Release: Alive, Well and Kicking
More news releases are sent than ever. The traditional release is still valuable, as long as it has news.

Press Release Best Practices: Accuracy, Newsworthiness & Illustration
Excellent refresher from PR Newswire. W

Press Release Buzzword Bingo
Buzz words to avoid in your press release.

Press Release Template
PRW provides a handy press release template.

Press Release Tips: Hook Editors With Strong Openings
If you want to get past the editor’s delete key or the wastebasket, you’d better open strongly says eReleases.

Press Release Titles – Critical to Getting Your News Release Read
Great news release titles make for greater media interest and better results.

Press Release Writing Tips offers a solid 12-part series of news release writing tips as well as suggestions on editing, images and distribution.

Press Releases as Marketing Tools
Lee Odden offers 10 important tips to maximize news release content.   W

Press Releases Do Get Shared on Google News
Adam Sherk says that sometimes news releases really do get traction.

Press Releases Made Easy
Jennifer Mattern’s free 20-page eBook offers all you need to know about news releases.   W

Public relations association says it’s not plagiarism to use material from press releases
PRSA pipes up on news release issue.

Public Relations: The Best Press Release is No Press Release
Agree or disagree?

Publicity…Everything Changes but the Tool
Fresh look at the old news release.

Quick Twitter Tips for Press Releases from @prweb
Useful tips for better news releases.

Reporters Want Press Releases by Email, New Report Shows
News release tips and advice; and send it by email.  W

Rethinking the press release: A content marketing & SEO view of a proven tool
Good news ahead.

SEO for PR: 6 ways to make your press release search friendly 
Good basics.

Sharing Content: How Releases Impact Perception
Rich Becker offers an in-depth analysis of a biased news release and how it was shared, not questioned and treated as fact the farther it traveled on the web.   W

Social Media News Releases Achieve Double the Editorial Coverage
A study by RealWire finds that social media news releases get double the media coverage and suggests guidelines to maximize your effectiveness.

Study: Audiences favor press releases with visuals
How to get media relations results? Visuals add to ROI. W

Ten Invaluable Tips for Proofreading Your News Release
These 10 tips will help improve your proofreading.

The 6 Essential Steps to Writing a Killer Press Release
Jiyan Wei has six great tips to help you write a great news release.

The Best Free and Paid Press Release Websites… and When to Use Them
Nice review of free and paid news release services and when to use them by the folks at SubHub.   W

The Haiku of Media Relations – Could Tweets be the New Press Release?
Yes. According to The NewYork Times.

The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases
Adam Sherk shows why “pr speak” just doesn’t get media interest.  W  

The most overused jargon in press release headlines
Helpful solutions for news release writers.

The most overused jargon in press release headlines
Helpful solutions for news release writers.

The Press Release (A Rant. For Immediate Release)
News release RIP or still useful?

The Press Release is Not Dead – It’s Not Even Sick
So there! It’s still a useful tool if you use it properly.

The Press Release Is Not Dead – Reflection on Press Releases in the Social Web Times
Thinking about news releases.

The Press Release: No! It’s Not Dead
It’s evolving.

The Press Release That’s Topped the Charts for Months
Why this news release worked so well?

The State of Multimedia in Press Releases [Study + Infographics]
Cision offers a current look at news releases and how to use multimedia for success.

The three emerging categories of press releases
Which type is yours?

Time to Kill the Press Release?
It’s time if you’re vendor focused says Bob Scheier.  W

Tip #199: What kind of circus is this?
News release jargon alert, very funny bad PR.

Tracking Your Press Release
7 ways to track your media coverage from PRW.

What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy?
Here’s how to make your news releases more newsworthy.

Where Next for the News Release
It may not be dead but the news release is changing fast.  W

Why Fifth Third Bank Flunked Press Release Test From Hubspot
Lots to learn about news releases and what mistakes to avoid no matter how big your business.

Why I’m Deleting Your Press Release
Five tips to keep your news release out of the circular file.

Worst. Press. Release. Ever. is Baaack… & It’s a Battle!! Paddy Johnson Vs. Lyra Kilston
In a word, numbing.

Writing a Press Release that Makes a Bold Statement
Just the basics.

Writing Press Releases that Generate Results
Tips to make your news releases more effective.

Yes, You Should Still Optimize Press Releases
Want your news to be found? You’d better learn from Rob Garner’s 10 tips to optimize your news releases.

You Lose When Your Press Releases Makes Everyone Snooze
Smart news release and media relations advice.

Your Copy Sucks: The Press Release Mad-Lib
Check out this tongue in cheek template for a news release from PR Breakfast Club.  W