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Want to be a better blog writer? These blog writing tips, tools and resources will help you write blogs and posts better, faster and smarter!

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4 Keys to Advanced Success – D Is for Design
Denise Wakeman shares four design tactics to impact readers through use of white space, trust and more.

4 Keys to Advanced Blogging Success – O is for Outreach
Reaching out to other bloggers in your field is another key ingredient to success.

8 Valuable Lessons Newspapers Must Learn from Bloggers to Survive
Former journalist Leo Babauta shares his blog writing secrets.

10 Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Blog
Leo Babauta points out 10 things that could be blocking your blog from success.   W

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work
Need new blog headline writing inspiration? Brian Clark has it.   W

12 Essential Blogwriting Tips for Building a Successful Blog
This list of blogging essentials from Write to Done will help you build a successful blog.

15 Ways to Get PR Inspiration
How to break away from writer’s block from The PR Coach.

45 Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Ideas
Generating fresh story ideas is challenging and these blogging tips will get you rolling.

50 Expert Tips to Boost Your Blogging to Best
Nine blog writing tips from the PR Coach followed by 50 of the best blogging tips to help raise your blog writing to the highest level.  W

Anatomy of a Post: How to Get Blog Readers to Pay Attention
Knowing how readers read will help you write better: headlines first; a great lead; and scannable copy will ensure readership.   W

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Better Blogging
Men with Pens share 140+ articles with tips on better blogging, how to blog and blog writing tips. Great blog resource.   W W

Better Post Titles Work, and Here’s Proof
Mack Collier shows proof of the positive effect of a strong headline.

Better Writing
185+ articles on better writing by Men with Pens. A superb blog and writing resource!    W W

Blogged Down? 80 Extraordinary Blog Tips to Go
The PR Coach has gathered 80 extraordinary blogging tips & resources from the ‘net to get you recharged, refreshed and writing up a storm.   W

Blogger Beware: 12 Blogging Blunders to Ban
12 blogging blunders to avoid from The PR Coach, followed with 24 superb blogging tips and inspiration from the experts.  W

Blogging Tips
A blog with lots of blog writing tips to help bloggers blog better.

Content for Blog: How to Find and Create Content Fast
Five excellent blogging tips to help you create content faster.   W

Brian Clark’s blog on copywriting tips is excellent.   W

Darren Rowse in Conversation: Top Tips for Writers
Write to Done interview with Problogger creator Darren Rowse who shares his writer’s wisdom.   W

Don’t Do These 12 Things When Writing Headlines
Here’s how to overcome the most common headline writing mistakes.

Essential Blogging Question: How Can You Help Your Readers Today?
When you sit down to write a blog post, this is the most important question you can answer for your readers, writes Leo Babauta.   W

Friday Picks: 50 Best PR Bloggers of 2010
Here are the PR Coach’s choices for the 50 Best PR blogs of 2010 and a bonus of the 15 best social media bloggers PR pros should follow.  W

Good Blogging is Simple: Write Good Posts (and Be Thankful)
Blogger Penelope Trunk’s advice on blogging is simple, yet powerful, just like her writing.   W

Got Blog Writer’s Block? How About 101 Ways to Get Unblocked?
Five of the best ways to get unblocked are shared here.

How to Avoid 5 Bad Headline mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Blog Readership
Learn from these 5 mistakes and get better blog readership.

How to Generate Great Content Week After Week
10 superb tips to creating useful, quality content consistently.  W

How to Make an Old Blog Post New Again
Renovate, recycle, repurpose and renew that old post with fresh new insight and updated information. Readers will love it says Taylor Lindstrom at Men with Pens.

How to Make Web Content Work for You
These usability and content tips will fine tune your blog and make it more appealing.

How to Stop Digital Fiddling and Start Writing
Can’t stop procrastinating? Here’s how to get started at your writing.

How to Use LinkedIn Answers to Write an Outstanding Blog Post
Here’s a great content suggestion from Newt Barrett.

How to Write a Blog Post People Love
One thing about Penelope Trunk. She can write very well. And that’s why she’s worth reading.

How to Write a Great List Article in 10 Easy Steps
For readers, list articles are quickly and easily read, and for writers they’re quickly written and appreciated by readers.

How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes
20 minutes to write a blog post? Jim Estill shows how.

How to Write Great Blog Content
Yaro Starak talks about “pillar article” content and how to blog better and with authority.

How to Write Sharp and Snappy Blog Posts
Some hard and fast techniques from Dan Kaufman to make your blog posts sharper, snappier and most effective.   W

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post
What’s a perfect blog post? Bill Hartzer shows you how.

Imagination Prompt Generator
Stuck for blog post ideas? This nifty tool automatically creates a new idea with just a click. Now if only it would write the post too…

Killer Flagship Content
This free ebook by Chris Garrett is excellent. He covers why and how to create compelling blog content.   W

Make Your Content Both Timeless and Timely by Integrating Your Website and Your Blog
The best small business solution is to eliminate separate websites and blogs.

Magazine Headline Remix: PC World Edition
Brian Clark looks inside headlines and how to write headlines effectively.

One Page: Writing a Blog That Isn’t Blah
A succinct page of blog writing tips from Ryan Thornburg.

Penelope’s Guide to Blogging
Successful blogger Penelope Trunk offers her guide to blogging.

This is Darren’ Rowse’s excellent blog about blogging as a business. Always worth reading!   W

Random Word Generator
Nifty creative tool generates a new word with every click. Perfect for breaking writer’s block.   W

Seven Expert Tips for Outstanding Web Writing
These structural and technical blog tips will make your blog posts more readable and more effective.

Take 5 Minutes Now to Learn How to Write Great Headlines
Newt Barrett shows how to write awesome headlines.

The Elegant Art of Writing Less
Short posts can be powerful by being concise, easily digested and easily shared writes Leo Babauta.

The Essential Guide to Growing Your Blog on Minimal Time
Set limits, work on essentials, minimize non-essentials and focus – these are the keys to blogging success.

The Secret to Search Engine Optimization: It’s About the Content, Stupid!
A reminder from Newt Barrett that great content comes first, for readers and for good SEO.

Three Tips to Avoid Being a Boring Writer
Boring is bad. Boring is slow writes Mary Taksch, unless you set and control your pace.

Top 10 Tips for Creative Blog Writing
Ten tips to make your blog writing sparkle from Patsi Krakoff.

Trouble Sticking to Your Word Count? Try These Editing Tricks
Jesse Hines shows to take a scalpel to your copy yet retain the best of your writing.

Weather Any Storm With a Flexible Blogging Plan
Michael Martine tells why a flexible blog plan is essential for focus, growth and success.

What Makes Great Blogwriting?
These blog writing qualities are thoughtful and “insanely useful.”

Why Content Marketing is Becoming the New Public Relations
Learn why content marketing is taking over some of traditional PR from Newt Barrett.

Write to Done
Writers will enjoy and learn from Leo Baubata’s blog and his focus on excellent blog writing.   W

Writer’s Block…A Thing of the Past
This is a valuable, thoughtful post about solving writer’s block by Nadia Ballas-Ruta.

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