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by PR Coach

Urban Dictionary’s a delight

This July 4th post is a bit of fun for PR pros, craft bloggers, storytellers and any other writer who is a passionate word lover. A great way to enjoy a little downtime on this Independence Day or any other holiday. Two cautions. You may become infatuated and even addicted to this smack resource. And it’s not always office cromulant.

I’m talking of course about the Urban Dictionary. With more than 45,000 words, it’s an indispensable tool and a wonderfully quirky source of inspiration though sometimes profane, arcane and inane. Perfect for whiling away a coffee break and impressing friends with your new, urban vocab.

Before we crack open the covers of this word feast, just a quick note on its features:

  • Word of the Day: a wonderful way to wake up with a new word every day. For example, the word of the day for today, July 4th, is Freedom Fondle defined as “The honor of being screened by the TSA at airport security” on this holiday.
  • Dictionary: look up more than 45,000 urban catchphrases, text expressions and weird words. Something for everybody. Trust me.
  • Thesaurus: try looking up your favorite swear word and see what you get. Funny.
  • Names: look up your own name or a friend’s and be ready for a surprise. For example the name “Jeff” has 20 definitions (so far) including: “A Jeff is a really cool kid who everyone loves” “someone who is skilled. He just has it” ” One of the coolest people you’ll meet! Super silly and witty.” “Jeff will always put a smile on your face. He’s one hell of a dancer and knows how to partay too!” Pretty cool eh? And very accurate except for the part about dancing. Of course, there are several other definitions such as ” a term to replace the word f**k. can be used in the context of jeffing, jeffed up, jeffed over, jefficated, or jeff” or “Man, I gotta take a jeff.”
  • Add your own definition: by now you realize that, like Wikipedia, you can add your own definition. How democratic and independent is that?
  • Other features: media room with more than 1540 bizarre videos and a store where you can buy the Urban Dictionary and calendar.

The best part is simply opening up the pages of his virtual word wonder and exploring some random definitions.

For example family (48 definitions) Including “A bunch of people who hate each other and eat dinner together.” Too true.

Or bloggers “Hack writers who, although experts at nothing, feel compelled to share their opinions about everything, often rambling and oversimplifying complex subjects to satisfy an audience of fellow hacks, pseudo-scientists and snobs. Bloggers, while purportedly good at writing, are actually guilty of some of the Internet’s worst grammatical atrocities and misspellings. In this sense, they are similar to reporters and journalists, who are also supposed to be proficient at basic writing skills.” Guilty. Don’t miss a few other takes on the term such as bloggernacle, bloggerazzi, bloggerina, bloggerssisstic and bloggery.

How ’bout journalism ” The art of expunging all of the art in writing” or “v. The act of publishing what multinational corporations want us to know.” Or JournalPoser, journalistic masturbation, journalistic terrorism and journalista. Hmm. Much humor, some truth.

Then there’s the wonderful world of swearing online made new by texting and social media including the old favorites like WTF? and some spin offs such as WT Actual F, WTAF’GWAN, wtaf, wtaff, WTAFH, WTABD, and wtbeep. Now you’re locked and loaded next time you need to impress someone or express your anger online or by text.

Social PR Word Test

The Urban Dictionary will never let you down when you’re exposed to a whole bunch of urban slang you’ve never seen before. Somebody call you a festoosh? Find out what it means and you’re kewl.

Here’s a social media test. Warning! If you know seven or more of these, you need to concentrate more on PR and less on social media:

  1. and then I found five dollars (writers take note)
  2. blinker beat (musical challenge)
  3. courier newed (students’ challenge)
  4. derp (yo nerd alert)
  5. FML (bet you can’t guess the original)
  6. lindened (not fair if you’re a programmer)
  7. Pittsburgh Left (no points for Pittsburgh rezis)
  8. qualijare (hmm)
  9. refudiate (Alaska special)
  10. YHBT (alert)

Well, you get the idea. So many great definitions. So little time! Have fun, enjoy your July 4th holiday.

Oh, and what’s a “wibblefish”? I’ll let the Urban Dictionary explain one last time:

1.  wibblefish

Similar to Douglas Adams’s babelfish in that it is a small creature one inserts into one’s ear. However, unlike the babelfish it affects the wearer such that they can’t understand anything anyone says to them in any language even if they speak that language fluently. On a more positive note it also grants the ability to make the perfect slice of toast.

“He inserted the wibblefish into his ear and found to his astonishment that he could no longer understand his companions. From the horrified expressions on their faces he grasped that some form of danger was behind him but despite frantic…”

If this post tickled your funny bone our PR Library has hundreds of other PR jokes, ways to play or procrastinate from doing that awfully important next PR project. Just check the Funny now that you mention it… virtual shelves.

Author: Jeff Domansky

Photo credit: Urban Dictionary

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