What’s a REAL Leader?

by PR Coach

It’s hard not to be at a loss for words when trying to speak about the impact and importance of the tragedy at Charlottesville.

But words are all we have left at the end of the day, when we need to answer the question of where can we find a REAL leader when we need one?

So let me share what a REAL leader says and does in a crisis.

Look at Barack Obama’s thoughtful and heartfelt response to the Charlottesville tragedy — a Nelson Mandela quote:

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…”

President Obama’s tweet about Charlottesville is now the most liked in Twitter history.


Because he spoke from his heart. He said what all good and caring people feel and say to each other when a tragedy strikes. He said what was right. He said what a leader should say.

Contrast that to Trump and most Republicans.

And notice when Obama posted his tweet:  5:00PM on Sunday!

This is a blog about PR but this wasn’t about PR.

Here’s a final thought about leadership. What if all the CEOs on Trump’s Manufacturing Council resigned in protest over the lack of real leadership by the President? What a powerful message that would be to the people, the GOP and POTUS. It would ring loud and clear like the Liberty Bell.

Barack Obama’s statement is true leadership and it is so badly needed in the White House!

Editor’s Note: Later this morning after posting, members of the Manufacturing Council had resigned and POTUS belatedly tried to cover by disbanding both the Manufacturing Council & the Strategy & Policy Forum midday. He did it with a tweet. Sad!

Photo credits: Twitter, Wikipedia

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