What are the Top PR Trends for 2012?

by PR Coach

C for communications

2012 PR trends brought to you by the letter "C"

What are the top five trends that matter to PR pros for 2012? Conveniently, all five start with the letter “C.”

Here are my predictions for public relations trends to watch during the next year. All brought to you by the letter C.

Content Marketing is Hot

In my view, 2012 will be the year of content. Great content will rule even more and advertising will still drool. PR pros need to master content marketing and take it to higher levels. It’s becoming an important strategic weapon as traditional advertising and marketing “push” campaigns fail to get results with jaded or overwhelmed consumers.

Think about how you can use content strategically in traditional and digital or social media channels. Some of the best content marketing strategies include: trends, problem solving, how-tos and case studies. Videos and storytelling also create big impact. All designed to demonstrate leadership, enhance reputation and reach out with real value to important stakeholders.

Curation – the Newest Strategic PR Weapon

PR and trends for 2012On the heels of content marketing, curation grows as an essential strategic tool. PR knows how to research and gather intelligence. What we’re learning now is the potential impact of packaging, adding value to content from many sources, and presenting it. The value of curation is the quality of what we share. The more substantial and valuable the information, the more we enhance reputations, build influence and gain attention.

Connections Remain Critical

PR has always been about creating and enhancing connections. Never more so in this era of social media. Look for new people, organizations and allies to connect with in 2012 but don’t forget to stay connected with those already closest to you.

Community Building Counts

PR is built on good communicationOnce you have connections, the most important role PR can play is to build substantial communities. Social media offer us so many new ways to build community. Our challenge is to not be overwhelmed. Pick your channels, keep it simple, listen and nurture two-way organizational communication. And remember the value of old-fashioned, face-to-face communications in community building.

Counsel Matters to the C-Suite

Wise counsel will always win the day particularly in a crisis or in conversations with C-level executives.  Management or clients expect communications leadership and it’s up to PR pros to deliver.

What’s on your PR horizon for the new year? Will any of these letter “Cs” be a factor in your public relations success in 2012? I’d enjoy hearing your predictions.

Let’s start the year with one final letter C – great Conversations!

C? that was easy.

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Author: Jeff Domansky

Photo Credits: Leo Reynolds  1, 2, 3 via Flickr

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