Website Strategies & Public Relations

Websites here, websites there… what’s PR to do? Here’s a set of website tips, tools and resources that PR professionals will find useful, relevant and sure to advance your TQ (Technology Quotient). This includes SEO tactics, online newsroom tips and PR website strategies of interest to PR and communication pros. You may also like Blogging and Public Relations, Blog Writing, Social Media Releases, Web Writing Tips and The PR Coach blog This Just In…. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

5 Essential Reasons to Add a Media Room to Your Website
If your online newsroom is built properly, the media will use it writes Newt Barrett.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Begin Designing Your First Website
These five website planning tips from Shannon Paul are worth noting.

10 Ways to Create an Online Newsroom Today
Apryl Duncan shares 10 great tips for online newsroom content.

50 Minimal Sites
These minimalist web designs from WebDesignerWall will inspire you.   W

A Small Business Year-End Web Site Checklist
Here’s a useful checklist to make sure your website is performing.

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About Us Information on Websites
Despite the research, most companies still can’t explain what they do simply and succinctly. Get on this one.

Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability
Jakob Nielson’s newsletter and site on web usability is essential reading. Many web usability tips are specific to public relations.   W W

Are Your Videos News? A 5-Point Checklist
Practical tips from Rebecca Appleton to help you get the most out of your online video.

Building a More PR-Friendly Online Presence
Want to have a more PR-friendly presence online? Ask yourself these three key questions.

Corporate Blog Design: Trends and Examples
Smashing Magazine presents some excellent corporate designs to inspire you.   W

Corporate Data: Corporate Sites Seem to Skimp on the Facts
Research show the important facts and the PR contact info is often missing on corporate websites. Hard to believe.

Easy Way of Link Building for Your Website’s Reputation and Popularity
John Alexander explains how your news can build popularity in search engines.

How to Measure Your Web Readability
How readable is your website? Juicy Studios show how to measure readability.

How to Transform a Marketing Website Into an Award Winning Site
Four ways to make your website a more effective part of your online marketing efforts.

Investor Relations (IR) on Corporate Websites
The research is clear. Complex sites intimidate investors. They want simple info, the company’s own story and its investment vision.   W

Most Hated Advertising Techniques
Want to know what ad techniques make visitors angry and how to avoid them? Right here.

New 2009 Online Newsroom Survey Results
Online newsroom company TEK group shares research on online newsrooms with valuable insight and information.   W

Online Communications
The SPIN Project has a useful primer on online communications including website strategies.

Online Press Rooms Frustrate Journalists
Study shows journalist want facts and phone numbers, not Flash or PDFs.

PR on Websites: Increasing Usability
While usability is increasing, websites can still do better according to usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

Press Area Usability
Jakob Nielsen ‘s research shows journalists use the web heavily for research, want to find info fast and hate bloated sites without PR contacts. Useful insight!   W

SEO Tips for Public Relations
Practical search engine optimization tips for PR from Lee Odden.

Talking-Head Video Is Boring
Usability research says keep it short; less than a minute if possible.

Ten Ways to Give Your Online Press Center the Attention It Deserves
A look at five essentials in every online press room and five strategies to take your newsroom to the next level.

Tips for Using a Website for Connection and Community Building
Ten practical tips to help you plan, develop and build an effective website.

Toward Content Quality
Does quality content matter? Absolutely and Colleen Jones shows why.

Two Essential Elements for a Professional Services Website
Essential elements? A primer on the expert’s subject and regular news on topics of interest to clients and prospects.

Web Audit Checklist
Website need an overhaul? Learn how to do a web audit with this handy checklist.   W

Why Your Website is Just the Beginning of an Online Strategy
The lines between websites, blogging, and social media are blurring. So, create an excellent PR website and start planning for social media tools for the future.