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Twitter’s an important social media channel for public relations pros. You can use it in so many ways. We’ve gathered some of the best Twitter tips and resources to help you learn quickly and use Twitter effectively for any PR purpose. Welcome to Twitterville.

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3 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing
Worth exploring: Social Bro, Buffer and Tweepi. W

3 Twitter Tools: To Manage, Monitor and Analyze the Stream
So what Twitter tools are you using? These three are worth a look: TweetLater (now SocialOomph), Tweetdeck and Tweet3.

3 Ways Twitter Analysis Can Enhance Your Marketing
Three terrific PR Twitter tips.  W

4 Reports: Facts and Figures About Twitter
Jeff Bullas cites four reports that highlight the scale and value of Twitter.   W

4 Strategic Requirements for Corporate Tweeting
Here is some helpful guidance for corporate Tweeters.

4 Ways to Use Twitter to Support Your Blog
Four twitter tips that can really help you build your blog traffic.

5 Brilliant Creative Campaigns That Used Twitter
Clever marketing via Twitter. W

5 Essential Twitter Search Operators to Find the Most Relevant Tweets
Really useful for PR twits. W

5 Great Reasons to Retweet Others on Twitter
Thoughtful tips for re-tweeting.

5 Great Resources for Using Twitter for Business and Your Brand
These five resources will convince you Twitter is good for business writes Jeff Bullas.

5 Habits of Successful Executives on Twitter
Bruce Philp looks at five executives with big Twitter profiles. Can you guess their names?

5 Most Popular Twitter Directories That Will Grow Your Personal Brand
Get registered on these directories to help build profile.

5 Reasons To Tweet Before You Blog
Suggestions why it might be smart to Tweet before you blog.

5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats: Your Ultimate Guide
Useful guide from Ann Smarty. W

5 Terrific Twitter Research Tools
For public relations pros, Twitter is a superb research tool. Here are five tools to make it even better from Mashable.

5 Tips for Managing Your Company’s Twitter Account
Excellent advice for corporate tweeters. W

5 Twitter Tactics to Improve Your Twitter Performance
Heidi Cohen suggests five nt tips for better tweeting.

5 Twitter Web Apps to Try
Jonathan Bailey shares five apps that will make your Twittering faster and smarter.

5 Ways Businesses Blow it on Twitter
5 smart ways not to make marketing mistakes.

5 Ways To Stand Out On Twitter
Basic but true.

5 Ways to Turn Twitter into Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool 
Work more efficiently.

5 Ways to Use Twitter lists for PR, Marketing Spying 
Practical advice on Twitter intelligence.

5 Ways Twitter Can Actually Be Useful… For Anyone
Jonathan Bailey shares Twitter tips.

6 Reasons People Use Twitter
Including news monitoring (47%).

6 Timely Tips for Twitter Success
Here’s how to add efficiency to you tweeting.

6 Twitter Contest Ideas Worth Exploring
Very useful, easy to manage contest ideas and examples. W

6 Ways to Integrate Twitter Into Your Site
Integrating Twitter into your site makes both more effective writes Lisa Barone.

6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter 
Terrific PR jobs advice.  W

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Twitter Pages
Donna Maria Coles Johnson has seven great Twitter tips for business success.

7 Sneaky Ways to Spy on Competitors Using Twitter
Learn how to monitor your competitors’ strategies with Twitter.

7 Terrific Twitter Blogs…How to Use Twitter for Business and Fun
Jeff Bullas shares seven Twitter blogs and how Twitter can be fun and good for business too.

7 Terrific Twitter Tips to Use Today
Smart PR Twits take note of these seven useful tips.

7 Top Tweetchats for PR, Communications, and Social Media Pros
Seven top chats to follow.

8 Building Blocks for a Successful Twitter Chat
Really useful advice if you’re planning a Twitter chat or event.  W

8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams
An excellent review of eight tools to gain insight and intelligence from Twitter streams by Social Media TodayW

8 Reasons Why Twitter Power Users Are Influential
Reach and influence are Twitter assets for PR people.  W

8 Steps for Building Community on Twitter: Tips for Membership Organizations
Maddie Grant helps you build a community for your organization on Twitter with these eight steps. 

8 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat
Here’s how to carry out a flawless Twitter chat.  W

8 Tools for Upgrading Your Twitter Experience
Eight web apps to help you get better results from Twitter.


8 Twitter essentials for PR
Social media reminder and basics that matter.

9 Ways to Use Twitter Lists
Tips to help you research more effectively.  W

10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools
Really useful tools for measuring Twitter success.

10 Basic Rules of Twitter and How to Avoid Being a Twanker
10 basic Twitter rules to help you avoid being a Twidiot or a Twanker.

10 Great Ways to Use Twitter to Your Business’s Advantage
If you’re looking for a new business channel, these 10 Twitter tips will get you started.

10 Most Useful Free Twitter Tools for Bloggers
These 10 Twitter tools are must-haves for bloggers and PR pros.

10 Practical Twitter Tips for Publishers
Useful Twitter advice to get better results Adam Sherk.  W

10 Search Engines Powered by Twitter
Here’s a useful list of 10 Twitter “real-time” search tools and several are worth a trial.

10 Simple Ways to Get Re-Tweeted
Here are 10 tips to increase your tweetability.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the New
Very helpful guide to the new Twitter.  W

10 Tips for Twitter Fame
Me, famous? 10 Twitter tips to get you there.

10 Tips to Get More Bang for Your Tweet
Good Twitter basics.

10 Twitter Headers Done Right
Good design tips for Twitter.

10 Valuable Twitter Utilities for Business Users
These 10 Twitter utilities can really help business capitalize on this useful social media channel writes Jason Hines.

10 Ways Journalists and the Media Use Twitter
Some valuable Twitter tips for PR pros.

10 Ways to track what people are saying about you on Twitter
Selection of useful new Twitter monitoring tools.  W

10 Ways You Can Use Twitter for Small Biz
Here are 10 excellent tips for business from Liz Strauss.

11 Ways to Use Twitter for Business
11 good reasons to use Twitter for business from Jason Hines.

12 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Business 
Good argument for convincing PR team mates.

12 Tips for Developing a Successful Twitter Campaign
Excellent social media, PR and marketing advice.

12 Tips For Using Twitter to Grow Your Business
Here’s how to use Twitter for marketing purposes.

12 Twitter Stream Aggregators to Make You Smarter
Want to use Twitter smarter? Lee Odden reviews 12 tools that can help you discover news, search better and more.  W

12 Ways to Find Companies and Brands on Twitter
Lee Odden offers tips and 12 directories to help you research better.

12 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Your Productivity
Here are 12 Twitter tools that can increase your productivity.

13 Twitter chats for social media and PR pros
Useful list for public relations Twits.

14 of the Week’s Best Twitter Blogs
A great resource of Twitter blog posts from Jeff Bullas.  W W

14 Twitter Facts and Figures: Both Surprising and Expected
These Twitter facts will surprise you and confirm your other thoughts as well.

14 Types of Tweets
Joel Comm identifies 14 Tweet types.

15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers 
Ann Smarty shares useful social media resources.

15 Innovative Uses for Twitter (That You Probably Haven’t Thought of)
Some really creative uses of Twitter from Kalena Jordan.

16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business
Useful small biz  tips. W

20 Twitter Guidebooks, Resources and Tip Sheets That Turn Newbies into Pros
NICE resource from All Twitter!

20% of Top Brands Use HootSuite
Interesting social media market stat.

25 Traits of Twitter Folks I Admire and 25 Folks Who Have Them
Liz Strauss shares best Twitter traits and 25 Twitterers to follow. More in comments.  W

25 Twitter brand header examples
Arik Hanson compiles list of sharp Twitter brand headers.

26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets
26 tips to get you Tweeting better.

27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community
Starter tips, technical suggestions and a few bonus ideas make up Chris Brogan’s basic but helpful blogging suggestions.

27 Twitter-Ready Consumer Trends You Need to Know
If you’re using Twitter, you’ll find these tips to be essential.  W

28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools, Tactics of 2012 (So Far)
Tom Pick shares a valuable resource. W

30 PR Experts You Should Follow on Twitter
Mickie Kennedy suggests 30 PR Twitter must-follows.

30 Predictions of the Future for Twitter
Twitter will continue to be an important tool.  W

30 Twitter Apps We Actually Use and 140 After That
Here are 30 good Twitter applications nicely categorized by Liz Strauss plus a whole bunch more to try out. W

32 Twitter Tips for PR Pros
Impressive list of Twitter tips for PR pros.  W

35 Big Twitter Hashtags for PR Pros
Valuable list of key PR hashtags on Twitter.  W

36 More Terrific Twitter Tips for PR Pros
Helpful PR advice to get your tweets talking.

40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them
Learn from Mashable’s review of 40 top brands using Twitter. A valuable list and links compiled by Jennifer Van Grove.  W

40 PR-Related People to Follow on Twitter
Looking for PR people to follow on Twitter? Dave Fleet shares his “best” list.  W

40 Useful Things You Can Share on Twitter Besides Blog Posts
Adam Vincenzini offers a handy list of ideas for sharing.  W

42.5 Tips on how to Tweet for Business
Great set of Twitter tips for PR people.  W

50 Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010
Excellent list of Twitter resources.  W

50 Ways on Using Twitter for Business
This is Chris Brogan’s very useful take on Twitter for business.  W

50 Ways to Fail on Twitter
To Lee Odden, these 50 ways to fail on Twitter are easily avoided.

50 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers
Tantalizing Twitter tips to take you to the top.

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business
62 tips to help business build credibility, grow a network, target your marketing and do the right thing. 

70% Of Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Social Presence [REPORT]
CEOs are lagging.

99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications
If it’s not on this Twitter tools and app list from Smashing Magazine, then it’s not likely worth knowing. An excellent resource, neatly categorized.  W

100 Most Influential News Media Twitter Accounts
Excellent resource for media using Twitter.  W

100 PR People Worth Following on Twitter
Valeria Maltoni shares list of top PR people to follow on Twitter plus more in comments.   W

100 Tech, Social Media Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now
Yep, great Simply Zesty list. W

100 Tips, Tools and Resources for Twitter Research
100 resources that will help find exactly what you need on Twitter from Select Courses.  W

100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User
Great tips for PR twits.

100 Twitter accounts every journalism student should follow 
Pick 10-20 of the ones that interest you most. Great for PR pros too. W

140 Characters of Risk: Some CEOs Fear Twitter
Must-read WSJ – Chief Executive Twits?

140 Things to Discover on Twitter
Twitter inspirations – 140 of them.

A Guide to Newspapers on Twitter
Jolly good guide to UK newspapers on Twitter.

A Guide to Twitter: 10 Ways Twitter is Useful for a PR Practitioner
Why is Twitter useful for public relations? Drew Benvie shows how and why.

A Lie Races Across Twitter Before the Truth Can Boot Up
SC Governor learns the perils of Twitter. W

A Quick Twitter Guide and Glossary for Business Users
Basic tips to help business get a handle on Twitter from Jason Hiner at Tech Republic.

Advanced Twitter Techniques: Scheduling, Monitoring, and Managing with HootSuite
Valuable guide to Hootsuite for Twitter.

Airlines on Twitter: Engagement Checkup
Valuable insight into social media strategies.

All Twitter
One of the best Twitter resources on the ‘net featuring daily tips, updates, product reviews and all things Twitter. From the friendly folks at Media Bistro.   W W

An Hour of Tweeting Dangerously
Should we encourage students to tweet during class?

An Overview of & What it Means to PR Pros, a new online tool can produce a daily paper from your Twitter feeds.  W

Analyze Words
Estimates use of words in your tweets by emotional, social and thinking style. Fun tool.

An Overview of & What it Means to PR Pros, a new online tool can produce a daily paper from your Twitter feeds.  WW

Announcing the June 2009 State of the Twittersphere Report
HubSpot’s report on Twitter is a useful benchmark on Twitter usage and practices.

Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide
Let the data make your tweets more effective.

Best Time to Tweet or Post a Status Update? Early Afternoon
Simply Zesty suggests early afternoon.

Breaking Tweets
Hyperlocal news gone global. Breaking Tweets is an independent news site using Twitter. Well worth a look!  W

Bright thinkers more likely to tweet: study 
WE knew that! This just in.

Business and Twitter: A Match Made in Heaven? [Video 4:24]
Peter Shankman fills you in on how Twitter can be used to your company’s advantage on MyRaganTV.   W

BuzzFeed’s Social Media Editor on Why Twitter is the New Press Scrum
BuzzFeed’s goal is to be the number one social news source.  W

Can Twitter be Useful for Business?
David Wallace looks at how Twitter can be an asset for business.

Can Twitter Make You a Better Editor?
Yes if you learn how to use it properly.

Car dealer test-drives Twitter promotion 
Smart social marketing case study.

Chilling tweet offers important lesson on PR
Brad Phillips notes the average TV sound bite was 7.3 seconds (or 18 words) in 2000 compared to 42 seconds in 1968.

Chris Barger: Twitter [Video 4:06]
Chris Barger describes how GM uses Twitter to communicate with customers, employees, at shows and more.   W

Copywriting for Twitter: 10 Ways to Make Every Tweet Count
10 copywriting tips from Ecoconsultancy to help you write terrific Tweets.  W

Corporate Twitter Toolbox: Twitter Tools for the Enterprise
Mashable highlights 13 Twitter tools that can help business use this channel better.

Daily RT
Find the most popular retweets on the web. Useful, real-time search tool.   W

Deciding Who to Follow on Twitter
PR Pro Joe Thornley shares how he decides who to follow on Twitter when it gets overwhelming.

Digital PR Tip Sheet: Twitter for PR
Sally Falkow looks at strategic ways PR can use Twitter.  W

Eight Tips to Pitch Media Better on Twitter
New opportunities to connect with media if you do it right.

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Social Media Network Wins PR Race?
Guess which social channel wins?

Fifteen Ways to Use Twitter to Build an Army of Adoring Journalists
Useful media relations tips on using Twitter.  W

Find ‘Em on Twitter: 15 Twitter Directories Compared
Searching for people or applications on Twitter. Jennifer Van Grove reviews 15 very useful Twitter apps. 

Five Best Practices For Hashtags
Here’s how to use them and use them well.

For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess
Quick response requires good monitoring and authority to act and interact. Several great case studies from The Wall Street Journal.   W

For the Professional: How to Get Started on Twitter
If you’re a professional, Jeremiah Owyang tells you how to get started effectively on Twitter.

Monitoring tool let’s you keep an eye on Twitter as well as share content.

From 90-Second News Stories to 140-Character Tweets
Excellent read on media trends.  W

GE Illustrates How Not to Use Twitter
Sometimes a tweet is not so sweet. Blogging or advocacy ads are more effective in complex arguments.  W

GE Launches Twitter Blitz to Combat NY Times Article
This bad PR included using the wrong medium (Twitter), spinning answers and then not responding to media.  W

Getting Added Twitter Value from Press Releases 
Good PR tips on using Twitter for better news release results.  W

Getting Things Done With Twitter
A list of practical business uses for Twitter from financial, reminders and tracking to scheduling, sharing files and more from Kim Lau.  W

Getting Twitter: Now What? 
Rich Becker asks the right social media questions.

Hashtag hijacks: When Twitter bites back
Great social PR lessons. W

Hashtags on Twitter: How Do You Follow Them?
Hashtags are a valuable Twitter research tool and Amy Gahran shows how to use them.   W

Highly Tweeted Articles 11 Times More Likely To Be Cited; Can Predict Success
Research sez…

Hilton’s Chris Brooks on Engaging the Media via Twitter
Useful social media relations tips.

How a Great Twitter Headline Can Increase Your Blog Traffic
Simple truth but a challenge to execute well but a great headline delivers traffic.

How BIG is Twitter in 2012?
This infographic has several interesting stats and history of Twitter

How can public relations professionals not have a Twitter account?
NOT PR 2.0 best practice. Also, check out the slide presentation with useful twitter tips.

How Do You Get More Followers on Twitter?
Mack Collier shares tips on getting more Twitter followers.

How Do You Measure Twitter Influence: Is It Worth Measuring?
Some measurements are questionable writes Jeff Bullas, but others help determine Twitter influence.  W

How Important is Your Twitter Bio?
Terrific Twitter bio tips from Aaron Strout. 

How Many Retweets Did Your Top Tweet Get?
MyTopTweet – Nice tool for analysis.

How Many Times Do You Tweet Your Blog Post?
Aaron Lee suggests twice a day for two days.

How the PR Team Can Boost Web Site Ranking with Twitter 
Great PR 2.0 tactics.

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ HOW TO Add Cool Symbols Like These To Your Tweets ♬♡►♪☺♫
Inquiring minds want to know how to add these cool symbols to their tweets. W

HOW TO Avoid the Top 10 Faux Pas Seen in Twitter Profiles
10 tips to keep you out of Twitter trouble.  W

How to be a Twitter #Badass
PR Twits take note – 10 great tips from Howell Marketing.

How To Build Your Professional Twitter Brand
Useful research and sage advice for PR 2.0 twits from Heidi Cohen.

HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence
Excellent social media advice.

How to Build a Targeted Twitter Tribe of 100,000
Jeff Bullas shares his experience and a superb Twitter strategy and blueprint for success. W W

How To: Create Groups on Twitter
Mashable looks at several applications to create and manage Twitter groups.

How to Engage with Bloggers on Twitter
Sage advice on targeting bloggers on Twitter.

How to Find Lists and Followers Based on Bio
Try these valuable Twitter tips for success.

How to Find Twitterers Talking About Your Profession, Company, Or Product
Excellent Twitter tip from Steve Farnsworth.  W

How to Gauge Twitter Reactions and Results
Getting clicky.

How To: Get the Most Out of FriendFeed
Wendy Boswell helps you use FriendFeed with useful tips.

How to Leverage Twitter for Your Small Business
Simple primer for new Twitter users from SmallFuelMarketing.

How to Manage, Measure and Monitor Twitter
Jeff Bullas provides excellent advice on Twitter management.   W

How to Manage Twitter
Need help managing Twitter? Chris Brogan provides tips, tools and tactics.

How To: Quiet the Twitter Noise
Here’s how to manage Twitter more effectively.

How To: Retweet on Twitter
Ben Parr shares five great retweet resources. No excuses, get retweeting.

How to Rock a Tweetchat
Practical tips for planning, leading a successful Tweetchat.  W

How to Search Old Tweets: 10 Tools, 20 Features
Really useful when you need to find old Tweets.  W

How to Tweet Blog RSS Feed via HootSuite
Useful tool for bloggers wanting added content.

How to Tweet Like A ‘Beat Reporter’ – #TechChat Edition
Great post on Tweeting with a beat reporter’s mentality.

How to use HootSuite to Get More Information out of Twitter
Good basic tips to get the most on Twitter using HootSuite.

How to Use Twitter for Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies
Jeff Bullas covers five businesses having Twitter success.  W

How to Use Twitter for Marketing & PR
A useful 50-minute HubSpot webinar showing the basics of how to use Twitter to enhance inbound marketing.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing and PR [Video 5:29]
Brian Shaler presents a rousing overview of how not to use Twitter. Covers the basics well.  W

How to Use Twitter to Find Customers
Here’s some helpful ways to find customers.

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio to Get Targeted Followers
Smart Twitter bio writing tip.

How to Write a Mind Blowing Headline for Twitter So People Will Read Your Blog
Yes you CAN!

How Twitter Broke and Covered the Hudson Plane Crash Tonight, From Eyewitnesses
The immediacy of Twitter helped coverage of the plane crash in the Hudson and rescue of passengers notes Drew B.

How Twitter Can Help Your Sales Team 
79% vs 43% got sales quota with social media. W

How Twitter Helped the Discovery Channel during a Hostage Crisis
View of the use of Twitter sharing the Discovery Channel’s crisis.  W

How Twitter is Changing Public Relations
Twitter is making an impact on the biz.

How Twitter is Changing: New Study Reveals Twitter’s New Directions
Valuable insight, analysis will help you use Twitter better.

How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer
Jennifer Blanchard says Twitter makes you concise, forces you to use your vocabulary and improves your editing. Imagine.

How Twitter Replaced My RSS Reader
Twitter can be used to stream news in real time, an asset in PR. From Don Reisinger at CNet.

How Twitter saved the news business (at least a little)
Interesting media relations POV from Jim Donnelly.

Hurricane Sandy and Twitter as a self-cleaning oven for news
Interesting POV on crisis and Twitter news.

If the Pope Can Tweet, Why Can’t Your CEO?
Good question!

Ignore the Twittersphere? Major Brands Learn That They’d Better Respond — and Quick
Lots of social media lessons to be learned from Amazon, Dominos and CNN.   W

In Twitter, an Emerging Creative Medium for the Digital Age 
It was a dark & stormy Tweet….

Intermediate Twitter Tips
Tips from Rob Brown to help you get more out of Twitter.

Introducing MicroPR: A PR Resource for Journalists, Analysts and Bloggers on Twitter
MicroPR is a new, free, Twitter-based service that lets journalists, analysts and bloggers ask for help while PR people respond with assistance. Still in beta but worth exploring.

Is a Twitter Parody Account the New Face of Crisis Management?
Crisis PR insight into phony Twitter accounts.  W

Is Big Brother Following You? Government’s Guide to Using Twitter
UK government Twitter guide is practical and useful for any organization.

Is Pheed the New Twitter?
Watching with interest: Twitter with a social media business plan?

Is Twitter better than Facebook? Marketing Professionals think so
Compelling reasons why Twitter makes marketing easier.

Is Twitter more reliable than the networks for breaking news? 
Great question!

Is Twitter the New Digg?
A short case study shows the power of Twitter in generating buzz and traffic.

Is Twitter the News System of the Future? 
Valeria Maltoni suggests how to make Twitter news worthy

Is Twitter the Ultimate Creation Killer?
Jonathan Fields share his Twitter time management formula.  W

Is Twitter Worth My Time?
You shouldn’t have to ask but here’s why Twitter works.

It’s not Twitter — this is just the way the news works now
Mathew Ingram offers a thoughtful look at Twitter and news.

Journalist’s Guide to Twitter
Leah Betancourt shares a useful guide to Twitter.   W

Just Another Channel or Able to Influence Behavior?
Nicholas Christakis writes that Twitter is a useful channel but it cannot really influence actual behavior. A thoughtful essay. W

KeyTweet Finds Most Relevant Links for You from Twitter
New tool is worth using to gain worthwhile links.

Latest Study: How the Fortune 100 Are Using Twitter
In a review of a recent study, Jeff Bullas looks at how large companies using and losing on Twitter. Valuable insight!   W

Listorious is an excellent directory of lists on Twitter.   W

Local Tweets: 9 Ways to Find Twitter Users in Your Town
Here are 9 good local search tools to help you find local Twitter users from Mashable.

Media Outlets Using Twitter
A growing list of media using Twitter.

Media People Using Twitter – North America
Here are some media people using Twitter in North America.

Media People Using Twitter Around the World
Non-North American media using Twitter grouped by country.

Miami Herald Journalists Question Use of Twitter – Does It Trivialize News?
Interesting question to consider.

MicroPlaza – Your Personal Micro-News Service
Dave Fleet reviews MicroPlaza which adds useful functionality to Twitter.

Mike Wise’s Twitter Hoax
Great debate: did Mike Wise abuse reader’s trust with Twitter hoax?

A Twitter monitoring service.

Muck Rack Daily Brings You Some–But Not All of News That’s Fit to Tweet
Interesting Tweet news tool.

Great tool for online publishing from Twitter. Can be integrated into WordPress blog.

Nielsen Creates New Metric Based Entirely on Tweet Data
New marketing research tool.

New Media University: Twitter 101 for Business
Brian Solis reviews Twitter’s friendly 101 series guide to this booming social media channel.

Nine Twitter Tips for Business
These tips from Jason Snell will help you get Twitter working for your business.

A complete resource for Twitter tips, tools and applications to enhance your Twittering.   W W

Oreo Gets Dunked by One of the Best Twitter Replies Ever 
Brand wars fun on Twitter.

#PR & #Marketing Chats on Twitter
Cision shares another useful list.

PR In the Age Of Twitter
Kathy Gill writes eloquently about PR in the age of social media.  W

PR teams can boost SEO (and sales) through Twitter: Here’s how 
Sarah Skerik offers up smart twitter tips.

Predicting what topics will trend on Twitter 
Interesting predictive tool.

Pro Twitterers Share Their Secrets
Twitter’s business versatility is highlighted by Six Flags, Dunkin’ Donuts and Comcast from the OMMA Social conference.

Public Service of New Hampshire Takes Advantage of Twitter [Video 3:59]
Video Icon A New Hampshire ice storm caused large power outages but Twitter helped officials keep the public informed.

Results of the NPR Twitter User Survey
The survey points to a highly engaged and loyal NPR audience.

Revolutionary study: We prove tweets affect rankings
Why tweet? SEO payback. W

Sanity Check: The Four Stages of a Typical Twitter User
New to Twitter? Jason Hines captures the four stages and suggests how to move from newbie to thinking in 140 characters.

‘Seinfeld’ in the Age of Twitter 
At long last; very ingenious.

Seven Steps to a Better Twitter Daily is evolving into a great social media tool.  W

Should the mainstream media see Twitter as competition?
Innovation – streaming NASCAR via Twitter.

Should Twitter Troll Face Jail Time for Tweeting Lies During an Emergency?
Great question!

Six Keys to Standing Out on Twitter
Practical social media tips and infographic.

Six Ways In Which Twitter Eclipses Facebook 
Liked this, so to speak.  W

Snap Bird: Best Way to Search Beyond Twitter’s History 
Useful Twitter search tool.

Social Omph – Improve Your Productivity On Twitter. Learn How
Social Oomph is a terrific tool for much better time usage and productivity on Twitter.

Some Perspective on Twitter as a Breaking News Source
Many issues for Twitter as a news source incuding first vs best and credibility. W

Stats Squared: Effective, Easy to Use Twitter Analytics Tool 
Interesting PR measurement potential.

Step one for using Twitter as a reporter: Master advanced search 
PR too!

Survey Results Revealed: Content Makes You Influential on Twitter
Like blogging, Jeff Bullas’ research shows content matters on Twitter too.

The 9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business
Lots of tips to guide you to better twittering for business.

The Cost of Tweets and Pokes
Survey shows social networking sites are costing UK business $2.3 billion annually and pointing to the need for policies to prevent abuse.

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines
Brian Clark shows how to write great Twitter headlines to beat the 80/20 rule.   W

The Biggest Social Media Science Study: What 4.8 Million Tweets Say About the Best Time to Tweet
Buffer shares the science that helps you tell when is the best time to tweet.  W

The Explosive Power of the Retweet Revealed by Twitter
Rethinking its reach.

The Importance of Twitter’s New Embedded Timelines
Mike Schaffer shares useful insight, potential for new Twitter feature.

The new propaganda: Armies take war to Twitter in Gaza conflict
Social media war?

The Top 100 Twitter Publishing Tools and Services
Here are the most popular 100 Twitter tools from Brian Solis..

The Twitter model of PR pitching
Lindsey Riddell shares bad media pitches.

The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter
Need to know all about Twitter? Angela West provides the best starting point ever!   W

Think tight. Think Twitter
Three tips to keep your Twittering effective.

Three Keys to Being a Subject Matter Expert on Twitter
3 helpful Twitter tips for wannabe subject matter experts.

Thsrs Finds You Shorter Synonyms So You Can Tweet More
Tool you will love – helps you find synonyms for better tweeting.

Tips for an Effective Twitter Profile
Practical advice to help you create a better profile.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, And How…
Here’s a few tips what you should tweet and what to avoid from Amy Lea Rudnick.

Top 5 Most Indispensable Twitter Tools for Marketers
These 5 tools are great for public relations too.  W

Top 7 Twitter Tutorials on You Tube
Ben Parr highlights 7 educational Twitter videos on YouTube.

Top 10 Free Twitter Tools
Ten tools to enhance your Twitter strategy.

Top 10 List of UK PR People on Twitter
Here’s Drew B’s take on 10 top UK PR people to follow on Twitter.

Top 10 Twitter Photo Sharing Services Judged by Mashable Readers
Check out these terrific Twitter photo sharing tools. Excellent!   W

Top 10 Uses of Twitter
Sharing links, networking, reinforcing contacts, promoting and redistributing content and more.  W

Top 15 Twitter Apps for Bloggers 
Very handy tips for Tweeters.

Top 20 Sites to Improve Your Twitter Experience
Very useful roundup of excellent Twitter resources from Mashable.  W

Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytical Tools
HoneyTechBlog picks the top 50 Twitter tools to keep you ahead of the twits.  W

Top 100 Twitter Users In PR
Here are the top 100 PR Twits.  W

Top Ten Media People on Twitter
Ten top media using Twitter, and much more in the comments to The Conversation Agent.

Tweet Smarter, Not Harder
Twitter tips for small biz.

Tweet Your Influence
What’s the best metric?

Tweetbeat Clears the Noise from Twitter
Now this is newsworthy and worth a look.

Monitor Twitter and get an email alert whenever a mention occurs. Works just like Google Alerts and is very useful.  W

Searches on Twitter generate a tweet cloud or visual of your search keyword or search by user.

Tweeting fake news in a crisis — illegal or just immoral?
Dilemma for all.

Useful Twitter microblog search tool.

This is Dave Larsen’s valuable website for Twitter tips, tactics and resources. It doesn’t get much better!  WW

Twenty-one 140-Character Novels from Well-Known Writers
Kewl or what?

‘Twinterviews’: Is This the New Journalism?
There’s a trend to keep your eye on.

Twitter search by authority.  W

Twitter 101: A Special Guide
This is Twitter’s very own guide to its service for business and it’s important reading for business Twitterers.  W W

Twitter 101 for Nonprofits
Substantial Twitter how-to presentation from Frank Barry.  W

Twitter 101: The 4 Tenets of Building A Twitter Following
Think quality, not numbers. Be interesting. Follow others. Be patient.

Twitter Accounts Every Journalism Student Should Follow
Useful for PR too.

Twitter and Pinterest Tools for Content Outreach
Very helpful social media resource.

Twitter and What’s Your Thing?
Bad Pitch guys don’t hate PR after all.

Twitter as Charitable Giving Spreader: A Brief History and Meta-Analysis of Fundraising with Twitter
Beth Kanter shares a number of Twitter best practices and fundraising successes.

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices
Be better-looking without a facelift.

Twitter Chat 101
Excellent look at Twitter chats and chat resources from 2 Moro Docs.  W

Twitter Chat and Hashtag Tools
Kevin Mullett shares this valuable list of Twitter tools. W

Twitter Clear Early Leader to Control TV’s ‘Second Screen’
Twitter’s value continues to grow.

Twitter Cluelessness
If you’re new to Twitter, Guy Kawasaki’s basic Twitter tips will help you avoid looking clueless.

Twitter, Customer and Brand Management
Some excellent Twitter management uses and monitoring suggestions from Valeria Maltoni.

Twitter Drives Most Traffic, Facebook Most Revenue, Says Study
This report is very useful for social marketing.

Twitter Features that I’d Pay For
Matt Asay highlights features that would enhance Twitter.

Twitter for Beginners
A great list of tips and Twitter beginner resources from Sue Bride.

Twitter for Nonprofits
If you’re looking for a starting point on Twitter, read Marc Pitman’s post. Well done.

Twitter for Nonprofits: Waste of Time, or Potentially Useful?
Good question. Good answers from Beth Kanter.

Twitter for Sports Stars: 5 Simple Rules to Follow
Sports stars messing up on Twitter. Good lessons.

Twitter Forces Public Relations (PR) Pros to Get to the Point – Journalists Love It
According to Jeremy Porter, Twitter is good for media relations. Here’s why.  W

Twitter Grader
Free service grades measuring member profiles and ranks them based these scores. Though not a perfect measure, it is worth checking out.

Twitter helps educate public about emergency health info
Interesting possibilities.

Twitter Is All in Good Fun, Until It Isn’t
The trials of employee tweeting.

Twitter Is Really Bad at Measuring Your Online Influence. Let’s Keep It That Way
Thoughtful look at Twitter metrics.

Twitter Jump Start
If you’re looking for a credible intro to Twitter, John Haydon has it. It’s excellent!   W

Twitter List Rollout Spreads, Fuelling Web’s Newest Popularity Contest
David Berkowitz looks at Twitter Lists, its features and possibilities.

Twitter Lists Are Greater Than Media Lists 
Practical media relations tips.

Twitter Lists for Journalism and PR
Jeremy Porter shows how to use Twitter “lists” for public relations and journalists.

Twitter Misadventure at H&R Block
Great lesson that turned out okay thanks to quick response.

Twitter Newbies FAQ
You can thank Shelley Krause for this fab FAQ article and resources for newcomers to Twitter. Excellent starting point.   W

Twitter, Reddit and the newsroom of the future
Wow! How social = news by Mathew Ingram. Good read.  W

Twitter SEO – The Future of Keywords
A technical look at Twitter and keywords for better search engine optimization.

Twitter Search Gradually Becoming a Real-Time Search Engine
Business is finding Twitter to be a useful search tool.

Twitter search rolls out new features for right here, right now
Twitter rolls out revisions to its search functions.

Twitter Sentiment
Free tool estimates Twitter sentiment. In beta but worth exploring.

Twitter takes new steps to be even more like Instagram
New features, looking good, more visual and reaching beyond 140 characters. W

Twitter Talk: Challenging “Social”
Kathy Gill’s keynote on “Mass” vs social media.

Twitter: the future of journalism, or only the bad kind?
Great point and thoughtful post. W

Twitter Tips: Using Twitter for Internal PR
Twitter is perfect for internal communications too.  W

Twitter Tips: Using Twitter for Public Relations Internally
Excellent tips for Twitter internal communications. 

Twitter tiptoes further into the media business
Intriguing possibility.

Twitter to be ‘hero’ social media channel for media brands in 2013
Social media predictions, tips.

Twitter: Tool or Toy? [Video 3:35]
Video IconHeather Mosley and Rick Wion weigh in on what Twitter can mean for your company on MyRaganTV.  W

Twitter: Top Twitter Tools Exposed and Explained at Lightning Speed [Video 6:33]
Look at seven essential Twitter tools with Zeb Olsen’s energetic and info-packed presentation  W

Twitter UK boss says social TV happens whether broadcasters like it or not
Expect Twitter innovations to continue.

Twitter Users Crave News Updates
Research says…

Twitter Writes New Guide for Small Businesses … and It’s Pretty Good
Twitter tips your business can really use.

Twitter’s 10 most retweeted tweets of all time
Inquiring minds want to know.

Twitter: 12 Guidelines to Engage & Build Your Following
Heidi Cohen shares12 good tips.

Twitter’s 60Minute Shelf Life
Excellent social media and influencer analysis.

Twitter’s advantages over Facebook for journalists
PR pros take note too.

Twitter’s PR Ride
Peter Himler wonders about Twitter’s PR strategy.

Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals
Here’s a list of regularly updated Twitter tools from Brian Solis. Includes tools for trends and analysis, communication solutions, relationship management, search, public relations, marketing and much more.  W

Twitter Tips for Beginners #1
First in a series from PR and the Social Web. Practical and to the point.

Twitter Tips for Beginners #1
Second in the series from PR and the Social Web.

Twitter Tips: Using Twitter for Internal PR
Using tweets for internal communications is smart.  W

Twitter tiptoes further into the media business
Intriguing possibility.

Valuable search tool for finding real Twitter conversations by topic.  W

Twitter vs. News Releases – A Tired False Argument Revisited…and Still Wrong
Not dead, now needs to go direct to targets including media.  W

Twitter: Where the Influencers Are
Who me? We tweeters know this, but worth reading.

Twittering Journalists
Which journalists and media are twittering? Peter Hinler shares an excellent list of lists.   W

Twtrland: How To Find People To Follow On Twitter 
Useful tool.

Twylah curation tool lets you create a Pinterest-style magazine from your own Tweets. Give your Twitter stream new life. W

Use Twitter Lists to Engage Your Community Members
Ann Smarty shares terrific Twitter tips to help building community.  W

Using Twitter for Internal PR
Employee communication Twitter tips.

Using Twitter for Media Relations
No doubt about it. Twitter is the media relations tool of choice. Jeremy Porter shows how to make it work for PR pros.   W

Using Twitter Lists to Promote Your Blog
New Twitter feature will be an asset for blog promotion.

Using Twitter to Connect PR Students, Educators and Professionals
Brian Solis explores how Twitter can create valuable networks and communities.   W

Want Analytics on Your Twitter? shows potential as a tool to analyze your Twittering.

Search, find and follow the Twitterers you want.

What Companies Can Learn From my Five Years on Twitter
Useful biz tips.

What I Like About Twitter [Video 1:11]
How to use Twitter for PR? Debbie Friez tells why she likes it.  W

What Should I Tweet? 5 Ways to Find Great Content for Your Twitter Followers
Here’s how to find great content for your Twitter posts.

What Can the New Multimedia Twitter Offer Journalists?
The new Twitter features could enhance use by journalists and PR.   W

What Should I Tweet? 5 Ways to Find Great Content for Your Twitter Followers
Here’s how to find great content for your Twitter posts.

When Is the Best Time to Post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+?
Listen up. Research sez.

When Should You Delete a Tweet?
Here’s food for tweet.

Where Can I Find Great Content to Tweet?
Good newbie advice.

Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter
Jeremy Porter offers a valuable post on finding journalists on Twitter.   W

Which Twitter Profile Analysis Tool Rules the Nest?
Five Twitter tools are compared and evaluated by Chris Near but not one is perfect, yet.

Who’s To Blame For False Twitter Rumors?
Social media challenges in a crisis.

Why Should Businesses Add Twitter to Their Dailu PR and Marketing Activities?
10 good reasons for PR to use Twitter from The A-Ha Blog.

Why the World’s Most Perfect News Tweet Is Kind of Boring 
Fascinating post by Megan Garber. W

Why traditional media should be afraid of Twitter
Great insight by Mathew Ingram.

Why Twitter Matters for Media Organizations 
15 things Twitter does wellfor media.

Why You Need to Create a Tweet Schedule Now
Smart tips to help build authority.

Why You Should Be Involved With Twitter While Having Your Own Blog?
Liz Strauss shows how Twitter can complement your blog with more personal interaction.

With Twitter temptations, Olympic scandal awaits
Stay tuned for crisis PR or marketing faux pas.

Yes, You Need to Tweet
Excellent 9-point, 12-minute social media strategy.  W

You’re on Twitter, Now What?
For Twitter success, Valeria Maltoni says you need focus and she provides other key tips to guide you forward.

Your Top 40 People to Follow on Twitter
Dave Fleet adds 40 social media, communicators and other VIPs worth following.

Your Tweets Are Why the Next Walter Cronkite Will Be a Robot 
This just in.

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