The Donald’s Final Debate Strategy? BBQ

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trump-v-clintonExcitement is building for the final of the three US Presidential debates.

We’re excited to have a scoop about Donald Trump’s final debate strategy courtesy of a leaked email shared with Sean Hannity and me (The PR Coach) from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Polling reveals Trump opportunity

Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway’s secret polls have turned up some potentially explosive insight that could help the Trump campaign mount a PR and political comeback according to the email from Conway to Trump.

Thillary-24-vs-bbq-76he secret national poll of registered voters found BBQ was more popular than Hillary Clinton by a whopping margin of 76% to 24% nationally.

On CNN, Conway told Anderson Cooper, “What I can say is this BBQ strategy could help turn the election around but Mr Trump has told surrogates not to share details in advance of Wednesday’s kickoff BBQ event at a street party and press conference to be held outside Trump Plaza in New York.

Secret Trump campaign details revealed

Through the email, we learned further tactics the Trump campaign will use in the lead up to Wednesday night’s debate and the remaining weeks of the hotly contested election campaign.

central_park_carouselIn order to reach new voters, the strategy in the remaining weeks of the campaign will include:

  • New York Trump Plaza launch and news conference the morning of the final debate
  • BBQ rallies and Trump speeches in key swing state cities such as Phoenix, Miami, Cleveland, Pittsburgh weekly
  • BBQ rallies and Trump speeches at Trump-owned properties including Trump international hotels in Chicago, Las Vegas and New York; Mar-a-Lago and Beverly Hills estate; all seven Trump National Golf Clubs; New York’s Central Park carousel and skating rink; and Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Pre-game Tailgate BBQ parties at NFL and college football stadiums every weekend
  • Trump branded products for sale including:  Trump Natural Spring Water, Trump Vodka, Trump Wine, ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses, books, chandeliers, mirrors, bedding, table lamps, cabinets, sofas, barstools, cocktail tables, crystal and china, and other accessories
  • A pop-up Trump Casino will also appear at events to be announced to help fund a last-minute national TV campaign
  • “Make America Great Again!” baseball hats and T-shirts autographed by Donald Trump surrogates from Hooters
  • Special limited edition, signed copies of Trump’s new book “How to Make Islam Great Again: Negotiating a Deal ISIS Can’t Refuse”
  • A new campaign poster at a special price of $99.99, printed on the best gold paper
  • Free first-month subscription to the new Trump TV Network (airing 60 days after the “rigged election”).

3:00AM Tweets reveal more details

In a series of 3:00 AM Monday morning tweets, Donald Trump leaked several details of his own top secret plan to the frustration of his campaign organizers:

“Americans want bull and so we’re going to serve them exactly what they want. The very best Trumpburgers and Trump steaks you can buy ”

“I promise that when I’m elected president, trust me, Americans will be served a lot more bull and there will be a BBQ on every American patio.”

“We’re going to have some very special very VIP guests whose names I can’t mention (but rhyme with Sarah Palin, Charlie Sheen, Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, Tila Tequila and many more I can’t mention). And they’re all beautiful people who want to make America great again!”

“We will not be inviting any of those awful people making these false lies and accusations. Terrible people. All of them.”

“Rosie O’Donnell, Alicia Machado, Mr and Mrs Khan and Bill Clinton are not invited to my BBQs. Terrible people. Not classy.”

“I alone can solve the new tensions with Russia and Syria. After all, I owned several international beauty pageants so I know about managing difficult women and people from many cultures. Look at the pageant TV ratings. Beautiful ratings. Beautiful.”

“It takes a lot of energy to organize beautiful BBQs like this. Hillary doesn’t have the stamina.”

Swing states targeted

The campaign appears to be targeting key “swing states” where the data overwhelmingly favors the BBQ strategy.


For example, in North Carolina polls showed BBQ was more popular than Hillary Clinton with white males (99%), women (68%), Blacks (77%), Latinos (76%) and Catholics (91%). Results are not favorable for Muslims (9%) or LGBTQ (28%).

The popularity of BBQ over Hillary Clinton was similarly strong for these same important demographics in the other key swing states of Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

It looks like Trump could finally find a way to reach out more effectively to Blacks, Latinos and women with this new BBQ strategy.

CNN’s John King and an expert political panel agreed the BBQ strategy may very well turn the election around for Trump. “This is an unprecedented development and we’ll be watching it very carefully prior to the debate and in the final three weeks of the campaign,” King said.

Clinton campaign officials had no comment

Clinton campaign officials offered no comments on the leaked Republican BBQ strategy although spokesman Robbie Mook said “it sounds like the same old Trump bull to me. Trying to dress it up as a BBQ will not fool US voters and Sec. Clinton is very familiar with BBQ from her days in Arkansas.”

Clinton has reportedly been preparing for the debate with a special team of BBQ experts and advisors.

We’ll be watching along with tens of millions of American citizens to see the BBQ launch and news conference Wednesday and whether sparks fly at the third presidential debate.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump supporters host a BBQ and tailgate party outside the University of Nevada location of the debate.

Author: Jeff Domansky is a PR and social media consultant

Photos: CNN, Wikipedia, Pixabay, author

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