Storytelling: The Narrowest Building in the World

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Storytelling in less than 60-sec

What if you could tell an amazing story with just one picture and a one-minute audio clip?

Fotobabble is a storytelling tool that lets you do just that using your computer or iPhone. It’s got great potential from quick and easy storytelling to curation and content marketing. I can see all kinds of creative possibilities.

It’s easy to use. Upload a photo and add your story by recording a simple audio track on Fotobabble’s website. It’s free and with a studio quality microphone, the only limit is your imagination.

Just click on the picture below to hear my quick story about the narrowest commercial building in the world in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Or here’s the link if you prefer:

World's narrowest office building

World’s narrowest office building

Using Fotobabble, I was able to create this story in less than three minutes.

How Does Fotobabble Work?

Fotobabble is a bit like the “Twitter” of storytelling. You’re limited to a maximum of 60 seconds to tell your story. Just create an account and follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Write and tell a story up to 60 seconds long.
  3. Record and review it.
  4. Save your creation.
  5. Share it through your favorite social media channels, by email or embed it on your website.

It’s dead simple to use with no learning curve at all, though you’ll want to use a better quality microphone than I did for my demo.

I’m intrigued by Fotobabble. It forces you to focus on your story. Start with a superb quality photo. Write tightly, like Hemingway. Every word counts. The possibilities for storytelling and communication are endless.

What do you think? Got some creative stories or thoughts to share? We welcome your comments below.

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Author: Jeff Domansky

Photo credit: Travelfox via Flickr


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