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by PR Coach

What’s the state of public relations jobs in the last quarter of 2011 and looking ahead to 2012? In a word – opportunities. All created by a ‘perfect storm’ of social media, business hiring to stay competitive and retirements generating new public relations jobs.

As I carried out research for my new book, four factors caught my attention:

  • 93% increase in PR job listings (Nov 2009 – May 2011) according to
  • 307% more “social media marketing” job listings (Nov 2009 – June 2011)
  • 60% of new hires are made through personal connections  and 37% of jobs are found through networking and not in job listings
  • 34% of PR professionals will reach retirement age in the next four to seven years (CPRS).

That’s encouraging news for PR pros as well as students, business professionals and journalists looking for public relations jobs. In order to stay competitive, after cutting jobs too deeply during the recession, business is embracing social media and needs talent and experience.

Provided you have the social media smarts, know where  to find the hidden openings and how to network online and offline, the PR job future is bright.

And don’t throw out that traditional resume yet. It doubles your chances of getting an interview compared to a ‘creative resume’ according to Norwegian School of Business Dean Jan Ketil Arnulf.

This infographic shows the rapid growth of public relations jobs, the impact and opportunities created by social media and it shares tips and resources for serious PR job hunters (click on graphic to view larger version or download).

Public Relations Job Hunter's Guide

This infographic was developed by Jeff Domansky for his new book PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s GuideThe terrific team at Killer Infographics designed it and made the data fun and interesting.

US Dept of Labor
,,, Canadian Public Relations Society,, PRSA, Georgia Department of Labor, Vizibility, Proactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide

Infographic Copyright © Peak Communications Inc.

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Author: Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

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