Winning Video Presentations

We’ve gathered a selection of videos to show you how to do better PR presentations, more effective speeches, powerful public speaking or just to inspire you. Ain’t YouTube wonderful?  Other speaking resources you’ll like include: Presentation Tools & Resources, Public Speaking Tips & Presentation Skills and Speech Writing Ideas & Tips. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

Anyone Can Do This [10:01]
Darren LaCroix, World Champion Speaker talks about how anyone can speak.

Are You Aware of Your Gestures While Speaking? [5:55]
Mark Ragan interviews Tom Mucciolo about the importance of gestures in speaking.

Create the “Hook” for Your Speech [15:00]
Audio clip with Craig Valentine will teach you how to create your speech hook.

Conquering Death by PowerPoint [4:22]
Doug Jeffreys offers great PPT life solutions.  W

Enhancing Your Presentation Skills [7:19]
An excellent set of practical tips well-presented by Doug Jeffreys.  W

Erik Hersman on Reporting Crisis Via Texting [3:57]
Thoughtful talk on a remarkable project in Africa; worth viewing.

Experts Offer Public Speaking [3:38]
TV news story offers 5 essential speaking tips. Excellent.  W

Five Traits of Effective Speakers [4:15]
Five, count ’em:  passion, energy, use of devices like humor and stories, empathy and confidence. From RaganTV.

For a Speechwriter, Research is Crucial [6:32]
Great research tips from speechwriter and professor Mike Long.   W

Guy Kawasaki: 10 – 20 – 30 Rule [1:52]
10 slides. 20 minutes. 30 point font. Excellent!  W

How NOT to Use PowerPoint  [3:56]
Funny stuff, but good learning.

How to Begin a Speech [1:27]
Engage. Hit the ground running. Use a “flavor scene.” Simple huh?

How to Get Started as a Freelance Speechwriter   [5:08]
Mike Long tells what it takes to freelance, how to market, is it a good time to freelance, pricing and how he started on RaganTV. W

How to Use Hand Gestures in Public Speaking [2:29]
Simple, yet effective eye contact and hand gestures can add impact.

How to Write a Speech: Components of a Speech [1:44]
Practical approach to structuring, segmenting and timing a speech.

How to Write a Speech: Credibility in a Speech [1:40]
Establishing authority leads to credibility says Tracy Goodwin.

How to Write a Speech: Speech Attention Getters [1:50]
Tracy Goodwin tells how to get the audience’s attention.

How to Write a Speech: Speech Conclusion Demo [1:21]
Thesis, filler and attention getter. Tracy Goodwin demos an effective conclusion.

How to Write a “Sticky” Speech [7:02]
Freelance speechwriter Liz Mitchell speaks about “stickiness” on RaganTV.  W

Learning from Obama’s Effective Communication Skills [3:53]
TJ Walker offers effective message skills.

Mike Long: Speechwriting Tips [4:42]
Former White House and SNL writer Mike Long explains how to keep a speech short; how to write it quickly; and how to inject a speaker’s personality into a speech. Energetic and inspiring.  W

Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides
Dan Pink talks about presentations, signs, and communications. Engaging and creative using Pecha Kucha presentation style [20 slides, 20 seconds].  W

People Judge You on What? [3:25]
Effectiveness is impacted by psychological belief systems, listening/communication skills, and effective presentation skills.

Persuasive and Effective Communication [1:46]
Terri Sjodin on how to be more persuasive and effective, one to one.

Pimp My PowerPoint [2:58]
How to improve your PPT presentations.

PowerPoint Extreme Makeover [20:42]
Way long, somewhat stiff, but good content for starters.

Prepare & Give a How-to Speech in Chronological Order [1:41]
What makes a how-to speech unique.

Presentation Skills Keynote with Robert Graham [10:12]
Graham gives you the three key things to make you better.

Public Speaking Tips: Body Language
Body language can be loud.

Public Speaking Tips: Great Speech Demonstration [4:23]
A helpful demo of a 4-minute speech by Tracy Goodwin.

Seth Godin and the Tribes We Lead [17:23]
A great and inspiring speech by marketing guru Seth Godin. Watch this video to see how he uses visuals, his passion, and his messages.  W

Speeches Are More Than Words — They Need Emotion [9:23]
On RaganTV, Jerry Tarver speaks about the power of emotion and lessons for communicators.

TED – Ideas Worth Sharing
Technology. Entertainment. Design. Featuring inspiring talks from the world’s best thinkers and doers. Videos include Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Seth Godin, Jeff Bezos, Tim Berners-Lee, Isabel Allende and Bill Gates.  W

Terri Sjodin: PowerPoint Presentations [3:03]
You are the star. PowerPoint is just a support.

Terri Sjodin: You Ate Your Banana Wrong [1:54]
Brief but effective bit about doing things differently.

The Art of the Start [2:37]
Guy Kawasaki says you need three motivations for success and “making meaning” of what you’re doing: increasing the quality of life; righting a wrong; and preventing the end of something good.

The Importance of a Good Presentation [1:01]
Using a top ten delivery by Guy Kawasaki.