Speech Writing Ideas & Tips

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Speech writing is an art. But you can learn how to write more powerful speeches, to structure PR presentations more effectively, to stir the heart and soul of your audience, and get the best results from your public speaking.

Check out these resources to get you started. Other speaking resources you’ll like include: Presentation Tools & Resources, Public Speaking Tips & Presentation Skills and Winning Video Presentations. Sites with a  W are PR Coach “winners.”

5 Speechwriting Lessons from Obama’s Inaugural Speech
This video speech critique has five valuable lessons.

5,750+ Speech Topics, Help, Advice & Ideas
5,750+ speech topics all in one amazing place that’s great for brainstorming!   W W

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations
Great resource for all writers.

Famous Speeches
Here’s a valuable archive of famous speeches from the History Channel.

Gifts of Speech
A unique archive of notable women’s speeches from around the world from 1848 to 2009.

How to Add Power or Humor With the Rule of Three
The rule of three is powerful, attention-getting and effective. See?   W

How to Deliver a Scripted Speech
Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls of a scripted speech.

How to Use the Rule of Three in Your Speeches
Andrew Dlugan offers an excellent tutorial on the power of threes.   W

How to Write a Speech
A free course from SpeechTips.com teaches you how to plan, write and deliver a speech.   W

How to Write Your Speech in Five Minutes
A sure-fire way to quickly write and effectively deliver a speech in five minutes from George Torok.

Professionally Speaking
Ian Griffin blogs about speaking, presentations and executive communications.

Six Minutes
This free public speaking and presentation skills blog by Andrew Dlugan is really worth reading!  W W

Speech Analysis #1: How to Critique a Speech
An in-depth look at how to learn by analyzing a speech.

Speech Preparation #1: How to Prepare a Presentation
This is lesson one in Andrew Dlugan’s superb Speech Preparation Series. These ten articles are a solid foundation for speechwriters. A must-read!   W W

Speech Tips
Speech tips. Speechwriting help. Public speaking advice. Buy speeches.

Speech writing blog from Sheila Alee.

Speech Writing: Be Brief
Four tips to help you make brevity an asset in your next speech.

All you need for a speech for a small monthly fee. Use Speech Builder to generate your own unique speech to edit, print, email and save. Or access the library resources.

Speechwriting: Sharp Editing Can Help Make a Good Speech Great
Six tips that will make any speech much better.

Succeed By Studying Great Speeches
Study guide has a resource of great speeches for reference.

The Speech Archive
Audio and text files of speeches for analysis, presidential and historic speeches, and news archives.

The Speechwriter’s Slant
The world of corporate and political rhetoric by Hal Gordon.

Toastmasters Speech Series: Your Guide to the First 10 Speeches
Another superb series by Andrew Dlugan. This is an excellent set of ten articles that covers the fundamentals of public speaking. An excellent resource!    W W

Vital Speeches of the Day
See examples and learn from the best speeches given. Newsletter subscription is great value.

We Need A Speech
Colin Moorhouse’s site for freelance and corporate speechwriters.

Why Successful Speech Outlines Follow the Rule of Three
Another great tutorial by speechwriter Andrew Dlugan with excellent tips.   W

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