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This page is all about social media, its impact on public relations and social media tips and strategies to help you stay ahead in a range of social media channels that matter most to PR people. You’ll find practical social media tips, insights and what to watch for if you’re in PR, communications or business and we’ll be updating often!

Other social media and PR resources you may find useful: Best Social Media Bloggers for PR, Best Social Media Tools for PR, Blogging & PR, Facebook for PR, LinkedIn for PROnline Crisis Management, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media – PR Lessons, Social Media Releases (SMRs), and Twitter & PR. And, the PR Coach’s own blog This Just In… will also keep you current twice a week.  Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

Editor’s Note: We’re keeping these older links for reference, but they are not the most current resources. You’ll find those at our Public Relations & Social Media Insight pages on as follows:

3 Easy Steps for Dealing with Social Media Hecklers
Good advice for handling online louts.

3 Great Social Media Policies to Steal From
Learn from Kodak, Intel and IBM’s social media policies.   W

3 Steps for Effectively Using Social Media for PR
Adam Singer shares three ways to develop a social media strategy.

4 Corporate Communication Tips that Will Help Build Engaged Communities
Arik Hansen offers solid social media advice for corporate communicators.

5 Deadly Sins of Corporate Social Media Marketing
Lots to learn from these five social media tips.

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts of Social Media
A look at social media and business from a video by Jason Goldberg, founder of Social Median.

5 Noteworthy Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies
Good examples of solid social media policies.and

5 Must-Read PR and Social Media Enewsletters
PR Tini’s favorite social media eNewsletters.

5 Reasons You Must Start Using Social Media Now!
Newt Barrett shows why PR professionals need to jump into social media without delay.

5 Social Media Lessons from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort
The Haiti disaster showcased some dramatic shifts in social media writes Geoff Livingstone including mobile giving, online participation, integration with traditional media and more.   W

6 Resources to Help You Stay Current with Social Media
Here’s how to keep up with the latest in social media.

6 Social Media Marketing Case Study Lessons
Six useful HubSpot social media marketing case studies including Fiskars, HubSpot, Croatia, Technorati, Louis E Page Inc and Elekta.

6 Ways to Revolutionize PR and Press Releases
Social media killed the press release says Jay Baer. Here’s how to break your addiction to old school press releases.

7 Considerations for Tracking Social Media Success
Thomas McMahon looks at ways to measure social media success and ROI.

7 Traits of a Social Media-Friendly Website
Your site may be SEO and user-friendly, but Matt McGee says making it social media-friendly will pay back big time.

9 Ways to Convince the CEO to Use Social Media and Enter the 21st Century
Jeff Bullas shares nine convincing reasons to utilize social media in the media mix.

10 Fortune 500 Companies Doing Social Media Right
Here’s a look by Jennifer Leggio at 10 companies who get social media. Lots of learning here.   W

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for PR Professionals and Journalists
Sarah Evans offers up 10 really good PR social media tools including several shiny new ones.   W

10 Opportunity Costs and Risks of Ignoring Social Media
There is a steep downside to not participating in social media states Kami Huyse.

10 Social Media Mistakes
Here are 10 common social media mistakes from Jeff Bullas.

10 Steps for Successful Social Media Monitoring
10 practical tips to guide your social media monitoring.

10 Tactics to Boost Your Social Media PR Skills
Good basic tips, live from Social Ad Summit.

10 Things You Should Cover in Your Social Networking Policy
As social media becomes part of business, Deb Shinder points out 10 key elements that should be in your social media policy.

10 Ways to Get Fired for Building Your Personal Brand
Dan Schawbel reminds us that the web is a very public place. Remember that next time you rant, flame or get too personal online.

11 Practical Business Uses for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
Here’s how to get social using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

11 Social Media Marketing Gurus Revealed Their Best Social Media Traffic Source
Experts and many commenters share valuable  tips on traffic generation.

12 incredibly useful digital tools for PR
Here’s a list of free but useful social media tools.

13 Ways to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media: Do You Know What’s Being Said About Your Company Online?
Jeff Bullas shares 13 excellent ways to keep an eye on your company or your reputation with both free and paid tools.   W

15 Ways PR Agencies Can Help Companies With Social Media
15 ways a social-media savvy PR agency help business be better with social media from Dave Fleet.

19 Questions to Determine Corporate Social Media Readiness
Here’s how to tell if your organization is ready for social media.

20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools to Find Your Brand’s Social MentionsVery useful PR monitoring tools.

20 Reasons You Should Blog Before You Twitter
Your blog should be home base supported by other social media writes Jeff Bullas in a thoughtful post.   W

22 Social Media Marketing Management Tools
Valuable summary by Lee Odden includes many new tools.  W

28 Reasons Why the CEO is Afraid of Social Media
The poor CEO has legitimate concerns about social media. Your job is convince her/him otherwise.

35 Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action
Terrific case studies reading the power of social media to deliver results.  W

30 Social Media Business Case Studies
30 excellent social media business case studies from Penn Olson.  W

36 Apps Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Know
Lots of new social media marketing PR tools to try out.

40 Key Elements to Getting Started in Social Media
Here are 40 fundamentals to get you started in social media.

40 Tips On How to Be a Social Media Rockstar
Practical tips if you want to hit a social media high.

50 Social Media Case Studies Worth Bookmarking
An excellent set of cases studies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, more.  W

50 Ways to Use Social Media, Listed by Objective
This post looks at 50 ways to use social media by objective.  W

50+ Sites to Help You Bury Negative Posts About You or Your Company
What to do when negative posts hit the fan? Jeff Quipp has some strategies.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources
Dave Fleet shares 57 excellent social media policy examples.  W W

60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online
60 social media tips from the top social media gurus.

86 Percent Don’t Know the Plan Comes First
Valeria Maltoni looks at business, social media and the need for planning.  W

100 Tips and Tools to Research the Social Web
An excellent set of how-to tips and tools from Select Courses to enhance your research on the social web. Valuable resource.  W

300 social media policies
Rachel Miller shares an incredible list of 300 social media policies.  WW

317 Ways to Succeed in Social Media
This is Danny Brown’s BIG list of resources. Really useful.  W

A Brief History of Social Media, Seen Through Five Years of Conversation
A social media snapshot through the eyes of Social Signal blog.  W

A Quarter of Social Media Users Responsible for Most News Link Sharing
CNN report shows influencers’ impact.

Americans Expect Companies to Have Social-Media Presence
85% of social media users expect companies to interact online. How are you doing?

Ann Handley on Social Media ROI [Video 1:47]
Handley, editor of MarketingProfs, defines social media ROI and discusses how to handle negativity and criticism online.   W

Are We Really Ready to Move Beyond Social Media 101?
Not ready yet according to Bryan Person and there are still social media lessons to learn.

Back Up the Bus – The Changing PR Timeline
Jay Baer looks at how social media has changed the game for public relations.

Best and Worst Practices Social Media Marketing
Lee Odden shares social marketing best and worst practices.  W

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)
Here’s an outstanding collection of the best social media tips and guides of 2010.  W

Beware! The Social Media Dog Strategy Mentality
How to avoid stupid SM strategies.

Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Social Media Strategy?
Great advice for PR strategists.

Building Walls Between PR, Journalists: A Worst Practice
Jennifer Leggio focuses on Reporter’s Source and how its closed approach works against the natural advantages of social media.

Buyers Guide: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation
Altimeter Report is an excellent PR 2.0 resource.

CDC Publishes Social Media Toolkit Online
Best guide ever. 12 Government 2.0 lessons.  W W

CEOs Are Social Media No-Shows
Shouldn’t they be running companies?

Charlene Li on Using Social Media to Inspire Public Relations
Good PR & social media insight from an industry leader.

Collective Wisdom: Some Expert Thinking on Five Social Media Questions as We Enter the First Decade
42 social media blogger/experts answer thought-provoking questions and offer valuable insight from Who’s Blogging What? An excellent resource.   W W

Confessing My Social Media Sins
Blair Enns offers a contrarian, and practical, look at social media.   W

Creating a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps
Jay Baer helps you create your own social media strategy in seven practical steps.  W

Dave Fleet – The Twitter 20 Interview About Social Media & PR
A unique Twitter interview with Dave Fleet by Jay Baer. Valuable insight on PR/social media from Fleet and novel use of Twitter by Baer.   W

Defining Earned, Owned and Paid Media
Forrester analyst Sean Corcoran defines types of interactive media and finds PR (earned media) among the most credible.

Developing Networks: The Hierarchy of Needs
Rich Becker offers an excellent analysis of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how they apply to communication as well as social media.   W

Does Social Media Give Us the “Trojan Horse” to Fix Corporate Communication
Companies will be forced to take a fresh in their social media strategies and must integrate into their communications.

Does Your Social Media Strategy Include the Words “Social Media?”
Does your social media strategy have goals?

Eight SocialMedia Trends for 2011
Keep a #PR eye on these social media trends.

Essential Online Public Relations and Marketing Skills
2009 Digital Readiness Report is essential reading for PR professionals.  W

Even Communicators Unsure How to Use Social Media
It’s hard to believe PR pros are still unsure about how to use social media.

Experience Has Nothing to Do with Your Social Media Status
Great reminder!

Extreme DIY Social Media Blogger Relations Training for PR/Ad Agencies
Useful blogger relations training and tips from Diva Marketing Blog.

Find Time for Social Media: How To Map Out a Plan for the C-Suite
How to prepare your social media plan for your executives.  W

Five Reasons Corporations are Failing at Social Media
Amy Mengel shares five big reasons why companies are not making it in social media.   W

Four Digital Skills PR Pros Should Have
Simple: analytical skills; content; how to manage a community; and knowledge of SEO.

Four Good Examples of Social Media Campaigns
Powerful marketing results worth reviewing.

Frank Eliason: Social Media ROI [Video 1:28]
Eliason talks about ROI and how social media engagement can change your online reputation. W

Free Social Media Tools
Here’s a set of excellent social media worksheets and tools from social media consultant Jay Baer. Very useful.   W W

FTC Regulates Our Speech
Jeff Jarvis is not a fan of new FTC blogger disclosure laws. Lots of links to others on the issue.   W

Future of PR? 99 Super Tips to Take You ‘Social’
99 awesome tips to take you from sleepy to social media savvy.

Gawker Media Now Bigger than All Newspapers Online — Except One
Scale of social media is challenging traditional media.  W

Giving Social Media Personality!
Yes, you can!

Google Sidewicki is PR Game Changer
Social media has infiltrated PR and communications and it’s a PR game changer writes Mark Rose.

Here’s to You, the Social Media Manager!
Role growing, evolving.

How a Good Social Media Execution is Your Best PR
Valeria Maltoni reviews the recent Old Spice social media campaign and what made it successful.  W

How Blogs and Social Media Are Changing the Face of PR
Valuable research study and presentation by Donald K Wright and Michelle D Hinson. Looks at trends and impacts on PR and is well worth reading.   W

How Climate Activists Are Warming to Social Media
A look at social media adoption and strategies.

How Instagram Harnesses Mobile, Social Media, Photos: 3 Success Stories
Convergence of technology is making it easier to share via social media.

How Many Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Use?
In this excellent article, Jeff Bullas looks closely at seven media channels and which ones have the best potential to pay off.   W

How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results
Excellent overview of social media strategies, tips and tools every PR should know.  WW

How the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies are Using Social Media
Jeff Bullas compares trends and how top companies are using social media from a Center for Marketing Research study.  W

How to Backup Your Social Media Life
Are you covered with your many social media files?

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit
Kristy Bolsinger shows how to do effective social media.  W

How to Create a Share of Voice Report
A share of voice report can help you analyze your relative share of social media. Jay Baer shows how and shares a useful worksheet.   W

How to Get Placement on Blogs
Treat ’em like media, do your research and remember they like stories writes Jason Falls. He also has a nice case study to illustrate.

How to Influence Social Media Influencers
How to pick, reach and influence influencers.

How to Introduce & Support Your Social Media Policy
Solid tips on launching your social media policy properly.

How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success
Excellent social media/PR eBook resource.  W

How to Make Your Client Successful: PR, Politics and Social Media
Great case study showing how to deliver with social media and PR.  W

How to Pitch to Bloggers: 21 Tips
Problogger’s Darren Rowse has tips to help you pitch bloggers better.  

How To Promote Content on StumbleUpon
Useful tips for traffic building.

How to Say Stupid Things About Social Media
Thoughtful read from Cory Doctorow.

How to set up a Google + Business Page
Learn how to get you Google+ running.

How To Use Klout For Business, 7 Examples
Useful ways to use Klout for results.  W

How To: Use Social Media in Your PR Pitch Plan
Find your media, and social media, contacts online, modify your pitch and look for results says Susan Payton.

If Influence is Not Popularity, How Are “Who to Follow” Recommendations Influencing You
Interesting look at finding social media influencers.

Improve Public Relations with SEO and Social Media
Lee Odden shows how SEO and social media are helping PR reach out to news media.

In Sea of Social Tools, Voices, Strategic Messages are Critical
Strategic messages are still important.

Integrating Social Media, Search Marketing and PR
Integrating social media into search and PR are the two most obvious and proven success tactics writes Aaron Kahlow.   W

Integrating Strategy: Social Media
Rich Brooks takes a thoughtful look at social media integration and applying the tools best.

Is Your PR Firm Ready for Digital Marketing?
10 questions to help you assess your PR agency’s digital readiness.

Jason Falls Interview – Social Media Marketing [Video 9:51]
Falls talks about his strategy to grow his social media profile, how PR can use social media to create quality relationships and ROI.   W

Jet Blue, Dunkin Donuts and Dove Social Media Update
Marketing deficit disorder is on display at Jaffe’s Juice TV. LOL.

Latest Study: How the Fortune 100 Are Using Twitter
In a review of a recent study, Jeff Bullas looks at how large companies using and losing on Twitter. Valuable insight!   W

Launching a Social Command Center (Without the Center)
David Armano shares valuable POV on monitoring social media.

Micro Interactions in PR
Valeria Maltoni shows how PR lies closest to social media for its ability to create relationships.   W

Molson: Brewing Up Success with Social Media
A look at brewer Molson’s social media successes.

Money Among the Things PR Firms Need In Order to Own Social Media
If PR wants to own social media, it must invest in time and training to lead for results.

New Media and the Air Force
This publication reviews basic new media knowledge for USAF public affairs professionals. It’s well worth reading for beginners and for insight into its use of social media.   W

New Media PR: From Reactive, to Proactive, to Interactive
Valeria Maltoni explores new opportunities for public relations to create and manage more interactivity with audiences.   W

New Study Reveals Content is King…Not Social Media
It’s not the vehicle, it’s the fuel. It’s not the tool, it’s the toolman [or gal]. You get the idea in this excellent post from Jeff Bulla.   W

Online PR Tips
Social media strategist Sally Falkow provides substantial online PR tips and facts to show the impact of social media.   W

PR 2.0 Checklist
Deirdre Breakenridge offers a practical PR 2.0 checklist to help you cover all the social media bases.

PR and Media, From Begging for to Earning Attention
Can PR make the jump into social media and earning attention asks Valeria Maltoni?

PR People Getting Pushier With Bloggers Since the Recession
A sad comment on lack of skill, savvy and PR common sense when it comes to blogger relations from ProBlogger.   W

PR, Social, Search, Now & the Next Five Years
Merry Morud highlights the SES Chicago’ 09 conference whose experts answered the question: “What’s hot now and where will the internet take public relations over the next five years?”   W

PR’s Use of Digital Media
Interesting take on PR stages of social media by Valeria Maltoni.

People Spend More Than Half Their Day Consuming Media
New studies show that people spend much of their day consuming media.

Pros of Social Networking Sites, 10 Core Sites for Strategic Social Marketing
Here’s a look at the core social media tools you need to use and several good new ones to explore.

Reaching Stakeholders Through Social Media
Amy Mengel serves up a thoughtful presentation on social media.   W

Report Reveals: 15 Best Practices of Social Media Implemented by the Top 100 Brands
Another useful analysis of social media best practices that’s essential reading for all.

Research Report: Is Social PR for Real? Which Agencies Get It?
Jennifer Leggio at ZDNet presents a valuable research look at PR and social media.   W

Rushing the Net: Public Relations
New Vocus study finds 80% of PR firms see social media as a priority in 2010. Rich Becker adds a cautionary note.  

SEO for public relations: A step-by-step guide
How to get SEO working for you.

Searching Over Socializing: People Online
Rich Becker notes that social media now only create .55% of web traffic while search engines create 97.82% of referrals. Where should you focus your effort?

See How They Did It: 104 Social Media Case Studies
This is an excellent set of 100 social media case studies.  W

Selling Social Media Strategy to Leadership with Charlene Li
Eric Schwartzman talks to Charlene Li about how to sell social media strategy to your executives. [podcastW

Setting Up Your Google Profile for Google Buzz Users
Kristi Hines shares practical hints and how-tos.

Seven Online PR Questions (and Answers)
Excellent questions about PR and social media.

Six Keys to Success in Social Media
PR pros note.

Small Companies Who Get Social Can Play With the Big Boys
Social media is an equalizer, and small, quick-moving firms can reach the same consumers as big firms.

Social Manifesto: How Companies are Using Social Media, Part 1
Advergirl’s 1st of 4 posts sees how Best Buy uses social media let employees help customers and each other.

Social Manifesto: How Companies are Using Social Media, Part 4
A look at Fedex’s use of social media. Advergirl’s three previous posts are also worth reading.

Social Media and the 3 New Pillars of Marketing
Three new pillars of internet marketing from Jeff Bullas? Content, SEO and social media.

Social Media Are Easier Than You Think
Learn how to do social media right.

Social Media Can Change the Corporate Culture
Thoughtful look at what kind of change can happen with social media in a company.

Social Media Employee Policy Examples
Developing your own social media policy? This terrific resource by Chris Boudreaux will help you. It includes examples of SM, email, blogging, Facebook policies from Dell, GM, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and 170+more at Social Media Governance.  W W

Social Media Marketing Checklist
Simple, practical advice from Lee Odden.

Social Media Mistakes
Avoid these six social media mistakes writes Jennifer Horowitz.

Social Media Monitoring Wiki
This wiki is worth checking out with 147 tools including free & paid versions.  W

Social Media Policies: An Introduction
Excellent e-book by Dave Fleet guides you through setting up your own corporate social media policy.   W

Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed
Excellent social media resource.

Social Media Release Checklist
13 pt checklist for a social media release.  W

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics [Video 4:15]
An excellent video presentation by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman.   W

Social Media Strategies 2012
Six key management issues to include in all social media strategies.  W

Social media strategies: Follow these golden rules from brands
Five organizations that get PR 2.0.

Social Media Strategies for Journalists
Works for PR pros too.

Social Media Time Management
Time challenged by social media? Amber Naslund shares time management strategies.

Social Media Tip – Wrap Up Your Tweets with a Daily Summary via
Excellent way to extend Tweets into content.

Social Media and True Transparency
Transparency goes hand in hand with honesty and empowering employees writes Amber Naslund.

Social News: Trading Accuracy for Immediacy
In the race to be first, Valeria Maltoni says there’s a responsibility for accuracy, even more so for brands.

Social PR Survey II: Continued Disconnect Between Clients, Agencies
Jennifer Leggio reports the gap between agencies and clients on social media is wide.  W

Studies prove Social Media Marketing lasts longer
Useful stats for social marketers.

Study Reveals: 13 Best Practices of Social Media Implemented by Top 200 US Charities
Jeff Bullas highlights 13 best social media practices by US charities which are even outpacing business use. An excellent social media blueprint for any organization.   W W

StumbleUpon drives more traffic than Facebook or Twitter
Looking to build website traffic? Consider StumbleUpon.

Survey Reveals Who’s Running the Social Media Show
Interesting research on social media use by business. And guess who’s running the show?

Teaching: How Social Media Changed Everything
Rich Becker reflects on social media today.

Ten Corporate Social Media Mistakes
Corporate communications PR pros beware these 10 social media mistakes.

The 8 Wrong Questions PR Firms Are Asking About Social Media
Valuable social media PR tips.  W

The 10 New Rules of PR
Among the 10 new rules are direct contact without media intervention and the importance of being found by search engines – what some call SEO PR.  

The best social media policy ever written
Ben Franklin was right. Check out his awesome social media policy 😉

The Biggest Social Media Challenge PR Pros Face is Finding Time
Jay Kroll offers an excellent overview and answers to the 10 biggest social media challenges faced by PR.  W

The Communications Manifesto: “Public Engagement”
Steve Rubel says public engagement is the way of the PR future.

The Don Draper Guide to Social Media Marketing
Madmen’s solid social media tips.

The Future of Public Relations and Social Media
Substantial look at social media’s impact on PR today and in the future.  W W

The Future of Social Media Is Real
Refreshing; throwing away the social media hype for results.

The PR Influencer
What’s your definition? Deirdre Breakenridge looks at PR influencers.

The Periodic Table of the Social Media Elements
Fun approach by Rick Liebling highlights the essential behaviors, people, tools and practices of social media.  W

The Sledzik-Curran Social Media Project: The Six Fallacies of Social Media [Video 6:44]
Brian Connolly (who masqueraded as Amanda Chapel on offers a critical view of social media. Interestingly, using social media.

The Social Media Influencer
Here are five ways to be recognized as a social media leader.  W

The State of Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2012
Excellent SM presentation worth viewing.  W

The Top 10 List of Articles for Fueling Ad Agency New Business through Social Media
Very funny, like reality TV.

The Top 10 Ways to Become a Real Social Media Expert
Not a top ten tips list but a useful perspective on social media expertise from Brian Solis.

Thinking Clearly About Social Media Relations
Kevin Dugan tells you why you should pay attention to social media if you’re in media relations.

This is PR Evolved
A look at PitchEngine for optimized news release distribution.

Three Free Social Monitoring Tools Worth Exploration
Helpful review of social media monitoring tools.

Top 9 Things I Hear Myself Saying About Social Media to Others
Same for PR.

Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation
Todd Defren shares a free social media policy template to guide you in preparing your own.   W

Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools
Great social media resources.

Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept ’10
Great list of influencers; many in PR!  W

US Journalist Uses Twitter to Break 1,000-word Story Traditional Media Ignored
Unconventional news coverage as journalist twitters breaking story.  W

What Is Holding Back Social Media Investment?
47% are unsure of value. What are they thinking?

What Social Media Network Should Your Brand Use for Your Target Markets
Here’s a look at how to choose the proper social media network for your marketing.

What the F**K Is Social Media Now?
Compelling social media presentation with captivating visuals, impressive numbers; perfect for training and info sharing. A must-see!  W W

What would your Social Media 101 syllabus look like?
Thoughtful Arik Hanson post.

What’s Next for PR in the Social Media Landscape?
Sarah Evans shares her view of what’s next for PR.

Why Can’t PR Do Digital?
Jay Baer talks about the PR challenge of social media and why PR agencies aren’t offering digital services to clients.

Why PR May Not Win the Social Media Agency Wars
PR will need to develop its analytical and mathematical skills.

Why PRs Can be Better Link Builders than SEOs
Interesting look at using social media and PR to enhance search engine optimization.

Why Should PR Take Social Media Seriously?
Why should PR pay attention to social media? Believability, speed and leverage writes Jeff Bullas. And then he looks at the seven most important channels and compares their reach and value to PR.   W W

Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions
Surprising view worth considering as you plan your social media strategy.

Why Social Media Isn’t for Everyone
In a good counterpoint view, Joshua-Michele Ross looks at why social media may not be for you.

Why Use Social Media for Public Relations?
Why? Adam Singer has seven answers why social media can enhance PR.

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Policy and 14 Corporate Social Media Policy Examples
Superb examples of social media policies.  W W

Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working
In depth look at the power of marketing, integrated with social media.

Writing the Conversation: How Social Media is Redefining PR’s Content Creation
Social media is becoming an essential PR and media relations tool.

You Are What You Publish, Post or Create
Everyone can and should be a publisher these days. Especially brands.

YouTubing Your CEO
Here’s a PR/social media strategy to explore.

Photo credit: Damien Basile

See How They Did It: 104 Social Media Case Studies

This is an excellent set of 100 social media case studies.  W

Selling Social Media Strategy to Leadership with Charlene Li

Eric Schwartzman talks to Charlene Li about how to sell social media strategy to your executives. [podcastW

Setting Up Your Google Profile for Google Buzz Users

Kristi Hines shares practical hints and how-tos.