Social Media Releases for Public Relations

Social media releases (SMRs) are not just the next “shiny new thing.” They’re completely transforming how PR pros create, present and distribute their news. Reaching directly to key audiences through new social media channels. The social media news release resources we’ve gathered below will tell you how to create SMRs, give you tips and strategies, and help you generate impressive reach, interaction, results and new relationships. You’ll also find traditional news release writing tips and tactics at News Release Writing Tips.

Other PR Coach resources you may find useful include Blog Writing, Journalism Writing & Resources, PR Writing Tips & Tools, Social Media and Web Writing TipsSites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

Learn how to launch a powerful, effective online PR program using guerrilla tactics from Marcia Yudkin’s report Powerful, Painless Online Publicity.

6 Ways to Revolutionize PR and Press Releases
Social media killed the press release says Jay Baer. Here’s how to break your addiction to old school press releases.   W

15 Online Press Release Distribution Sites
A mix of free and paid news release distribution services reviewed by Alyssa Gregory.

22 Tips for Writing a SEO Press Release – for Real People and Robots
22 very useful news release tips for maximum SEO.

A Radical Suggestion for the Social Media Release
Todd Defren suggests using traditional news releases for the wire and social medial channels for the social media version of the same. Sage advice.   W

Adding Multimedia to Your Press Release
When appropriate, photos, audio and video can enhance coverage and increase search engine indexing. Listen in on this BusinesssWired podcast.

Broken Record Time: Bagging on Press Releases
The press release is not broken writes Jeremy Pepper. It needs news, excellent writing and thoughtful use and targeting.   W

Creating an Online Press Room & Extending the Life of Your Press Release
PRW offers tips on setting up an online news room and getting longer life from your news releases.

Creating the Desire for News
Valeria Maltoni looks at social media releases and how public relations needs to seize the opportunity to create a desire for news.   W

Focus: Search Engine Optimization
10 SEO tips to help PR pros’ social media releases get picked up by search engines.   W

Four Alternatives to Press Releases
When you don’t have a news release, these four other techniques may be just what the media need.

Four Steps to Optimize A News Release For Google News
An optimized news release is smart PR writes Shonali Burke.

Guide to SEO-Friendly News Releases
Todd Defren has 20 tips and tricks for writing SEO-friendly news releases. Excellent.   W

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How to Make 33,000 Online Impressions With Your News Release

A good social media release can reach far beyond the traditional press corps.

How to Write a Social Media Press Release
Why do standard releases fail with social media? Learn how to use social media releases for better results from Copyblogger.

If You Want Press, Don’t Send a Press Release
Adam Singer shows why press releases shouldn’t be used for social media.

Industry Opinion: Is the Social Media Press Release Here to Stay?
Experts look at the social media news release and its role in new PR.

Is the Social Media Press Release a Meatball Sundae?
Greg Jarboe sets out to cook up an answer to this nagging PR-SMR question. Some good history and SMR references.   W

Love Social Media Releases or Hate ‘Em, They Work
Usage is up and bloggers like social media releases writes Shel Holtz.

Need Your News Release to Get Picked Up on the Web?
Stop doing things the old way and start doing them the new way.

Newsforce is a premium online news network and press release optimization toolkit. Worth exploring.   W

Optimized Press Release Services – Generate Traffic in Hours
Thomas Petty shows how a proper SEO news release can get readers within hours.

Optimized Press Release Services – Which Gives Results?
Three SEO press release services are reviewed and recommended by Thomas Petty.    W

PR and the New Rules of Press Releases
Why is the old press release disappearing? Social media impact and more writes Mark White.

PR Squared’s Social Media Tactics Series: Untangling Claims About Wire Services & Social Media
Todd Defren nicely sorts out competing wire services and their social media offerings.   W

Press Release SEO Tips
A review of top newswires and their suggestions for better press release SEO [search engine optimization].

Press Releases Are So 20th Century: Try This Social Media Release Instead
Learn more about social media releases and how they’re transforming part of PR.

Press Releases Get “Social”. Um, no.
Dan Blank debates the merits of the “social” in social media releases.

Quick Twitter Tips for Press Releases from @prweb
Useful tips for better news releases.

ROI of Online Press Releases
Society for New Communication Research and PRWeb study looks at online news release practices, changing audiences, evaluation, tactics and emerging PR challenges.   W

SEO Press Releases: How to Write Them and Where to Submit Them
SEO news releases can get pick up and visibility very quickly. An exceptional resource and tutorial from Christine OKelly.

Search Engine Marketing Pros Turning to News Search Engines and News Release Optimization to Meet Clients’ Needs
Two PRWeb stories show how SEO-optimized news releases can generate high page rankings and, more importantly, increased visibility and website traffic.

Social Media News/Press Release [Video 3:28]
Though promotional, UK-based RealWire video offers a useful explanation of social media news releases.

Social Media News Releases: Do Them or Not?
Technology reporter Lena West likes SMRs and shares why.

Social Media News Releases Gain Momentum
More than 20 good examples of social media news releases from Todd Defren.   W

Social Media Release Template, Version 1.5
Todd Defren does it again with a new and improved template for social media releases.   W

Social Media Press Releases
David Silversmith provides a fresh look at social media news releases and two distribution services.

Social Media Releases Achieve Double the Coverage of “Traditional” News Releases
Do you know about social media releases? Better learn because they deliver twice the coverage of “traditional” news releases.

Social Media Release Must Evolve to Replace Press Release
Still one of the best SMR articles and how-tos by Ian Capstick. WW

The Crowded World of Press Release SEO
You’re going to have to do more than SEO news release basics to break through the clutter today writes Greg Jarboe.

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases
Brian Solis’ excellent post defines SMR’s, suggests tips to make them work better and reminds us it still has to be news. Definitive!   W

The “New” News Release
Why is the “new” news release working? Ed Lee says the features appeal to bloggers and consumers.

The Social Press Release: Multimedia, Two-Way, Direct to the Public
Excellent post by Mark Glazer on social media release challenges, what works and what doesn’t and links to more on the topic.   W

Twitter vs. News Releases – Tired False Argument Revisited…Still Wrong
Excellent post that reinforces the value of news releases, especially when used with other social media.

Understanding the Social Media Release
What’s a social media release and how do you use it? Valerie Jennings points the way.

Updated: The Future of the Social Media News Release is in Your Hands
Todd Defren provides great advice on social media releases, distribution and optimization for search engines.   W

Using a Social Media Press Release Effectively
When used properly, the SMPR is effective and inexpensive writes Danny Brown.

Watching the Street Fight and a Case Study on a Press Release + Social Media
The way Jeremy Owyang sees it, social media and traditional press releases both have a role (though it’s an older post).

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and What Is SEO PR?
Expert definitions and a really informative item from SEO-PR.

Why You Should Embrace the New Social Media News Release
Good SMR info, a template and useful social media release tips from Jennifer Laycock.

Yet Another Social Media Release Primer
Shel Holtz offers a really useful primer on social media releases for PR pros.   W

Your Social Media News Release Still Needs a Strong Headline
You won’t be able to get results if readers don’t find a compelling headline to click on. Newt Barrett also shows good and bad examples in this excellent post.   W