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linkedin-tips-2With more than 100 million members, communication and PR pros can benefit from a professional online presence on LinkedIn. It can also serve as a valuable search and research tool. You can use it for networking, finding a public relations job, mining for new business, building your personal and professional profile, and much more.

We’ve created an extensive LinkedIn Tips resource which is updated daily with the latest curated articles.

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LinkedIn Tips Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles, the archive below has our original best LinkedIn Tips posts from 2011 to 2013.

4 New LinkedIn Features that Will Help Companies Massively
Useful update by LinkedIn.

4 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Stand Out
Four very smart networking tips.

4 Pillars of LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses
Four important cornerstones to using LinkedIn for your marketing.

5 Tips for Getting More from LinkedIn
5 tips from John Jantsch to make better use of your LinkedIn account.

6 Steps to Get the Most Out of Professional Networking Sites
Enhance your online professional presence by following six practical steps.

10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
Using LinkedIn for business networking yet? Kevin Gibbons has 10 tips to improve your profile even more.

20 LinkedIn Case Studies for Personal Branding
Excellent perspective on making LinkedIn work for you.  W

Are You Using LinkedIn Effectively? [Video 8:50]
Video IconMyRaganTV interviews LinkedIn expert Chuck Hester on how to build your network, contact journalists and look for a PR job using this popular social media tool.

How I Use LinkedIn Content for Intelligence
How to use LinkedIn for intelligence gathering and research from Valeria Maltoni.

How journalists can make the most of LinkedIn
Works for PR too!

How LinkedIn Referrals Helped Build a Company [Video 1:52]
Sasha Strauss describes how LinkedIn helps build new business as an “authenticity protocol.” W

How to Build Quality Links With LinkedIn
Thomas Petty shows how LinkedIn can help you build quality connections.

How to Convert Your Resume Into an Infographic 
Helpful tools for PR resumes and job searching.  W

How to Use LinkedIn Answers to Write an Outstanding Blog Post
Just ask smart professionals on LinkedIn for answers and give them ample credit in your blog post writes Newt Barrett.

It’s Time To Stop Ignoring LinkedIn Company Pages
Valuable PR 2.0 tactic.  W

LinkedIn User – Public Relations [Video 1:54]
Fleishman-Hillard’s Jeffrey Taylor describes how LinkedIn generated several business contracts. W

New LinkedIn Tool Lets You Create Your Professional Offline CV
LinkedIn has a new resume tool that can be very helpful.  W

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page
Just do it!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Question is Getting (Mostly) Pitches
Word your LinkedIn questions carefully to get better answers and to avoid pitches suggests Valeria Maltoni.

Using LinkedIn to Gather Industry Intelligence
Dianna Huff shares tips on getting industry insight from LinkedIn.

Why don’t PRs make better use of LinkedIn groups?
Steve Earl’s just askin’.