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facebook-tips-2Facebook has more than 500 million users. At the right time, with an effective strategy, Facebook is a powerful tool for new relationships and wide reach by PR pros and business users.

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Facebook Tips Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles, the archive below has our original best Facebook Tips posts from 2011 to 2013.

3 Ways for Businesses to Take Full Advantage of Facebook
Think Facebook isn’t for business? John Jantsch shows three ways to make Facebook work. W

5 Tips for Getting More from Facebook
John Jantsch has 5 tips to make your Facebook site more effective.

7 Facebook Marketing Tips From World’s Top Pros
Great tips to get you rolling on Facebook.

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Facebook Page Now
Seven ways to help you make the most of your Facebook profile.

8 Tips for Getting Your Fan Page Found in Facebook Search
Greg Finn helps you build an easy-to-find Facebook fan page.

10 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Groups
These tips from Larry Brauner will help you benefit from Facebook Groups.

25 Brilliant Examples of Facebook Brand Pages
Lots of learning from the Facebook pages.

25 Largest Brand Facebook Pages with Most Likes
Here’s a look at the impressive reach of Facebook.

28 Essential Facebook Timeline Resources
These resources will help you make the best of new timeline in Facebook.

40 Highly Effective FaceBook Business Pages
Worthy creative strategies to get better Facebook results.

70 Percent of Journalists Use Social Networks to Assist in Reporting
If journalists are using social media, including Facebook, PR should be there writes Jeremy Porter.

A Guide to Using Facebook for Freelance Copywriters, Small Business and Professionals
Angie Haggstrom shares some Facebook tricks and tips for business users and professionals.

All Facebook
This unofficial Facebook blog is loaded with great tips and resources.

Breaking News: What You Need to Know About Facebook Timelines for Pages
Five tips for the new timelines pages.

Can Google+ business pages replace Facebook pages?
Agree? PR 2.0 potential game changer.

Dear Facebook Friends, You’re Doing It Wrong
If you want to know how to do Facebook right, Tamar Weinberg shows how. W

Facebook Community Pages: What Your Business Needs to Know
An excellent Facebook primer for community pages by Mari Smith. W

Facebook Fans Vs. Twitter Followers: Which Are More Valuable?
Good PR and marketing debate.

Facebook for Business
Learn how to use Facebook for business with this free, 1-hour webinar from HubSpot.

Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations
Is Facebook good for every business? No, but it is a competitive advantage for many, writes Jesse Stay.

Facebook for Public Relations
Jeremy Porter looks at how PR can use Facebook and the risks.

Facebook Marketing Tips: Make the Most of Your Fan Pages
Michelle Bowles offers excellent advice on how to use a Facebook fan page. W

Fishing for Facebook PR Benefits [Video 0:49]
Very fast but effective demo of Facebook as a way to connect with journalists.

How Journalists Can Use Facebook
Gina Chen suggests how journalists can best make use of Facebook.

How Non Profits Can Use Social Media – Facebook Edition
Two great primers on Facebook for non profits and business alike from Jeff Bullas again. Superb! W

How to Time Your Facebook Posts to Reach the Most Fans
When it comings to reaching your key audiences, timing is everything.

How to use Facebook groups for internal communication
Worth exploring to see if it can work for you.

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Blog
ProBlogger suggests how you can promote your blog using Facebook.

Integrating Your WordPress Website with Facebook
Useful social media strategy.

Is Facebook the New Face of PR?
Andrew Smith looks at how PR and journalists are using Facebook and how this may play in the future.

Journalist’s Guide to Facebook
Facebook is a valuable resource for journalists writes Leah Betancourt especially for leads, sources, reaching out to audiences, creating community and more. W

PR Squared’s Social Media Tactics Series: PR & ‘Edgework’ Via Facebook
A look at several Facebook PR groups to follow, reporters and media with major Facebook presence and an excellent case study showing how SHIFT worked the social media channel for a client. W

Questions People Always Ask Me: Facebook Page or Facebook Group?
Advergirl says both work depending on your strategy. Learn more. W

Ra Ra Wrong. How Facebook’s Cheerleaders Are Blowing Smoke
Excellent perspective on the use of Facebook.

Running a Facebook contest: How to remain in compliance
Contest ahead? Take note.

Sharing on Facebook is Worth 6 Times More than a Twitter Tweet [Study]
Jeff Bullas examines value of social media.

Social Media Study Shows Brands How to Spice Up Facebook
Barbara Rozgonyi shares four tips to help marketers get better results from Facebook.

Ten Practical Steps for Improving Your Facebook Presence
Looking to improve your Facebook presence? These 10 tips will get you going.

The Problem With Facebook (for Marketers)
Yes there are now 300 million users blogs Todd Defren. But consider it is a proprietary and that changes are frequent and not always a benefit to users. And yet, 300 million? A thoughtful post.

The Six Fears of Facebook and Other Social Media Channels
The antidote to fear of social media? Just be yourself. Find out more.

The Super Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First Company Facebook Page Without Blowing a Gasket – Part One
Jennifer Laycock shows how to get a company Facebook page set up right in this excellent tutorial. W

The Super Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First Company Facebook Page Without Blowing a Gasket – Part Two
The excellent Facebook for business series continues. W

The Unofficial Facebook Blog
This blog is really one of the best Facebook resources you’ll find. W

The World’s 10 Most Popular Company Facebook Pages
Social media lessons worth noting.

Using Facebook for Business – A Real Life Example
Good example of a marketing firm using Facebook for business.

What Do Facebook’s New Timeline Apps Mean for Nonprofits?
Here’s a look at Facebook’s new timeline apps.