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This section has a range of useful, practical search and research tools to help public relations and communications pros gain insight and understanding. It includes old standards like media research, search tools, media and social media monitoring, and PR search tips and tools to help you get public relations measurement faster and smarter.

Other PR Research resources you may like:  Communication AuditsMedia Monitoring Tips, News Content Analysis, PR Measurement Tips & Best Practices and The PR Coach blog This Just In…. Sites with  W are PR Coach “winners.” Note, some links are pdf or other larger documents, so patience may be needed to view them.

12 Quick Tips to Search Google Like an Expert
12 expert search tips to make your Googling faster, smarter and friendlier.

14 Competitive Intelligence Tools
Andy Beal shares 14 useful CI tools you can easily use.

18 Ways to Power Search Google
18 ways to search better on Google. Count ’em.

100 Tips and Tools to Research the Social Web
100 fast tips to make your web research way more successful. A great resource from Select Courses.

101 Google Tips, Tricks and Hacks
This is the definitive Google search tips guide courtesy of TechRadar.   W

200 Social Bookmarking Services
The value of social bookmarking sites is that they can be a powerful social media search tool.

Advanced Google Web Search Help
Learn Google’s own advanced search tips.

Alt Search Engines
Alt Search Engines covers cutting-edge news about alternative and niche search engines. Highly recommended.   W
Very good search tool. Just ask!

AYTM – Ask Your Target Market
Sophisticated research and survey tool that charges by survey completion.

Search the web, images, video, news and more. New search tool shows promise, depending on Microsoft/Yahoo discussions.   W

bNet – Find Articles
Find management and business articles, advice and insight on this business site.

BrandMentions is a great tool that helps you monitor the online presence of your brand online. Its purpose is to detect all the web mentions that your brand or your competitors have in a given period of time. 

A new way to search the web, Clusty gathers clusters of results for better targeted search results.   W

A useful “real-time” search engine that lets you search blog posts, comments, articles, video, Twitter, YouTube and more. Great potential.   W

This search tool helps you find deeper level niche content. Good secondary research tool.
Find top niche blogs easily. Make your own bookmarks and share them.

Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research
This IPR Gold Standard paper is a useful reference tool for PR researchers.

Discover and share web content ranked by its community.

The old search dog has some new tricks. Still providing trusty metasearch results.

Unbiased reviews by real people, but can be challenging to the unaware. Find out what people really think about your product, service or company!    W

The research tool of choice.

Google Alerts
Set up auto alerts by topic or keyword and make sure to monitor news, blogs, web and video all-in-one powerful alert sent by email when you need it.   W

Google Blog Search
Search millions of blogs using Google search.

Google News Archive Search
Easily search news archives with Google’s news archive initiative.

Google’s Search Refinement Operators
Some great search tips to make your Google searches more productive.

How to Find Niche Markets
Seven useful ways to research markets.

How To: Get the Most Out of Technorati
If you’re blog searching, Chris Snyder tells you how to more from Technorati.

How-to Guide: 60+  Great How-to Sites & Resources
Here’s more than 60 terrific how-to sites and guides on how to do everything.

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
The Internet Archive is a library of archived internet pages and has now grown to include text, audio, moving images and software. A useful tool.  W

Internet Scout Archives
A library of reference resources on many topics;  searchable and browsable.

Katie Paine and the Measurement Toolbox [Video 3:52]
Paine discusses the challenge of measurement, tools to apply and outcomes to measure success.

Aggregates search results from the major search engines.

Media Relations Rating Points
Developed in Canada, MRP is a new standard that’s gaining acceptance for evaluating and reporting editorial media coverage.

New search tool presents mini page views of results for web, news, images and Twitter.Effective.   W

Netvibes lets you create a home page for your search results of the web, blogs, news, video, photos and more.   W

New Search Engine Tools Update – March 2009
A quick, useful presentation of new search engine tools and updates to improve old favorites.

Online Reputation Management: 16 Free Tools
Alyssa Gregory highlights 16 excellent, free tools to help you monitor and measure reputation online.  W

PDF Search Engine
Search for books and e-books on websites, forums and message boards.

A free online poll and survey tool that’s easy to use and effective.

Discover best blogs, find and follow experts and influencers, and read what matters most to you.

Press Release Measurement [Video 3:54]
Greg Jarboe looks at online press release results and measurement strategies.  W

Public Relations Research for Planning and Evaluation
This IPR paper by Dr Walter Lindenmann describes various tools and techniques PR pros should consider when measuring results. It’s a tremendous resource!  W

New visual search engine delivers results in easy to navigate “clouds”. Find web, images and video fast with this useful tool.   

Newer social media monitoring service is powerful but somewhat expensive for small business.

Tara Calishain’s valuable blog about research, search engines and more. Well worth getting her blog posts.

Research Doesn’t Have to Put You in the Poorhouse
Many inexpensive research tools are available according Dr Walter Lindenmann including piggyback studies, secondary analysis, quick-tab polls and online surveys.

Scribd searches categories such as business, creative writing, how-to guides, books and documents, news and more. Often turns up results more targeted than many search engines.   

Survey Methods
A full-featured, online research and survey tool with free and subscription pricing.

Easy-to-use, online survey tool with free and low-cost pricing options.

One of the new, free online survey tools with a collaboration feature that puts it ahead of many competitors.  

Top 10 Ways to Track Buzz
Josh Catone shares 10 tools that can help you monitor trends and topics.   W

This unique service measures online influence and provides the tools to identify and engage online influencers. See their Top 25 Authorities Moving PR Forward.  W

A powerful search engine for Twitter.

There are many uses for PR researching on Twitter.

VALS Segments
Learn the eight VALS types, essential in market research.

Useful tool tracks website changes. Track competitors, monitor changes and more.

Why Social Media Drives Traffic
Jeff Bullas looks at how social media allows us to measure traffic and what those measures are with some of the popular channels.   W

Live tracking, website statistics and analytics.

Search tool of 2nd choice.

Find out what’s new, what’s great and not so great with real reviews, by real people.

Send out your own personal scout to find news, blog posts, jobs, products, services and more.

A great online survey tool; easy to use; free and low-cost pricing options for every user.   W

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