News Content Analysis

News Content Analysis is a powerful public relations research and strategic PR tool. In a nutshell, it’s using media coverage to analyze any number of facets you want to measure. You can learn how to plan, carry out and use media content analysis to assess where your organization is today and how perception changes in the future.

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10 Tips for Translating PR Results into the Language of Business
Dow Jones Insight produced this informative eBook to help you report results that management will notice.

A New Model for Media Content Analysis
This IPR paper reviews the weaknesses of current media content analysis and suggests four new measures.   W

Analyzing Newspaper Content – A How-To Guide
Readership Institute shows how to analyze newspaper content in a thorough paper.

Calories, Not Communities: A Media Content Analysis of Food and Fitness News
This report by FrameWorks Institute used media content analysis of national media coverage of issues in order to gain insight into ways to enter the debate effectively.

Protect Your Privacy

Codebook for Content Analysis of Stories About Protest Events
This is a very detailed codebook that will give ideas when creating your own codebook.

Coding for Content Analysis
Thoughts and tips on coding material.

Content Analysis Guide
Here’s a seven-step guide to analysis suggested for newspapers looking to do their own content analysis.

Content Analysis of O’Reilly’s Rhetoric Finds Spin to be a ‘Factor’
Indiana State University’s study found Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was quick to invoke fear and used name calling once every seven seconds. So much for O’Reilly’s “non-spin” zone.

Evaluating Media Advocacy Efforts Addressing Fast Food in California Public High Schools: A Content Analysis
Good example of content analysis to measure a PR program results. See the report, methodology and the results.

Guide to Media Evaluation
AMEC provides this guide to media evaluation, including a ten-point planning checklist to follow.

Have You Measured Your Reputation Lately?
Pat Lapointe looks at four reputation measurement tools that can be mobilized quickly.

Influencing Change Through Media Analysis
A call for PR pros to use media analysis to play an important strategic role with senior management.

Measuring Company A: A Case Study and Critique of a News Media and Content Analysis Program
Sean Williams’ IPR study of a financial company in crisis, and how news content analysis played a critical strategic role, is valuable learning.   W

Measuring Corporate Reputation: An Overview of Several Approaches
Presentation by Bruce Jeffries-Fox examines the make-up of reputation and ways to measure it, including media content analysis.   W

Media Content Analysis: Are You Trying to Improve or Are You Just Keeping Score?
Are you a scorekeeper or a strategist? The differences are notable according to Don Bartholomew.

Media Evaluation Research
Have a look at the sample report pages from this UK research firm. Good learning.

Museum of Broadcast Communications
MBC houses nearly 100,000 hours of TV and radio broadcasts including 6,000 hours of local broadcasts. Also has a historical archive of ads going back to the 1950s and more than 3,000 images.

News Content Analysis Through Google
Though limited in scope, Google can be used to do one type of news content analysis.

Perspectives on the ROI of Media Relations Publicity Efforts
Three experts look at different approaches to measuring media coverage and establishing the business value of coverage.   W

The Media Reality Check: A New Approach to Content Analysis
A MetLife/Echo Research case study illustrates how content analysis can be used to analysis old and craft new messaging.

The State of the News Media
Annual report of the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism provides valuable insight. Of special note, see the “Content Analysis” sections for each media type.   W

Turning News Into Knowledge
MediaMiser’s blog has valuable insights into news and content analysis.   W

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
World’s most extensive archive of national TV network news. Searches are free and programs and  material can be ordered onsite for a fee.   W

What is Content Analysis?
Definition of content analysis and some of its key features.

Writing a Media Analysis
Doug Gould reviews how to do an effective media analysis.

Yes, You CAN Measure “Traditional Media”
Danny Brown says so.