Communication Audits

Communication audits are an important PR research tool and strategic planning resource. We’ve researched some of the best audit how-tos and also gathered a few good templates and reports to use as a guide. Think audits, think PR strategy.

Other PR Research resources you may like:  Media Monitoring Tips, News Content Analysis, PR Measurement Tips & Best Practices and PR Research ToolsSites with  W are PR Coach “winners.” Note, some links are pdf or other larger documents, so patience may be needed to view them.

Auditing Your Communications for Impact
Lisa Junker shares how AIHA planned and carried out its audit as well as some valuable lessons learned.

Basic Tools for DIY: How to Conduct a Social Media Audit
Here are the basic tools to do your own social media audit.

Communications Audit
A handy list of key questions to ask before starting your audit. From Full Circle Associates.

Protect Your Privacy

Communications Audit: Baltimore County Public Schools
This is an exceptional, thorough communications audit worth studying. Provides an excellent model for PR strategists.   W W

Communication Audit: How Can It Help You
Brenda Townsend Hall looks at audits and how they can help you develop strategy.

Communications Audit: Why and How to Do It
12 sharp PR communication audit tips by Margaret McGann.

Communications Audit Result Worksheet
This audit worksheet and template will help you assess many communications materials.

Communications Audit: why and how to do it
12 tips on how to conduct a communications audit from Margaret McGann.  W

Communication Audits
Three useful communication audit templates: survey outline, materials and assessment.

Communications Audits: How Effectively Are You Communicating?
Why audit communications? Learn what’s in an audit and how to carry one out from Susan Scott.

Communications Audits: Media Analysis
Media analysis can provide valuable insight as part of a communications audit.

Communication Audits: The Key to Building World Class Communication
Evaluation plays a critical role in success write Dennis Tourish and Owen Hargie. What gets measured gets done.

Communication Evaluation Guidelines
Here’s a series of potential measurement tools and strategies to evaluate communication.

Conducting a Comprehensive Communications Audit
This paper looks in-depth at the six key steps to carrying out a communications audit.

First Step in Strategic Communications Planning: Communications Audits
Learn how to plan a communication audit from Gayle Thorsen.

Get Started on Your Communication Audit
What can an audit tell you? Where do you start? What can an audit include?  Learn more from Karen Vahouny.

How to carry out internal communication audits 
Rachel Miller shares a quick guide to internal communication audits.

How to Conduct a Communication Audit – And Why
“Here are six ways to get the most out of your budget and how to do a communication audit.

How to do a communications audit
Simple five-step process is described.

How to Do a Communication Audit as a Creative Project is a
Bernie Gonzalez provides seven tips to starting an audit, six steps to planning and suggestions for a report outline.

Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Security – Communication Strategy 2006
This plan is an excellent example of strategy resulting from a communication audit. Nicely tied together and worth studying.

Management as Target Audience: Triangular Communications
PR has a key role with management and target audiences in planning and carrying out a communications audit.

Organizational Communications Audit as Foundation of Successful Campaign
4 Hoteliers article outlines the steps in a comprehensive communications audit with an emphasis on employees in a time of change.

Prosci’s Communication Checklist
An excellent checklist to guide communication and useful as an audit or benchmarking tool.   W

Ten Steps for Conducting a Communications Audit
A brief but useful set of tips to guide your audit.

The Fine Art of the Communications Audit
This Australian study provides insight and suggests communicators should focus on helping senior management communicate better rather than worry about “tools.”

Triangular Communications: The Who, Why and How
Williams/Dozier study proposes that management be a key audience in any communications audit. Results show positive outcomes.