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The web has exceptional public relations professional development tools, publications and info for individuals, PR pros, business owners and those at any stage of their PR career. From professional and industry organizations to ethics, articles, PR professional development resources and thoughtful insights from the best PR thinkers, we’ve gathered it all right here for your learning and review.

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10 Lists Every Public Relations Professional Can Learn From
Valerie Simon shares her favorite lists for PR people.

10 Tips to Become a More Successful PR Pro
Smart thinking and great advice for young PR pros.

10 ways to build your personal PR brand
Basic profile building tips using social media.

14 Key Attributes For New Public Relations Professionals
Dave Fleet shares 14 qualities that today’s PR pro will need to be a winner.

APR Fans Rout Unbelievers at Assembly
PRSA: APR or A PR debate covered by O’Dwyer’s.

Academics vs. Practitioners: Can PublicRelations truly be in the public interest?
Interesting debate.

Accredited in Public Relations [APR]
PRSA’s APR designation is recognized as a rigorous mark of PR achievement. Learn more.

Advice and Perspective
What’s PR’s role in a world of integrated communications?

Advice for Young PR Pros
Six good tips.

An Updated Look at the Impact of Social Media on Public Relations Practice
2009 study by Donald Wright examines the impact of blogs and social media on PR. In a nutshell, it’s dramatic!

Are We Doing It to Ourselves?
Thoughtful public relations insight from PR Breakfast Club on the challenge of doing our job and keeping up with demands.

Arthur W Page Society
A professional association for senior public relations and corporate executives looking to enhance the profession. See the Hall of Fame speeches, articles and white papers for thoughtful insight. W

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
AEJMC’s Public Relations Division advances PR teaching, research and professional freedom.

Association for Women in Communications
AWC celebrated 100 years in 2009. Good blog and other resources.

Authentic PR
My friend and PR CEO Tom Gable highlights great examples of “authentic” public relations and occasionally not-so-great ones. W

Back to the future: Is strategic management (re)emerging as public relations’ dominant paradigm?
An interesting academic paper by McDonald/Hebbani that traces PR history to re-emergence of PR as a strategic function.

Belgian Public Relations Consultants Association
BPCRA has a member directory and resources.

Beyond Integrated Marcomms: The Next Frontier for Digital
Thoughtful at the PR future from Debra Caplick.

“Beyond ‘PR’: Redefining the Role of Public Relations”
Harold Burson’s 1990 Distinguished Lecture to IPR is still inspiring and still relevant today.  W

Burson-Marsteller: The Future of Public Relations [Video 1:56]
Harold Burson and Mark Penn talk about trends and the future of PR.   W

Canadian Public Relations Society

CPRS is a Canadian professional organization with some resources open to non-members.

Center for Communication
CFC is an independent media forum designed to bridge the gap between the communications industry and schools.

Changing Communication: Front Line Workers Over Leaders
PR trends to watch.

Changing Name of Public Relations
A brief historical look at the evolution of the changing face of PR.

Chartered Institute of Marketing
UK-based CIM provides leading marketing industry information, standards and resources.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations [UK]
Excellent member CIPR resources and some available to the public. W

China Learns the Yin and Yang of PR
According to Gawker, China just can’t get this PR thing.

Closing the door on the gatekeeper role in PR
Thoughtful Heather Yaxley post.

Confessions of a Spin Doctor
Several years ago PR Watch ran this story about a disaffected young “spin doctor.” Still provocative. W

Conversations with 18 PR Rock Stars
Arik Hanson shares 18 interviews with leading PR pros who each share valuable insights.  W

A fun virtual corner bar for PR people featuring news, gossip and resources.

Corporate Communication International
CCI is a global center for corporate communication information and knowledge.

Council of Public Relations Firms
The Council represents leading PR firms and maintains some of the best industry material available, many to non-members. Excellent resource! W

Did the Public Relations Industry Miss the Cluetrain?
With social media, PR has the chance to develop multi-relationships.

Do Journalists Need PR People Any More?
Provocative question. The answer is yes says Jeremy Porter, with some qualifiers. Like, are you valuable? W

Don’t Confuse Media Relations With Public Relations
Connecting with media is important but social media has re-ignited the need for connecting with all “publics.”

Edward Bernays: On Propaganda and Public Relations [Video 7:54]
Interesting, historical look tying Bernays and propaganda to public relations and promotion of products.   W

Edward Bernays: The Ultimate Propagandist – National History Day 2009
[Video 9:57]
Video Icon A history of Bernays’ career and success as a PR icon and fabled propagandist.

Ethics and Public Relations
An excellent overview of ethics in public relations, thoughts of ethicists and best practices from IPR by Shannon Bowen.

European agency association offers research, member materials and Euro PR news.

Everything I know about PR I learned in the circus
This is a fun post by Amanda Horn with a lot of truth mixed in with the observations.

Excellence Theory in Public Relations
Good article on PR excellence theory by Dr James Grunig.

Excellent leadership in Public Relations: A question of experience and the PR practitioner
This study focuses on the important qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership practitioners.

Four Things That Only Took Me Five Years to Learn
Retiring IPR President Frank Ovaitt reflects on four important ideas he learned while leading IPR.

Freud’s Nephew and the Origins of Public Relations
NPR radio show examines the story of Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, credited with being the father of PR.

Global Alliance
This umbrella organization links PR and communications professionals around the globe. Features international news, PR resources, training and more.

Global Public Relations
An indepth look at global PR trends, best practices and growth from IPR.

Guys! Want to Meet Girls? Go Into PR
Fun post from Kate Ottavio about the 70%/30% ratio of women to men in PR.

HK Public Relations Professionals Association
Resources for Hong Kong PR pros. See the newsletter for happenings.

Has PR Become a ‘Lightning Rod of Mistrust’?
In PR, reputation matters.

Hispanic Public Relations Association
Founded in 1984, HPRA professional organization for hispanic PR professionals.

How Big Is Public Relations (and Why Does It Matter)?
Public relations has a $48 billion impact on the US economy according to this 2007 IPR study.

How Public Relations Works
Article looks at basic PR and how it works, what PR people do, media relations, crises and careers.

How Real Time Communications Drives Measurable ROI at Fortune 100 Companies 
David Meerman Scott looks at companies that do, and do not, respond in “real time.”

How Well Do You Know Your Acronyms?
Think you’re smart? See how many communications and PR acronyms you know.

Institute for Public Relations
IPR focus is PR research and education. See the Conversations blog for news.  W

Institute of Internal Communicators
IoIC is focused on internal communications best practices.

Institute of Public Relations Malaysia
IPRM is a PR reource for Malaysia.

Institute of Public Relations of Singapore
All about PR in Singapore.

International Association of Business Communicators
IABC is a substantial professional resource for specialists in business communications and PR. W

International Communications Association – Public Relations Division
Networking, PR research and collaboration within this division of ICA.

International Communications Consultancy Organization
ICCO is the voice of more than 1000 agencies around the world. Global view and strong opinion pieces.

International Public Relations Association
IPRA is an association representing international agencies. Has many good PR resources freely available.

Is PR Dead?
PR is not dead, but it better reinvent itself fast writes Brian Halligan.

Is Public Relations in the Public Interest?
Interesting debate and great question!

Lies and Secrets: The currency of public relations
Heather Yaxley dishes.

Lois Whitman Now an Unwilling Case Study in How Not to Do PR
Infamous PR spammer Whitman gets more bashing from TechCrunch.

Mapping PR Competencies
Patrick Kahnert’s study identified 22 technical and behavioural core competencies. Still very relevant if you add knowledge of social media. W

Marking the 100th Anniversary of the PR Profession’s Identity Crisis
Psychoanalysts need not apply LOL.

Meet Lois Whitman, The Poster Child for Everything Wrong With PR
More damn the PR from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, but justified and entertaining, especially the comments.

Micro Interactions in PR
Conversation Agent and blogger Valeria Maltoni looks thoughtfully at PR, social media and their interactions.

“Mini-Me” History: Public Relations from the Dawn of Civilization
Don Bates authored this mini-PR US-focused history for the Institute of Public Relations. This 27-page paper is well worth reading by all!  W

Misguided and Irrelevant
That’s the verdict on PR practitioners by media in a recent post by Peter Himmler at The Flack. Ouch!

Most Dangerous Ideas About the Future of Public Relations [Video 1:59]
PR leaders talk about the challenges of social media convergence with PR.

Museum of Public Relations
The museum has five fascinating exhibits on PR pioneers Bernays, Kendrix, Byoir, Page and Burger.

National Association of Government Communicators
NAGC membership links you to other city, county, state and federal communicators. Most helpful are the job postings and publications.

National Black Public Relations Society
Established in 1987, NBPRS is a national PR organization for black professionals.

National Council for Marketing and Public Relations
NCMPR represents 1500+ members in marketing and PR for community and technical colleges.

National Federation of Press Women
DC headquartered offers members practical resources, networking and services for those in diverse communications jobs.

National Investor Relations Institute
Founded in 1969, NIRI offers IR specialists a rich set of resources, news, publications and member services.

National School Public Relations Association
NSPRA is an organization for school PR professionals. Members get access to excellent resources.

National School Public Relations Association
US-based NSPRA has tips, pro-D info and more for members and non-members. - Immediate Delivery

New Media, New Influencers and Implications for Public Relations
Research paper from IPR and the Society for New Communications research looks at: new influencers; new relationships; use of new media; and results from a number of case studies. Valuable insight. W

New Media PR: From Reactive to Proactive to Interactive
Valeria Maltoni highlights the move from reactive to interactive and suggests the importance of listening and trend spotting. W

On-line Readings in Public Relations
Former professor Michael Turney offers a list of useful articles and readings from his earlier PR courses.

On the Record Online
Source for superb PR podcasts on every topic.  W W

Page Turner
Interesting blog of the Arthur W Page Society.

PR 2.0? Inspiration first. Technology last.
Best social media advice? Forget the noise. Find the inspiration.

PR Avalanche: Google Gives Way to Social Search
Big impact for public relations and content marketing.  W

PR Coalition Endorses Internet Ethics Code
Here’s an internet code of ethics from the PR Coalition of the Arthur W Page Society.

PR Conversations
A thoughtful blog by authors looking to engage in reflections and debate on the PR profession.  W

PR Does Not Stand for Press Release (and Other Misconceptions)

PR Is So Easy that Even a Caveman Can Do It
Or not!

PR pros: 10 reasons to get your APR
Why it matters.

PRSAY is a forum for PRSA members and other PR professionals.

PR GAP Study – Strategic Public Relations Center
USC Annenberg’s 5th Annual Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) study is becoming a respected PR industry benchmarking tool. This Executive Summary has highlights.

PR Gone Bad: How to Anger Bloggers and Hose Your Client
Jonathan Fields recounts a pitch that goes from bad to the worst example of pitching. Yikes! W

PR Management Data Source – USC Annenberg
PRMD is a valuable database maintained by the Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center at USC. Aimed at providing data of use to senior PR decision-makers. W

PR manager is the 5th-most-stressful job in America
You knew that, right?

PR Professional of the Future [Video 3:40]
Insights by PR industry leaders who talk about the PR pros of the future. Produced by PR Week and Ogilvy PR.   W W

PR Thought Leader Richard Edelman [Video 7:28]
A thoughtful interview with Edelman on trends and the future of PR on DS Simon’s VLog.   W

Pioneers in Public Relations
Somewhat whimsical list of “PR” pioneers by Ron Smith (Buffalo State) including Samuel Adams, Phineas T Barnum, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Edward Bernays, Carl Byoir, Harold Burson and more.

Please Recommend a PR 2.0 Champion
Deirdre Breakenridge shares eight PR practice areas worth considering:

Practice is Essential to Top Performance in PR
Jeremy Porter offers some great tips on PR performance.

Preparation and Education for Public Relations
As the range and scope of PR expands, so must its education and skills of practitioners writes Michael Turney.

PRism Online Journal
PRism is a free, peer-reviewed, online, annual public relations and research journal.

Public Affairs Council
PAC is the leading international organization for public affairs professionals.

Public relations as a promotional industry
Heather Yaxley’s PR insight is worth reading. W

Public Relations Excellence 2010
The Third Annual Grunig Lecture Series is rich in ideas and thoughtful about the future of the PR profession.

Public Relations Consultants Association of India
This Indian PR group has useful market info and resources.

Public Relations Consultants Association [Ireland]
Now this is green public relations.

Public Relations Consultants Association [UK]
PRCA represents the PR profession in the UK. Many excellent resources, some available to the public. W

Public Relations in the Recession: Good News
The Economist reports PR is doing well thanks to other firms misfortunes, budget challenges and social media expansion resulting in 3% US revenue gain to $3.7 billion in 2009.   W

Public Relations Institute of Australia
Australia’s PRIA provides many useful PR resources for non-members. Put some shrimp on the barbie while you browse. W

Public Relations Institute of New Zealand
PRINZ represents NZ PR professionals.

Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa
PR news and member info for South Africa professionals.

Public Relations Is About Reputation, Not SEO
A good post from Stuart Bruce about the definition of PR along with some thoughtful visitor comments as well.

Public Relations Management
Online 32-slide presentation worth viewing.

Public Relations Society of America
PRSA is the PR professional organization of choice. Many resources for members and some for those interested.

Public Relations Society of Japan
This site is all about PR in Japan.

Public Relations Society of Kenya
PR in the land of Obama’s heritage.

Public Relations Society of the Philippines
The PR association for the Philippines.

Public Relations Students Society of America
With more than 20,000 members in 122 chapters, PRSSA is loaded with resources for students; note the news archives.

Publicity Club of Chicago
Established in 1941, PCC has a variety of articles worth reading, tips and tactics to help professionals get results.

Reflections on PR from the Old Guard
Jon Greer points to a PR Week video featuring thoughts of four PR leaders: Harold Burson, Daniel Edelman, Al Golin and David Finn. W

Reputation Institute
Sharing research and knowledge of reputation management and best practices. Excellent Knowledge Center. W

Richard Edelman: Public Relations Must Evolve, or Get Left Behind
Richard Edelman’s PRSA 2011 speech is thoughtful and inspiring.

Seven Predictions for the Future of PR
Rob Brown’s public relations prognostications are worth noting.

Six Principles of Public Relations: But First Develop a Spine
Great principles but bring some backbone writes Kami Huyse.

Some Thoughts on the Current State of the Public Relations Industry
Thoughtful post on challenges ahead by Ben Silverman.

Sound Bite
Amusing item on sound bites.

Springing Into Spin: The History of PR
Interview with professor Stuart Ewen looks back at history of PR and notable figures including Ivy and John D Rockefeller, Edward Bernays, AT&T and big tobacco.

Steve Rubel on Trends in Public Relations [Video 2:28]
Rubel talks about three emerging digital trends that will impact public relations.   W

Survey Reveals Media Channel Lines Continue to Blur

A 2009 Ketchum/USC Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center study highlights important shifts in media channels including increased fragmentation, blurred lines between media channels and significant growth in social media. W

Swedish Public Relations Association
SPRSA has Swedish PR news and information.

The APR Is Overrated. There, I Said It
Don’t agree with PR Princess but decide for yourself.

The Difference Between PR and Publicity
Nice post by Seth Godin.

The Father of Spin: Edward L Bernays & the Birth of PR
This book review comes from the left wing group SourceWatch and is an interesting read and point of view.

The Future of PR: Hold the Bernays
John Doyle’s has a thoughtful public relations post.

The Nine Lives of Public Relations
Social media is not causing the demise of PR. Michael Cherenson adds 10 reasons why PR should drive the social media bus.

The Page Principles
Here are seven principles that guided Arthur W Page in his business and they make an important foundation for any PR pro to follow. W

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations
Strives to bridge the gap between education and practice. Exceptional PR resources including video interviewers with legends and thought leaders, opinion pieces and an excellent blog – Public Relations Out Loud.  W

The PR Industry Can’t Help Itself
OUCH! Geoff Livingstone calls public relations a “comedy of errors.” W

The PR Puzzle: Will They Ever Trust Us? 
Here’s public relations’ biggest challenge. W

The Reality of PR: Smile, Dial, Name Drop, Pray.
Michael Arrington at TechCrunch basically says PR sucks. Of course “bad” PR sucks. Whatever.

The Trends That Will Power Public Relations in 2010
Planning for next year? Mary Fletchers Jones highlights the trends that will impact PR the most. W

The Truth about PR and the Spin Crowd
Fun look at the TV image of PR.

The Value of Earning an APR Certificate for PR Pros
The top three reasons why accreditation is smart PR.

The War on Truth: The Secret Battle for the American Mind
Derrick Jensen interviews PR Watch’s John Stauber who viciously attacks PR for hijacking public policy and a long list of society’s woes.

Three Phases of Public Relations Development
Here’s Michael Turney’s take on the three key phases of PR development: publicity, explanatory and mutual satisfaction phases.

Top 10 Online Communication and Public Relations Master’s Degree Programs of 2013
Useful list to help you research online PR programs.

Toward a New Profession: Brand, Constituency and Eminince on the Global Commons
IBM’s Jon Iwata gave the 2009 IPR keynote speech and outlined his view of the future for the PR profession.

Train or Perish
Jeremy Pepper looks at the importance of training and cites an example.

Trend Hunting is Not a Fad Anymore: Welcome to “I Am Source” PR
Richard Laermer provides an excellent look ahead at the role PR must play as a go-to source spotting trends, pointing to innovations and sharing essential information.   W

Universal (APR) Accreditation Board
Valuable resources for those planning to write their APR accreditation. See the detailed study guide and online APR study course.  W W

Updated Online Public Relations Study Resource for APR Candidates Available
A free APR study guide and other resources are available from UAB.  W

Web Content Marketing & the PR Evolution
Are you pumped or petrified at the impact of social media on public relations? Jen Byck has a thoughtful post.

Weekly Radio Spin
Weekly podcast targets PR “spin”. Fun, unless you’re the target. May be discontinued due to lack of funding but see archives.

What Does PR Mean to You?
Jeff Esposito asks a thoughtful question.

What Is Public Relations? Common Definitions and Resources on PR for Business
Good list from CommPro. W

What’s the Best PR Advice You Ever Received?
Good read and good advice.

What PR Companies Are Doing Wrong
Here’s a look at the new PR and the old confused PR.

What the History of PR Can Teach Us
Prof Tom Watson offers an interesting look at PR history.

Whatever Happened to Traditional PR?
Gone social.

Which New Media Skills Do PR People Need to Compete?
According to Jon Greer at Catching Flack, the must-have skills include HTML, CMS, “new” newswire tools, online databases, video and blogger relations. W

Why Do the Image-Makers Have a Bad Image?
David Reich wonders why PR has a bad image.

Why PR’s Future May Not Look like PR
Thoughtful PR visual perspective.  W

Why the Public Doesn’t Understand Public Relations
Lots of reasons why PR is misunderstood and some compelling ways PR people can help the public “get us” from Craig Miyamoto.

Wikipedia — Public Relations
Here’s public relations references and info from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

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