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PR Jobs Created by Perfect Storm of Social Media, Business, Retirement

PR Job Hunters Need New Search Strategies for Success

(Oct 12, 2011) – A ‘perfect storm’ of social media, business hiring to stay competitive and retirements has created new public relations job opportunities said the author of a new book PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide.

“The PR profession is showing strong job growth but PR job hunters need to adopt proactive new social media strategies if they’re going to find the hidden jobs in this economy,” said Jeff Domansky, CEO of Peak Communications Inc and author of the new job seeker’s guide.

He said PR job opportunities are growing despite the challenging economy:

  • 24% growth in PR jobs forecast by 2018
  • 93% increase in PR job listings (Nov 2009 – May 2011)
  • 307% more “social media marketing” job listings (Nov 2009 – June 2011)
  • 34% of PR professionals will reach retirement age in the next four to seven years.

“PR job hunters must source these difficult-to-find job openings and they must also make a special effort to be found easily in social media,” Domansky said. “This requires a whole new approach to using social media, managing your online profile and responding quickly to job openings in a very competitive environment.”

According to Domansky, many businesses downsized their PR and marketing too severely during the recession. Now they are hiring and trying to regrow and remain competitive by adding new PR talent to manage their new social media programs.

Several factors define the new reality faced by job seekers in public relations, marketing and other professions:

  • the average time to find a job in the US is now 39.7 weeks
  • 52% of new graduates found their first job through social media
  • 60% of new hires are made through personal connections and 37% of jobs are found through networking and not in job listings
  • 91% of employers check online profiles as part of their hiring process
  • 69% have rejected a candidate based on their social media profiles for a variety of online sins.

Domansky said his new book will help PR job hunters find the best PR industry job sites, learn how to create more effective resumes and online portfolios, network better online and offline and navigate new social media channels to find more job opportunities. The book also includes a 14-day blueprint and guide for PR job hunting strategies.

His best advice for job hunters? Keep using traditional PR job search strategies and add in the powerful advantages of social media.

“That’s really a touchstone for the PR profession today. The PR pros in biggest demand have a foundation in traditional PR and the knowledge and skills to manage social media and attract employers and recruiters,” he added.

PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide (ISBN 978-0-9877408-0-9) was written by Jeff Domansky, an APR-accredited PR agency CEO and consultant with more than 25 years experience. He is also editor of the popular The PR Coach blog and website The 165-page book is now available in downloadable eBook format through website and will be available in Kindle and print in November 2011.

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