PR Job Hunters Fact Sheet

PR Job Hunters Fact Sheet

These PR job facts were developed for PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide by Jeff Domansky.

PR Job Facts:

  • 24% growth in PR jobs by 2018 US Dept of Labor
  • 94% increase in PR job listings (Nov 2009 – May 2011)
  • 307% increase in “social media marketing” job listings (Nov 2009 – June 2011)
  • 34% of PR professionals may retire in the next four to seven years Canadian Public Relations Society
  • $51,280 median PR salary US Dept of Labor
  • 275,000 employees in PR in US including 132,000 PR specialists and 64,000 PR managers US Dept of Labor
  • more than 7,000 US PR agencies

Social Media Job Facts:

  • 52% PR students and graduates found jobs using social media tools Vox-Pop
  • 91% of employers check online social media profiles of candidates Reppler
  • 69 % of recruiters have eliminated candidates based on online screening results Reppler
  • 85% of recruiters Google candidates Wall Street Journal

Job-Search Realities:

  • traditional resumes double your chances of an interview Jan Ketil Arnulf
  • less than 1% of employers keep resumes on file Christine Farmer
  • 60% of new hires are based on personal connections UC Davis Graduate School of Management
  • only one interview is given for every 245 resumes reviewed Georgia Department of Labor
  • the average time required to find a job today is 39.7 weeks (June 3, 2011) The New York Times
  • 100% of interviewers expect a thank you note Christine Farmer

PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide

by Jeff Domansky, 165 pages, October 2011, ISBN 978-0-9877408-0-9
See the book description, PR jobs infographic and Table of Contents

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