Top PR Bloggers

Top PR bloggers

230+ top PR bloggers

Here’s a list of what we consider the Top Public Relations Blogs with a brief description, in their own words, of what makes each blogger unique, influential or why you might want to follow these leading PR pundits.

Sort of a PR blogger blogroll if you will. We just passed 230, so there’s lots of quality PR blogging going on!

Many of the top PR blogs have insights on social media and other topics in addition to PR.  Blogs are listed below alphabetically as Individual Blogs or PR Agency Blogs if they are a group blog. Any that are just too self-promotional are not included. And you’ll find a few up and comers worth following too.

You may also like our list of Best Social Media Bloggers for PR to follow as well as our PR News blogs where you can keep tabs on the industry. And, the PR Coach’s own blog  This Just In… will also keep you current weekly. For even more current blogging tips and resources, check out the Public Relations and Social Media Insight page by Jeff Domansky on It features thousands of current social media tips, tactics and strategy links, updated daily.

Top Individual PR Bloggers

2M Communications Ink – thoughtful posts from Margaret McGann on crisis, media relations, more.

A Gould Standard – Rick Gould writes about profitable agency management.

A PR Guy’s Musings – musings on business, public relations, social media, word of mouth marketing and politics by UK guy Stuart Bruce.

A View from Silicon Valley – ramblings from Next Fifteen CEO Tim Dyson.

AlexanderG Whiz PR Blog – Alex Greenwood blogs on PR.

Analytics is King | Content is Queen – Chuck Hemann on social media, measurement and more.

APRwriter– 140 characters or 140 words….it’s all about the message from Debra Bethard-Caplick.

Authentic PR – occasional blog from PR consultant Tom Gable.

Bad Pitch Blog – Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer seek out and share bad PR pitches. And there are many.

Barnett on PR – Ned Barnett blogs on public relations and marketing and how to make them more effective with a 35+ year perspective in the biz.

Beyond PR – PR Newswire
PR Newswire has a frequent blog on PR and media relations.

Blogging Me Blogging You – Ed Lee blogs on PR and social media from Toronto.

Brendan Cooper –  is your friendly, social media-savvy freelance writer who often covers PR.

Canuck Flack – Canuck Colin Ellard blogs on design, marketing, retail quirks, government communications and oddities.

Catching Flack – Jon Greer blogs about doing PR better, how the media is changing and how social media is evolving.

CisionBlog – Cision’s corporate blog aims at media relations and communications professionals.

Client Service Insights – was all about client service excellence by Leo Bottary; now inactive though archive is still available.

Clients from Hell – a collection of entertaining anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers but it works for PR too.

Communications AMMO! – Sean Williams writes about effective communications, public relations, reputation management, internal communications and more.

Communication Overtones – Kami Huyse covers social media and public relations strategy.

Communications Catalyst – follow David Mullen on PR, integrated communications and social media.

Communications Conversations – Arik Hanson on social media and communications.

ComPRehension – PRSA’s guest bloggers provide PR insight and public relations conversation.

Constructive Grumpiness – humble revelations and renovations surrounding marketing, technology, design from Len Kendall.

Corporate Hallucinations – funny guy, storyteller and communications consultant Steve Crescenzo writes here.

Crisis Manager – Jonathan Bernstein writes expertly on crisis and management.

Crisisblogger – for crisis managers and communicators from Gerald Baron.

Danny Brown – talks about PR, social media and marketing.

Dave Fleet – carries on conversations at the intersection of communications, PR and social media. – the intersection of social media utility and interest.

DebbieWeil – writes on social media, writing and blogging.

Diary of an Internal Communicator – Rachel Miller’s very useful internal comms blog.

Digital Marketing Mercenary – Steve Farnsworth says things on smart social marketing  for smart companies.

Don’t Eat the Shrimp – Josh Morgan’s take on PR, social media and marketing.

Drew Kerr’s PR Rock and Roll – Kerr takes care of business in the public relations world.

Flack Life – pithy commentary on the public relations industry by Canuck Bob LeDrew.

Flack Me – Doug Bedell has a good time flacking and blogging.

Flack’s Revenge – Bob Geller covers PR, social media and technology.

Get in Front Communications Blog – Susan Young is always in front on the communications front.

Get Social PR – If it’s social PR, Rodger Johnson covers it.

Harold Burson’s Blog – legendary Burson blogs on PR.

Heather Yaxley – Greenbanana views of public relations and more from UK-based Yaxley.

Higher and Higher – PR pro Petya Georgieva writes on communications from Bulgaria.

Ideas, Imagination & Stuff – Ryan Peal rambles on and lifestreams about creativity. - Immediate Delivery

In Defense of Public Relations – usually enjoyable, anonymous posts from prdude.

Influential Marketing Blog – reflections on creating compelling marketing, advertising and PR strategy by Rohit Bhargava.

Inklings – Beth Monaghan and teammates blog on PR and social media.

Ishmael’s Corner – Lou Hoffman is all about storytelling through a business prism. W

Jeff Esposito – steady and strategically wins the race in communications and community building according to Jeff Esposito.

Journalistics – a blog about journalism and PR by Jeremy Porter.

KD Paine’s PR Measurement Blog – KD Paine blogs about PR measurement, research and evaluation.

Kel Kelly Blog – Kel Kelly offers no-BS commentary on breaking news, public relations and more.

KirkHazlett-APRofessor’s Thoughts – musings of a PR pro and a voice of deep experience.

Legends of Aerocles – PR,social media,  marketing, advertising, TV, music, randomness, poetry, philosophy by David Teicher.

Media Culpa – An eye on PR in Stockholm.

Media Mindshare – news media, technology and media relations from Michael Tangeman.

Media Orchard – Scott Baradell blogs on strategic public relations.

Media Relations – Jeri Cartwright offers unique news, professional pondering and irreverent humor on the  media relations and PR profession.

MediaShift – PBS’s Mark Glaser guides readers on the digital revolution.

Mediations – Philip Young comments on public relations, journalism and communication ethics, often in the context of social media.

Meet the Media – Paul Stallard’s technology PR agency blog.

Mengel Musings – Amy Mengel muses on PR, communications, marketing and social media.

Message & Medium – Chris Nahil watches over marketing and communications, issues and ideas.

Method + Moxie – communications with passion and purpose from Narciso Tovar.

MetricsMan – Don Bartholomew shares insight and opinions on the ast changing world of social media, public relations research and measurement

Monday Morning Media Minute – weekly media tips you can read in a minute or so by Jerry Brown.

Mopwater PR + Media Notes – Amanda Miller Littlejohn blogs on PR, new media, and online communications. Make sure to see the PR 2.0 Toolbox.

Morgan McLintic on PR – views on public relations in the Silicon Valley.

Mr Media Training – Brad Phillips provides consistent, excellent media training tips and advice!

Murphy’s Law – Tom Murphy blogs about PR and other things.

My 2 Cents – musings on marketing, media, public relations…and life by David Reich.

My (PR) Palette – Martin Waxman waxes on PR, media, blogging, ideas and other things social.

My Three Cents – NY PR agency CEO Ken Makovsky is always topical and insightful. – UK-based Hobson covers business, communication and technology.

New York Public Relations – reports on boutique lifestyle and entertainment PR firms in NYC.

Next Communications – Richie Escovedo blogs on conversations and communities. - Immediate Delivery

O’Dwyer’s Blog – covering PR, public affairs, marketing and the world of communications.

One Guy’s Journey – Jason Mollica’s place to talk about life, career and everything in between…

Online Public Relations Thoughts – Jim Horton blogs on public relations and communications ideas and trends.

Open (finds, minds, conversations) – Antony Mayfield on social media and more.

Page Turner Blog – blog of the Arthur W Page Society.

Paull Young PR – Aussie Paull Young blogs about PR, social media and changes in communications.

PerkettPRsuasion – Christine Perkett covers PR and social media with enthusiasm.

Peter Shankman – business and PR guy, HARO creator, entrepreneur and CEO comments on PR, social media and more.

Phil’s Blogservations – Phil Gomes writes about PR and media matters and a variety of other topics.

Platform Online Magazine –  Public relations out loud for public relations students, educators and practitioners seeking to provide interactive content, encouraging ethical practice and enhanced leadership.

POP! PR Jots – Jeremy Pepper blogs on PR from sunny CA.

PR 2.0 – Brian Solis writes about social media, PR and the future of communication.

PR 2.0 Strategies – Deirdre Breakenridge looks at how social media is re-inventing the aging business of PR.

PR Blog – Dennis Rutzou writes about public relations from a small agency CEO point of view.

PRBlogNews – Mark Rose covers PR 2.0 practices and how PR agencies are adapting to the revolution in social media.

PRBreakfastClub – a chance to start the day off right with this PR collective.

PR Communications – Marketing guy John Cass writes about corporate blogging, PR, marketing, social media and the internet.

PR Conversations – a collaborative blog with global opinions on public relations and its impact on society.

PR Daily News – this daily PR aggregator captures news, blogs and top articles from around the web.

PR Disasters – PR disasters, spin doctors and reputation management gone wrong, served up by Gerry McCusker.

PR Diva – Aliah Davis-McHenry writes about PR and features guest bloggers

prexamples – Rich Leigh and his guest bloggers share the best PR stunts and campaigns from the UK and around the world.

PR in Pink – Krista Poplau puts pink into PR with thoughtful writing.

PR in Your Pajamas – Elena Verlee writes about practical publicity for entrepreneurs.

PR Insights – this is Jeff Domansky’s curation blog with a daily selection of top PR reading.

PR Meets Marketing – Cece Salmon Lee on PR and marketing

PR Newser – though it’s a PR blog under the Media Bistro umbrella, it’s on the list as one of the best daily PR reads.

PR Rag – journalist John Guilfoil on all the news that’s fit to spin.

PR Studies – this is Richard Bailey’s PR education blog.

PRTini – 1 part real-life PR, 1-part pop culture, 1-part politics…shaken, not stirred by Heather Whaling.

PR Twits – PR tips and tactics curated on this Tumblr blog by Jeff Domansky.

PR Warrior – Comments on PR, marketing web 2.0 and more from Trevor Young in Australia.

PR Watch –  the Center for Media and Democracy exposes how PR and propagandists manipulate public information, perceptions and opinion on behalf of government and special interests.

PR Workbench by Jack Monson – Monson covers public relations tools and media trends.

Press Release PR – the other Danny Brown follows social media, PR and marketing.

Proactive Report – shifts in the media landscape, social media strategy and online PR by Sally Falkow.

PRO Communicator – tools and tips for public information officers and professional communicators from Kelly Huston.

Pro PR – Agency CEO Joe Thornley blogs on social media and public relations.

Pro PR Tips – quick, practical PR tips from CNET editor Rafe Needleman.

Public Relations Blogger – Ashley Wirthlin provides a free educational public relations resource.

Public Relations & Social Media Insight – Reflections on wider, indepth topics of interest to PR pros curated by Jeff Domansky on this Scoop-it blog.

Public Relations Matters – educator Barbara Nixon blogs on public relations. – a daily aggregation of PR news, tips and articles from around the web.

RepMan – Steve Cody’s take on the importance of a good reputation in a world gone mad.

ReputationXchange – blog by reputation strategist Dr Leslie Gaines-Ross.

Richard Edelman 6 A.M. – big agency CEO blogs on a range of topics.

Ryan Stephens Marketing – frequent Gen Y posts and perspectives.

Seth Godin’s Blog – mostly about marketing but always thing PR should care about; he’s on our list because he’s important and insightful.

SHIFT PR Blog– conversations about PR, social media and marketing.

Socialized PR – Joel Postman is mostly about social media.

Solo PR Pro – a nicely targeted blog for solo PR and marketing pros by Kellye Crane.

Sonny Gill – shines a light on social media.

Sound Advice – Publicist Ariel Hyatt shouts out about new media and publicity for artists.

Special Sauce – Tony Saucier covers marketing, the social web and coffee.

Spinwatch – monitoring of PR and spin by a UK collective.

Spin Sucks – Gini Dietrich keeps an eye on destructive spin. – field notes on public relations and crisis management.

Strategic Public Relations – Kevin Dugan focuses on strategy within integrated marketing communications.

Stuff Journalists Like – a very useful, practical site from journalists Christopher Ortiz and David Young.

Sword and the Script – a blog by Frank Strong on the application of marketing and PR.

The Buzz Bin – musings and analysis on marketing, buzz, and communications by CMT Tanaka.

The Flack – Peter Himler shines a brighter light on the subtle role public relations plays in everyday life.

The Future Buzz – Adam Singer blogs on media, marketing, and PR.

The Holmes Report Blog – news and intelligence for public relations professionals from Paul Holmes.

The Measurement Standard – KD Paine’s blog is all about PR measurement.

The Marketing Journalist – all about the marketing/PR 2.0 world by Cindy Kim.

The PR Coach – Jeff Domansky delivers PR tips, strategies and social media insight.

The PR Situation – PR situations everywhere from Larry Jones.

The Publicity Hound’s Blog – Joan Stewart provides tips, tricks and tools for free publicity.

The Red Pen of Doom
Guy Bergstrom writes about writing, speechwriting, all kinds of writing and PR. Did I mention writing?

The Steve Rubel Lifestream – Steve Rubel gave up his successful blog MicroPersuasion to begin lifestreaming. You can follow him here.

This Just In… – This is Jeff Domansky’s (The PR Coach) blog with PR tips, tools, resources and public relations insight.

Tony Mackey PR – opinions on public relations and news of the day with a sprinkling of sports and politics.

Tough Sledding – Bill Sledzik on public relations and how it affects our lives.

VLog Views – Douglas Simon uses video to help the PR community adapt to changing times.

Web Ink Now – David Meerman Scott writes about marketing and leadership strategies.

What’s Next Blog – breakhrough PR and marketing views from BL Ochman.

Whatever Suits… – PRSA Counselors Academy blog covers ideas, best practices and commentary on the PR industry; now mothballed, archive only.

WiredPRWorks – Barbara Rozgonyi blogs about marketing, branding, PR and social media.

Words of a Broken Mirror – PR and marketing reflections by Alina Popescu.

Wordyard – Scott Rosenberg writes on the war between journalists and bloggers.

Your PR Guy – Rod Johns covers social media PR.


Top PR Agency or Group Blogs

Ampersand – H&K business journal with original communications insights on contemporary business issues.

Beyond Hype – blog of Lois Paul & Partners.

BulletProofBlog – crisis communications from Levick Strategic Communications.

Collective Conversation – Hill & Knowlton’s blog has many contributors on a range of topics chosen from its 40+ blogs.

Gregarious – top notch blog from Gregory | FCA Communications.

Hypertext – Text 100 bloggers on technology and communications.

Media Insights & Crisis Expertise – H&K crisis blog.

Mopwater + Media Notes – an active blog with lots of PR resources and written by MLMG for entrepreneurs and artists looking for practical marketing and PR strategies, best practices and pitching tips.

PepperDigital – Peppercom’s digital team percolates ideas in a digital world.

PerkettPRsuasion – the people at PerkettPR blog on PR and social media. Friday’s Persuasive Picks of the Week worth reading.

PR Breakfast Club – a chance to start the day right with a lively group PR blog.

PR Nonsense – tech trends and other detritus from March Communications.

Reason Enough – a Peppercom blog where it’s business analysts serve as traffic cops at the crossroads of business, media, and public perception.

Virtual Vantage Points – APCO Worldwide’s contributors look at how online discussions impact mainstream debates.

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Crisis & Issues Management – several blogs from various WE authors.

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This PR blogging resource is curated by Jeff Domansky. Follow him on Twitter @ThePRCoach or his curation site Public Relations & Social Media Insight.