Say buddy, can you spare some time? Excuse me Miss, can you spare a minute? We live in the age of distraction and, as Wayne Friedman writes in MediaPost, a recent CRE/Nielsen study highlights the issue for advertisers, marketers, PR pros and social marketers: “Beyond noticing TV ads, the CRE says viewing, defined as total time […]

When it comes to turkey, some things are just too good not to share. Witness the lame duck or should I say sales turkey and marketing mashup I received on the evening before Thanksgiving. The individual’s last name, email, direct phone and LinkedIn link are removed but the lessons about this Thanksgiving Eve roast are […]

What if you brought together one the best-regarded thought leaders in communications and social media with one of the funniest cartoonists? You get a very thoughtful little book with big ideas about people and relationships online and how PR plays a critical role in bringing the two together. And you’d be smiling while you read […]

I guess I’m in a metaphysical mood today. Thinking about writing for the internet, how it’s different,  and finding your own style. So, let’s set the scene… Seth Godin, Lao-Tzu and I walk into Hemingway’s Bar & Grill. Godin says, “I’ll have a Purple Cow.” I say, in my best Homer Simpson salutation, “Beer me.” Lao-Tzu […]

It’s all around us. We’re bombarded by content advice porn from the “experts.” It’s irresistible but like most instant gratification, it’s short-lived. Content is king. Make your copy bite-size and scannable. Run it through your Buzzfeed detector. Oh, and add visuals. They increase readership and response noticeably. After all, aren’t Pinterest and Instagram the next […]

It’s official. Rumpled really is right in style! At least you’d be correct in thinking so if three high-profile, heavy rotation TV commercials are any indication. The TV ads from, Liberty Mutual, and each feature unlikely and atypical spokespeople who remind us more of Columbo, Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson or Lucy Arnaz. Is […]

Imagine you work for the Central Intelligence Agency? Checking your voicemail two months ago via your satellite smartphone, you hear this new assignment: Agent Smith. Your mission today, should you decide to accept, is to plan and launch our new CIA Twitter account. You will have all the resources you need and we recognize the […]

Not every CEO is born to write a blog, but a look at some successful CEO blogs indicate tangible benefits for the businesses involved. For example: In his blog, Craigconnects, the founder of Craigslist actively discusses tech and social media trends in ways that resonate with avid readers. Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s chief evangelist and social […]