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Need links to media?

This page provides links to those wonderful, often-free resources where you can access media contacts, news sources and media lists, essential for your PR and publicity planning, programming and pitching. Perfect and practical.

You’ll find more News Media resources at  Big Media Links, Media & Journalism Trends & Opinion and  Online News Sources. The PR Coach’s blog  This Just In… will also keep you current twice a week.  Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

Sarah Evans moderates this popular media Twitter chat.

14 Free Resources for Building a Media List
Jeremy Porter shares 14 excellent, free resources to help you build your own media lists.   W

2008 Top Newspapers, Blogs & Consumer Magazines
Useful lists and circulations to help plan your media relations strategy.

2009 Top News Outlets: Newspapers, Blogs, Consumer Magazines & Social Networks
BurellesLuce produces these useful circulation reports and makes them available free. Nice.

ABYZ News Links
Global newspaper links and media guide.

All You Can Read
Portal to news from 22,800+ newspapers and magazines around the world.

American Journalism Review
AJR carries news on journalism and the state of US news. Check out its News Sources section for useful links to media by segment.

American Online Columnists
Search 700+ US columnists and cartoonists by name from Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan and Susan Estrich to Herb Caen, Dave Barry and William Safire. So much great writing.   W

Arts & Letters Daily
I love the links to media that are all about thought, ideas and insight. No Sports Illustrated here. Also links to blogs, breaking news and columnists.

Assignment Editor
One of the ‘net’s most extensive media databases and an excellent search tool for PR and communications managers.   W

BBC Audio Interviews
This BBC audio vault is freely searched by interviewee.

Bacon’s Media Database
Database subscription is pricey. Available from Cision/Bacon’s Media Database.

Excellent local, business newspapers in 41 regional markets from Albany to Washington, DC. Searchable news archive.

British Media Online
Links to UK newspapers, magazines, other media and news portals.

British Pathe
Established in 1886, this British archive has wonderful collection of historical newsreel footage; more than 3500 hours of news, sports, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970.   W  W

CBS Radio Stations
Links to 130+ CBS network stations in major US markets and searchable by format as well.

Center for Media and Public Affairs
Thoughtful discourse and insight into media and society, resources and Blook – an excellent blog.

Chronicling America – The Library of Congress
Search and view America’s historic newspapers from 1880 – 1922 online as well as research info on US newspapers from 1690 to the present. A fascinating resource.  W

College Newspapers
Locate college newspapers in the US. Media Guide
Here’s a useful US media list from Search by state, media outlet, journalist’s name. Get full media contacts info including email, phone, and address for print, radio, and TV. Excellent resource.   W W

eZine Search
Database of online publications, search by topic or category.

Easy Media List
Build an inexpensive media list with name, email, phone, fax and mailing address.

FAIR’s Media Contact List
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting shares this excellent list of primary media contacts including network/cable TV, national radio programs and newspapers, news magazines and newswires.   W

Free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade Magazine Subscriptions
While aimed at providing free trade mag subscriptions, is also useful for media list building.

FAIR’s Resource List
Included in Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting’s Resource list are contacts for key alternative and ethnic media, journalism orgs and advocacy groups.   W

Gebbie Press
Gebbie has 24,000+ media sources and CDs or directory can be purchased very reasonably. Also some free, partial data lists.

Use LinkedIn to find and connect with media.

Lists of Magazines offers a valuable media database searchable by audience, country, topic and publisher.   W

Lists of Magazines by Circulation provides useful magazine circulation data for US and other markets.

Free online magazines with easy search in more than 100 categories and enjoyable visual presentation.

Magazine Publishers of America
MPA has many industry resources, research, data and useful search functions.

Many niche magazines are archived and searchable.

Media Channel
As the media watch the world, Media Channel watches the media.

Media History Project
U of Minnesota’s media history project from petroglyphs to pixels. With archive, timelines and quiz, this an enjoyable site to explore.  

Mondo Times – Worldwide Media Directory
Search for free by topic or region from 22,000+ newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and news agencies in 212 countries. Also see inexpensive media list services.   W

Online news directory.

If you like news, you’ll love the Newseum. A fascinating, world-class news museum with exhibits, quiz, virtual tours, newspaper front pages and lots more.   W

Many free resources for use in TV newsrooms and journalism programs.

From business magazines and newspapers to radio and TV, American Journalism Review’s NewsLink provides basic searchable links to US media. A superb, free resource.   W

Search the UK’s leading news portal.

Newspaper Index
Newspapers and front pages from around the globe as well as free trade magazines and a small selection of online TV channels.

Newspaper Mailing Addresses
Get mailing addresses for 3,900+ US newspapers for under $70 as well as other look ups for free.
Lots of media choices including top 100 daily papers, international media, TV, radio, business and more.
More than 12,000 newspapers from around the globe, online and searchable.   W

Old Time Radio
Archive of favorite old time radio programs is the best! Also podcasts in 22 categories from health, lifestyle and entertainment to business, comedy, music and more.    W

Online Newspapers
Thousands of online newspapers at your fingertips.

PBS Programs Search
Search programs for background info, producers and program contacts for dozens of PBS programs.

Search 6300+ online newspapers and view front pages. International and US.

Poynter Online
Poynter Online is all about excellence in journalism. For PR people, it’s one of the best on the net as it explores media issues, journalism training, trends and newsletters of high value.   W  W

Pulitzer Prize Winners
Read background on past and current Pulitzer Prize winners.

Search links by location or format to 10,000+ radio stations and 2,500+ audio streams from the US and around the world.   W

Radio Online
This the radio industry’s “front page” with industry news, research, ratings, air checks and other useful features. Many free resources, some features by inexpensive subscription.   W

Talk Radio Shows: Heavy Hundred
A useful list of 100 top national and regional talk shows for your PR planning.

The State of the News Media 2009
PEW Project for Excellence in Journalism’s 2009 annual report is a “chilling” snapshot for some media. This is essential reading to understand media trends. Traditional circulations and viewers still shrinking and online news still growing. Fascinating reading!   W W

The State of the News Media 2011
This the PEW Project’s latest superb report.  W W 

The State of the News Media 2016
No, this is the latest  superb report from PEW.  WW

Top 50 Technology Blogs to Watch in 2012
Useful media list for you PR techies.

Top 100 US Consumer Magazines
Magazine Publishers of America 2012 circulation figures show consumer mags are holding steady, but just.

Top 100 US Daily Newspapers
Top 100 US papers ranked by circulation from Mondo Times.  W

Top 100 US Magazines
Ranked by circulation with links to magazines from AARP Magazine [23,434,052] to Cottage Living [927,489].

Top 200 Newspapers in the World – Web Ranking
4imn.con ranks the largest newspapers by their web ranking and provides a direct link.

Top Best Business & Finance Magazines, Blogs & Journals
CEOWorld Magazine shares a list of business media and business blogs.

Tyndall Report
Monitors and links to the three network nightly TV newscasts and produces a news analysis that is most interesting. Also features search and archive.   W

US National Business News Media
16 top business media including newspaper, TV,  magazine and web.

US National Media
35 top US national media sites from Mondo Times.

US News Archive on the Web
Search newspaper archive sources by city or newspaper and determine free or cost for material and date or archive.   W

US Newspaper List
US papers by state.

US TV Networks
Network TV stations from NewsLink.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
World’s most extensive archive of US TV network newscasts. Search by topic from 1968 to the present and updated daily. Stories from the collection are available to the public on loan for a fee.  A valuable resource.  

Web Radio Directory
Search by call letters, radio format, state, country and more than 4,000 online radio stations.   W

Wooden Horse Publishing
Current news about magazines and an excellent database of more than 2000 Canadian and US trade and conumer magazines contacts, inexpensively available by day, week, month or annually.    W

World Newspapers and Magazines
Browse these geographic lists of newspaper and magazines as well as newsfeeds.

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