Get your news by Chatbot? You betcha.

by PR Coach

chatbot-newsTry to imagine getting the latest news by chatbot?

If you can think it, you can ask for breaking news from CNN using Amazon Echo.

That’s right. It’s the latest news brought to you by CNN chatbot.

CNN launches chatbot news

CNN has done a great job of delivering the news on TV and new social media channels. In fact, it has a 40-person dedicated digital team ready to deliver chatbot news according to a Lost Remote post by Max Willens:

“At its launch next week, CNN’s Echo skill will allow listeners to ask for the latest news on the election, as well as election-specific topics including the major party candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. People who are interested in getting a more general digest of what’s going on can simply ask for the latest headlines too, which are updated continuously.”

CNN world headquartersAnd now they’re aiming to bring you Anderson Cooper and other CNN personalities by your Amazon Echo device. That’s mostly a good thing and a worthy experiment even though there are only expected to be about 14 million Amazon Echo devices in homes by the end of next year.

Except for one thing. Chatbot news will quickly be overtaken by clickbait. Important news such as:

What’s the latest outrageous stunt from Donald Trump?

Now who has Anthony Weiner sexted?

Who is Brad Pitt dating already?

That will eventually be the direction for chatbot social news. A little like BuzzFeed on Demand or this just in from Duck Dynasty.

After all, a steady diet of Aleppo and Mosul atrocities will send you straight to cats playing with a ball of yarn on YouTube faster than listening to Sarah Palin for more than three minutes. You betcha!

Now I like cat and kid videos on occasion, but not with my news.

So here’s my plea to CNN.

Test drive it but please don’t give up what’s giving you top ratings for all networks recently in the 18-54 age demographic. Give us real news. Served critically, competently and intelligently.

If you can carry that news credibility over to chatbot, I’ll be there.

I can get my cat videos and Duck Dynasty elsewhere.

Author: Jeff Domansky

Photo: Clickspring Design

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