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New PR 007 has 18 features for smartphones

This just in. It’s not often we get to break news on this blog but during this slowest news week of the year, we’re in a position to break an “exclusive” news story in the PR industry. It’s timely with the huge, annual CES happening in Las Vegas.

A Silicon Valley technology team led by a former PR agency CEO today announced plans to launch a leading-edge PR smartphone application that will replace many of the mundane functions PR people wrestle with every day.

Proton Products LLC of Newtonville, CA said the new Proton PR 007 smartphone app is expected to replace 75% of the tasks PR people find most difficult.

“It’s like a Swiss Army knife of iPhone applications designed specifically for PR people,” CEO Sean Fitzpatrick said. “It uses proprietary scientific algorithms, a user-friendly, social media interface and will be scalable, menu-driven, location-specific, client-centric, group-sourced, ISO 26000 CSR-compliant, hands-free, eco-friendly, Apple, Android and Blackberry-compatible, and idiot-proof.”

Fitzpatrick said PR people want to know which media to pitch, what journalists are open to their story ideas, when there’s a slow news cycle, best ways to find a real news hook, how to respond in a crisis and where to find the hottest new restaurant.

Extensive focus groups and Twitter research identified the key applications PR people need most, including:

  • Spelling and Grammar Checker – allows PR pros to set a new, higher level of communication with media, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Buzzword Manager – enables media relations specialists to scan their news releases or newest blog posts with their cell phone and instantly eliminate buzzwords.
  • News Hook Detector – assists in research, writing and distribution of “real” news by scanning and identifying news hooks using its proprietary, semantic algorithm.
  • Press Release Writer – automatically generates a strong headline and lead paragraph ensuring that news and social media releases will in fact have “real” news value.
  • Media Database – holds up to 50,000 media contacts and allows instant e-mail pitches, each personalized and not bcc’d to the entire distribution list.
  • Media Pitch Tool – helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelance publicists and lazy PR people who need help ensuring their media pitches do not end up on the Bad Pitch Blog or The PR Coach’s list of 20 Worst Press Releases.
  • Social Media Maximizer – Twitter, blog, follow, like, favorite, share, listen, comment, Digg, Stumble, Tumble, run for Mayor on Foursquare and more, right from your iPhone.
  • PR ROI Measurement Tool– generates instant clipping reports with sentiment

    Angry Media/Angry Clients game

    analysis, reach, frequency and ROI results. No more AVEs.

  • Game Application – based on the success of Angry Birds, the Proton PR 007 will feature two new games: Angry Media and Angry Clients.
  • Online Influencer Evaluator – instantly tell who has the most Klout and influence by choosing from a list, updated 24 x 7, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Guy Kawasaki, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Al Gore and Katy Perry.
  • PowerPoint Projector – uses the latest Pico technology with more than 2000 lumens of light enabling deskside presentations to media or new business pitches that fit in your purse or pocket.
  • Built in BS Detector – for client and media quality assurance purposes.
  • Crisis Alert – emits a red LED strobe light and high-pitched warning signal when Julian Assange approaches within 50 miles or a wave of WikiFear or WikiPanic attacks hit any banking or government organization.
  • Event Organizer – keeps track of hundreds of special event details alphabetically.
  • Video Camera – built-in 12 megapixel videocam shoots HD quality video and enables instant uploads to YouTube, Flickr, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX News and The Comedy Channel.
  • Note Taker – allows you to secretly record conversations, telephone calls, media interviews and your mother-in-law.
  • GPS – never get lost, even if the media tell you to, regardless of whether you’re in New York, London, Tokyo, Atlanta or Vancouver.
  • Flashlight – the Proton PR 007 has an LED flashlight that keeps PR people out of the dark at any time of day.

“Our market research also told us PR people wanted a built-in breathalyzer and snow shovel but we think it’s prudent to focus on the core functions,” he added.

“The development team worked very hard over the holidays to come up with this brilliant technology and the core components for the PR application,” Fitzpatrick said. “We expect the market to be robust with more than 300,000 PR professionals in North America alone. They are in a competitive environment and they must have the next, best, shiny new technologies available.”

“Anything that helps PR people get news releases to us that are more timely, more newsworthy and frankly better grammar and spelling than what we usually receive is very welcome,” confided one anonymous editor at The New York Times.

An unnamed CNN producer commented, “Just between us, if there’s video, we’re interested and Joshua Levs will be keen to look at any social media-based stories provided by citizen journalists or PR clients.”

FOX News said it welcomes video clips that show average Americans doing dangerous, silly stunts with fire, motorcycles, speeding cars, police chases, sharks, tornados, moonshine and screaming protestors.

Discussions with several Silicon Valley venture capital firms have been very positive and Fitzpatrick is confident the OTC market is ready to finance the innovative, leading-edge Proton PR 007. He hopes to raise $3 million to fund development, finance production at an offshore location and eventually take the company public. The Proton PR 007 is scheduled to launch April 1st, 2011.

The PR Coach blog is off to a great PR news start for 2011. Remember, you heard about the Proton PR 007 here first! Regular blogging will resume shortly, so stay tuned.

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Author:  Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

Photo Credit: Ted Fu via Flickr

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