Murdoch Tweets: Credible PR 2.0 Strategy?

by PR Coach

Rupert tweets social media strategy

Does Rupert Murdoch have a new PR & social media strategy?

So, Rupert Murdoch started tweeting on New Year’s eve? Now that’s news of the world! You could have hit me on the head with a two by four and I’d be less surprised.

Dude, I mean Sir. That’s awesome!

The octagenarian Chairman of News Corp and his PR handlers (Edelman?) have launched a brand-new 2012 public relations/social media strategy for the embattled publisher and free enterprise icon.

For someone who once described the internet as “predatory” writing, that’s quite a reversal. In Vanity Fair, Michael Wolff wrote “For him it’s a place for porn, thievery, and hackers.” It would seem he has now joined the club.

This is either a brilliant PR strategy or it’s a public relations train wreck just waiting to happen.

What can we expect next? Rupert in fuzzy slippers, sweater with elbow patches, warm fireplace chats? We’ll soon be able to see all-Rupert, all-the-time on Facebook, YouTube, Quora and Foursquare. Not likely on MySpace however.

I mean in just five days, @RupertMurdoch has 106,039+ followers and growing fast. Mind you, he’s only following 11 tweeps. That probably includes @God @MargaretThatcher @Wendi_Deng @ThePope @DavidCameron @MichaelBloomberg @POTUS @AlWaleedbinTalal @JackDorsey @ThePRCoach and a couple of other close personal friends from around the globe.

Talk about influence. I’m guessing his Klout score will jump from a paltry 75 to maybe 275 within the week. His score is climbing faster than Katy Perry’s hemline, Ashton Kutcher’s ego or the annual interest rate on Greek bonds. Just now, I invited Rupe to join Klout by the way. He hadn’t yet joined.

Oh and fun to note that Klout considers him influential about the topics “hacking”, “walking dead” and “media.”

It’s a clear sign that social media is now warmly embraced by the executive suite. PR people around the globe are sighing in relief.

Hmmmm. Let’s see. Run the global news corporation, appear in the British parliament, call Prime Minister Davy Cameron or the Mayor of New York, meet with my board of directors or tweet about tea with Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney? I know what I’d do.

I’m following his tweets with bated breath. I really hope they are his because I kinda like them.

Rupert Murdoch PR strategy on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch on Twitter

Here’s a quick sample so far:

” Well, well! Values DO count. Santorum result pretty amazing. Policy very similar to Reagan. Now start to sound like him.” (Jan 4)

” Got to watch Foxnews at 5 EST. Liberal Bob Beckel and team great replacement for Beck and much more fun.” (Jan 2)

@jack right on “simplify” but easier in startups. My resolutions, try to maintain humility and always curiosity. And of course diet!” (Jan 1)

” Back to work tomorrow. Enough idling!” (Jan 1)

” I LOVE the film “we bought a zoo”, a great family movie. Very proud of fox team who made this great film.” (Jan 1)

” Amazing! Alexander Hamilton born (illegitimate) 40 miles away. Best man never elected president. At least, founded NY Post!” (Dec 31)

” Steve Jobs biog interesting but unfair. Family must hate.” (Dec 31)

What kind of tweets can we expect in the future? Maybe some trash talk about Obama. Slagging his newspaper and FOX News competitors. His favorite beer or Bordeaux, bed and breakfast recommendations or Willie Nelson tunes.

A word of PR 2.0 advice though @RupertMurdoch. The little “@” sign means everyone can read your tweets. If you’re sending pictures of yourself to your wife @Wendi_Deng or anyone else on Twitter, remember Rep Anthony Weiner. Now that was a Tweet that shook the world!

What’s your view? Is this credible PR and social media strategy? You can predict the response if we learn he’s being ghost-tweeted. Or if he says something really politically incorrect. Stay tuned.

Oh and Rupert? I’m at @ThePRCoach if you ever want Twitter advice.

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Author: Jeff Domansky

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