Megan Fox: What’s the point of Twitter?

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Megan Fox quits Twitter

Megan Fox quits Twitter after 5 days

After just one week and 29 Tweets, a big Hollywood star is getting a high profile divorce. From Twitter, that is.

The Twitterverse buzzed with some of her 208,508 followers shocked, dismayed or in tears. It all started so well when the attractive, talented and sometimes wingy actor/director (@MeganFox) joined Twitter on January 3rd.

Fans rejoiced. Hundreds of thousands followed her immediately.  She popped out a couple of important quick tweets on January 4th for example:

She even RT’d  @KobeBryant (61 tweets, 42 following, 836,107 followers). Another new Twitter celebrity.

That all ended with a crash with her January 9th tweet:

Her publicists and handlers jumped into damage control immediately. Her original Twitter page @MeganFox516 disappeared though her other page (@MeganFox) still seems intact.

Twitter or any other social media channel is not for everyone

To her credit, Fox asked the important social PR question and hashtag: #WhatIsThePoint ???

In answer to her question? Of course there’s no point of being on Twitter or any other social media channel if you have nothing to say and you’re not prepared to engage.  Her tweets were vapid and she hadn’t followed anyone after a week.

As Perez Hilton says: ” We can always count on Megan Fox to give us her honest opinion…

I admire her for realizing her mistake and dumping Twitter. Much to the chagrin of her social media team and publicists I’m sure.

Not that she’s a social media slouch by any means.

Megan Fox’s Facebook page is BIG

Megan Fox Facebook pageHer Facebook page started in 2008. It’s everything you’d expect of a superstar with 39,477,724 likes and 363,449 fans Talking about this. Lots of pictures. Videos. Gossip. And of course much canned content on celebrities, clothes, eyebrows, motherhood and more. Just like any other mommy blogger. And lots of promotional copy provided by the publicity department.

All in all it’s a pretty effective presence for its PR purposes. If you’re a fan.

Realistically, a celebrity’s not going to follow one million Twitter fans. Do you think (@JustinBieber – 20,442 tweets, 123,880 following, 33,024,518 followers) does all his own tweets, follows and RTs? His own Facebook Timeline?

Justin Bieber Facebook TimelineBieber has 50,442,346 likes and 945,542 talking about this on his Facebook page. That’s a huge presence and keeping it stoked is what your publicity department and social media handlers are for.

Though there are a few celebrities and business leaders like Kobe, Rupert Murdoch (@RupertMurdoch – 761 tweets, 45 following, 394,160 followers) and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (@Jack – 12,536 tweets, 1318 following, 2,196,486 followers) who seem to do their own tweeting.

Find your own social media Zen

It’s important for everyone to experiment a little with various social media channels. There’s bound to be one perfect for you or your organization. Just don’t screw up with any career limiting or reputation damaging mistakes. Remember that famous PR advice: “You’re always on the record.” Even in social media.

Twitter isn’t for everybody. Neither is Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social media channel if you’re not ready for a commitment. Credit to Megan Fox for recognizing that. It’s a valuable social media lesson for any individual or organization.

Surprised by Megan Fox’s decision? Care much? I’d enjoy hearing your comments below.

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Author: Jeff Domansky

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