Marketing PR: Making the Phone Ring

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When marketing and public relations work together, anything’s possible…  They can really make the phone ring and bring in customers.

Learn more with these integrated marketing, marketing/PR tips, advertising resources and case studies.

New Marketing Resources Collection

marketing-tipsWe’ve curated and created a brand-new Marketing Resources page on our Public Relations and Social Media insight pages on, in addition to the archive posts below.

You’ll find an extensive collection of hundreds of articles on marketing tips, market research and in-depth advice and opinion. We hope you find them valuable.

Marketing PR Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles, the archive below has our original best marketing PR posts from 2008 to 2013

Other PR links include  Community RelationsMedia Relations/ Publicity and  Do-It-Yourself PR.  The PR Coach’s blog  This Just In… will also keep you current twice a week. Sites with a  W are PR Coach “winners.”

7 Ways to Put Showbiz Into Your Trade Show
From animation and using internet strategies to adding fun and space – that’s the way to trade show results.

Ad* Access
Duke University houses a database of more than 7,000 print ads from 1911 – 1955. Fun to browse.   W

Ad Council Historic Campaigns
Highlights public service ad campaigns from 1942 to today. Fun and interesting!

Ad Flip
The world’s largest archive of classic print ads. Great fun but requires inexpensive subscription for full access. W

Ads of the World
Great site with archives and a blog featuring the best in global advertising to spark your creativity.

American Marketing Association
AMA is the premier marketing organization in the world. Its website has some free resources including an excellent free Personalized News email newsletter that is worth receiving.
A growing list of papers from experts in branding that will be useful for anyone in marketing or communications.

Brand Republic
This branding website has the latest branding news.

Building the perfect beast
Trying to dream up a name? IGOR, the naming and branding agency has an excellent site to guide and stimulate you. W

Centre for Integrated Marketing
CIM is a good source for integrated marketing research, case studies and campaign successes.

Creating Value: Public Relations and the New Brand Strategy
Council of Public Relations Firms white paper looks at how PR works to enhance brands and marketing.

Direct Creative
Dean Rireck’s great site for quick direct marketing and copywriting tips and articles. – Share Your News with Journa

Found money: Eight ‘quick hits’
Heidi Cohen offers eight tried and true quick ways to generate business and revenue.

Frugal Marketing Tips
Shel Horowitz is the Frugal Marketer and his website is a great resource for guerrilla marketing and promotion tips.

Guidant – Coaching the Medium
By investing in its sales force, Guidant enhanced communications through its most important asset.

Harley Davidson – Organization-Led Integrated Marketing
The legendary motorcycle icon integrates its marketing for significant ROI.

How California Created the Dairy Industry of the Future
Columbia University case study highlights an award-winning marketing communications success story.   W

How to Market an Offline Event Online
Chris Brogan shares some useful online event marketing tips.   W

IBM in the City: 5% of TV Budget yields 7000% ROI
Take a small part of TV budget, add to smart integrated marketing and see phenomenal results in this case study.   W

Implementing Integrated Marketing: The Seebord Energy Case
This study identifies an 18-point path to integrated marketing and measurable ROI.

Integrated Marketing and Its Implications for Personalized Customer Marketing Strategies
UK study looks at integrated marketing and integrated communications at 200 companies to propose a model for success with five critical customer experiences and 22 business performance competencies.

Internet Marketing Blog
HubSpot’s blog covers internet marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, landing pages and analytics.

Marketing Communications: Focus on the Fundamentals First
Jim Schakenbach reminds us not to forget the fundamentals including free industry directory listings, trade show guides, industry web links and more.
For a small monthly subscription you can gain access to a motherlode of marketing research including three areas – consultants, publishers and retail. An exceptional resource.  W specializes in online and offline strategic and tactical marketing information. Check the tutorials, an excellent list of marketing articles, and more.   W

Free online tutorials and quizzes on topics like segmentation, positioning, SWOT analysis, slide shows and other useful marketing resources. Worth a look if marketing’s your thing.

Marketing Wisdom 2004: 99 Marketers share real life Tips
Marketing Sherpa presents 99 best marketing tips from readers. This free pdf download is well worth a read when you need ideas, inspiration and wisdom from others’ experience. Great format.   W

Search and purchase from a large selection of photos, logos, cartoons, animations and many other visuals at PR Newswire subsidiary Newscom. It’s a mother lode.   W
All about presentations — from content creation to tools and technology.

Public Relations Should Embrace Not Deny Its Marketing Links
Thoughtful post by Heather Yaxley.

Public Service Advertising Research Centre
On-line information library dedicated to public service advertising. Good search engine finds info topically.

Ready for Your Product’s Close-up?
The delicate art of product placement has huge potential pay back. Find out some recent TV hits and how much they were worth in this Inc. article.

Selling Stuff During the Golden Age of Radio
A terrific, fun site for information on old radio commercials and campaigns.

Seth Godin’s Blog
Seth Godin has a great blog happening. Check it out for everything from traditional to viral marketing and many more big thoughts.    W

Want to learn about websites and Internet marketing? This is the spot.

Sloganalysis Report
A sharp, helpful naming tool to assist in creating a name.

Special Event Planning
Excellent series of articles on special event planning from AllBusiness.   W
People and ideas shaping the world of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Marketing: More Than Just Media Exposure
Questions to ask when choosing a sponsorship from Merrily Orsini.

The Advertising Century
A history of the history of 20th century advertising well put together by Advertising Age.

The Brand Called You
Tom Peters’ tips on how to manage your reputation – your brand – so that the opinion that people have of you is positive.

The Long Tail of Marketing and PR
For future success, PR needs to understand the importance of niches as well as the “long tail” effect writes David Meerman Scott.

The Marketing Minute
Marcia Yudkin’s weekly quickly-read marketing newsletter remains popular and practical.

Tough Times? Don’t Cut the Marketing!
Those who maintained or increased spending saw business grow 275% vs 19% for those who decreased spending during the last major recession.

Trade Show Marketing Report
Interesting Blog by Rich Westerfield looks at “what’s working, what’s not, who’s on top of their game, who should hang it up.” News, reviews, opinions, epiphanies and occasional silliness in the world of Trade Show Marketing.

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