In a Crisis, What Would You Take With You?

by PR Coach

What would you take with you in a crisis?

What would you take with you if you had just 10 minutes to pack up and leave your home for good? Some reflections on tragedies today.

A tragic forest fire in Slave Lake, Alberta burns more than one third of the town of 7000. Buildings still smoulder in the evacuated town, the fire so hot that cars melted and concrete turned into dust. Some families will have nothing left when they return.

Massive Mississippi flooding, deadly Tennessee tornados and the earthquake in Japan have also touched us all so deeply. The disasters leave behind destruction and lost lives with a terrible economic impact yet to be tabulated.

Mainstream media coverage of these disasters has been wall-to-wall and social media coverage has been heartfelt, gut-wrenching and at times overpowering. Most of all, it’s about stories of tragedy, neighbors helping neighbors and communities coming together to cope in the face of terrible circumstances.

So the question for today is not about public relations or crisis management. It’s a simple question. Just move your chair back from your computer for a moment, take a deep breath and consider. What would you take with you if you had just 10 minutes to decide before evacuation?

I don’t know what I would do? Maybe family photos? It’s something to reflect upon when you think you’ve had a bad day.

If you’ve been touched directly by these natural disasters, know that millions of others are thinking about you and hoping your recovery is safe and swift.

Please continue to support organizations like the Red Cross in the US, Canada or internationally. They do so much to make a difference. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Alicia Kruger via Flickr

Author: Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

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