Future of PR? 99 Super Tips to Take You ‘Social’

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number-397491_640There’s no question the future of public relations is “social.” We’ve gathered our biggest tips list ever – 99 tips, tools and articles to help you bridge from traditional PR to savvy social media status.

This is the first of a five-part PR & Social Media series. Watch for follow ups on Social Media Crises, Online Influencers, Facebook and Social Media Monitoring. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading these articles, you may even consider yourself a “guru.”

Adweek recently reported a RECMA research study showing that 12% or 17,400 of WPP Group’s global employees are digital specialists. The report also said digital contributed nearly 30% to the largest global agency’s revenue in the third quarter 2010. Other global holding companies reported similar growth.

The implications for public relations are clear. Social media and digital services continue to grow, the demand for talent and social media skills will increase and digital services revenue will be even larger in the future.

The 2009 Digital Readiness Report identifies which new media and social media communications skills are in demand with today’s hiring decision makers.

In a news release, study leader Eric Schwartzman says “the survey data also suggest that public relations and marketing professionals without new media and social media communications skills cannot, and will not, satisfy the requirements of today’s hiring decision makers.”

So what are PR pros supposed to do?

Those with traditional PR skills had better continue retooling and learning quickly. Agency management is scrambling to retrain existing staff and hire new talent with social media and digital expertise.

Students will need to capitalize on their instinctive knowledge of social media and ensure their training equips them well for the opportunities ahead. That’s also where the biggest PR job demand is.

The winners in this contest will be those public relations agencies and PR pros who adapt quickly and recognize the future is “social.” Even better, will be those who understand how to integrate traditional and new media skills!

We’ve gathered a terrific set of social media resources specifically for PR people to keep you going in the right direction. Browse to your heart’s content and let us know if you’d like to see similar resources in the future.

Author:  Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

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