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Blog readers and social media followers are funny. Sometimes they kick you in the pants. Other times they reward you with feedback, insight and amusement. It’s all good.

Thanks to the encouragement of a couple of dozen of you (you know who you are), I’m resurrecting my Friday PR Picks posts.

You may recall a few of them from the past including:

New & Improved Social Media & PR Tips & Picks

This new and improved, sleeker and sexier version will include lots of social media insight, tips and practical tools along with traditional PR perspectives. But it will also be a shorter curated list with just a dozen or so of the week’s very best links from my daily @theprcoach Twitter feed.

Nice and simple. Practical and useful. Sometimes with a theme but other times just a collection of useful, must-read social media and PR tips for thoughtful, busy social media, PR and marketing people.

Of course, you’ll still get my longer posts right here on the blog, the full meal deal on Twitter or you can view the entire irresistible, curated collection on

Please let me know if you like these  Friday Picks share any suggestions to make them even better.

On with the show for this week…

Friday SM & PR Picks

The Use of Hashtags in Your Crisis Communications [Melissa Agnes]
Absolutely essential crisis strategy and potential weakness in the throes of the Boston Marathon crisis. Recommended reading for crisis managers everywhere.

Videos for Landing Pages [B2C]
This is an exceptional post and tips for video in social marketing. It’s a must-read for marketing, PR and content pros alike.

86 Inbound Marketing Charts to Use in Your Next Presentation [HubSpot]
An incredible resource. If you want to learn about inbound marketing this is your go-to resource from HubSpot.

3 Google Tips For Improving Your Search Engine Ranking [G2M Solutions]
Guess what content marketing strategies work best? This chart says it all. This is an excellent SEO blueprint.

On Newsstands, Allure of the Film Actress Fades [The New York Times]
Why would magazines be immune from the impact of social media and cultural change? Traditional media must adapt or fail.

Lessons from a one-line press release [PR Daily]
Novelty AND news worked. Similar one-sentence news releases will just be copycats and yesterday’s bottom of the bird cage. we still need to reinvent the form of the news release.

7 Social Media Tips for CEOs [Mashable]
Social CEOs can have a positive communications domino effect on and within their organizations.

5 Awesome Tips for Saving Time on Content Creation for B2B Lead Gen! [B2C]
Here’s are thought-provoking suggestions for saving time on your content creation. Bloggers take note.

10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Company YouTube Channel  [Inbound Marketing Blog]
Liked these YouTube questions and tips. Nice ‘n easy.

The Power Of SMS Marketing (Infographic) [B2C]
Who knew? Marketing by text message can work well. Here’s how.

Five tips on using memes in digital marketing [Silicon Cloud]
Me-me-me-me-memes. All about memes, marketing and a few cute kids and adorable cats tossed into the mix.

Is Your Website Working? The Trick that Gets You More Calls [B2C]
One of those bits of advice where Homer Simpson would say “Doh!”

37 Fantastic SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics [Webbiquity]
Tom Pick shares a valuable resource of SEO guides, tips and tactics. Great reference tool.

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