Friday PR Picks: Top Google News Sites?

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Newsknife shared its top news sites as ranked on Google News for the first half of 2010 (Jan 1 – June 30). It ranked blogs and newspapers,, but not TV and radio of course because its primary mandate is to help news sites improve their performance on Google News.

The top ranked media, with the number of appearances in brackets, are:

  1. New York Times [153]
  2. Reuters [133]
  3. Washington Post [113]
  4. Wall St Journal [106]
  5. Los Angeles Times [90]
  6. The Associated Press [79]

Of 282 blogs cited, the top three leaders for the first six months of 2010 were:

  1. Washington Post blog [159]
  2. Huffington Post blog [145]
  3. New York Times blog [91].

As reported in a ThePRCoach blog post earlier this year,  journalists are now being rated by their appearances on Google News.

The top three US business journalists ranked were Charlie Bray (Dow Jones), Mu Xinquan (Xinhua) and Tiernan Ray (Barron’s). Top three UK business journalists were Paul J Davies (Financial Times), Martin Flanagan (The Scotsman) and Kate Burgess (Financial Times).

The implications for PR again are a measure which media and which journalists are most influential, at least in the world of Google News.

Subscribers to Newsknife get complete access to the full list of media rankings in numerous categories.

One really useful tool for searching for UK journalist’s bios and background is Journalisted which claims more than 2 million articles and hundreds of profiles. A valuable tool when seeking contact info for influential UK journalists. In the weeks ahead, we’ll follow up with a look at some of the free tools out there for sourcing media contacts.

ThePRCoach has more than 6,000 free public relations tips, tools and PR resources on every topic. And, we’re always keen to hear PR insights or favorite PR websites you’d like to share.

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