Friday PR Picks: Catching Up on the Best

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Finally a few minutes to get caught up on Friday PR Picks. We usually publish several PR Picks monthly and I can promise you this is a great set of PR and social media tips, tactics, articles and insights from the past several weeks.

On the public relations front, several good crisis articles with a BP theme and big picture views.  PRTini‘s 20 tips for better townhall meetings is worth a read. More media relations insights, journalism pointers and several good items on press releases. And you’ll definitely want to read Andrew Worob’s post on ways to get a higher PR salary as well.

The social media picks cover a wide range of topics. Watch for the trend to dropping newswires for IR reporting in favor of social media to gain momentum. Katie Paine looks at the social media influencers that matter to business and declares Jack O’Dwyer “Measurement Menace of the Month.” Ever wanted to write a blog post in 15 minutes? Nerma Moore shows how. Valeria Maltoni and Tracy DiMarino share ways to use LinkedIn for intelligence gathering and reach. We also have several top Twitter tips to tantalize you. Try saying that five times fast!

As always the PR Library (Shhh. Quiet please.) is filled with more than 6,000 additional free PR resources and the Public Relations Bookstore is open 24 x 7 to serve you. We’re always glad to hear your suggestions so don’t be shy about commenting below. Have a fabulous Friday!

Friday PR Picks

Public Relations
5 Changes in Journalism and What They Mean for Public Relations
[Fresh Ideas]
20 Tips to Host an Effective Townhall (Online or In-Person) [PRTini]
Get Publicity By Conducting Surveys [Publicity & PR Leads]
How crisis PR hasn’t kept up with the turbulent times [Washington Post]
How to Get a Higher Salary as a PR Professional [PR at Sunrise]
How to Write a Winning Press Release: The Step-by-Step Guide [Open Forum]
Nokia cuts PR wire earnings release to 41 words [IR Web Report]
Seven PR Secrets for Getting on Talk Radio to Promote Your Book [EMSI]
The Secret to Getting a Job at a Top Public Relations (PR) Firm in New York, NYC []
Tony Hayward’s Three Big Mistakes Every CEO Can Learn From []
Tony Hayward Top Bloopers: Slide Show [The Street]
You Are Being Judged [Speak Schmeak]

Social Media
57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources [Dave Fleet]
How I Use LinkedIn Content for Intelligence [Conversation Agent]
HOW TO: Add Blogger Outreach to Your PR Plan [Mashable]
How to Determine Which Influencers Matter to Your Business
[The Measurement Standard]
How to Write a Great Blog Post in Just 15 Minutes
[Social Media Examiner]
How Twitter is Changing Public Relations [SMedio]
Jack O’Dwyer is Measurement Menace of the Month [The Measurement Standard]
KeyTweet Finds Most Relevant Links for You from Twitter []
Social media early adopters embrace investor relations, study finds [IR Web Report]
Top 20 Sites to Improve Your Twitter Experience [Mashable]

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