Friday PR Picks: 32 Twitter Tips for PR Pros

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Colorful Twitter PR friends

Man, that Twitter’s a game changer isn’t it?

Ever wondered how to integrate Twitter into your PR strategy? What tools work best for external and internal communications? We’ve got more than 30 Twitter tips, a couple of great new tools and lots of resources to get you tweeting with the best.

So what are some of the ways to be a terrific tweeter? Minda Zetlin suggests you follow wisely, search effectively, time your tweets, use “Friday follows” and interact by retweeting.

Jonathan Bailey has practical suggestions for Twitter like reaching out to companies, asking or answering questions, following news, getting alerts and talking to people quickly and directly.

PR people are finding Twitter an important addition to their communications arsenal by using it to:

Kathy Gill does a great job highlighting how PR is using Twitter in PR in the Age of Twitter and Erin Everhart even suggests that using Twitter may make you a better editor because you need to write so tightly for effective tweets.

There are hundreds of useful Twitter applications with new ones launched every month. Two recent additions caught our eye. Analyze Words looks at a recent selection of your tweets and suggests your emotional, social and thinking styles. Fun.

Twitter Sentiment lets you estimate “sentiment” for a brand, product or topic. Enter the search term and it brings up results coded as good or bad. A beta tool, but interesting.

One final tip to the burning question everyone has about Twitter:  When is the Best Time to Tweet? Matthew Tommasi’s answers may surprise you!

How important is Twitter in your public relations toolkit? We’d enjoy hearing about your innovative uses and experiments. Just drop us a comment below or follow us on Twitter.

In addition to the 32 Twitter tips below, there are more than 250 additional Twitter tips and resources in the PR Library and another 520+ Social Media resources to pick from. So don’t wait. Get social!

Friday PR Picks

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