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Best social media, PR & content marketing picks

It’s Friday and the best social media and PR picks are in. We’ve got a great lineup of irresistible highlights from the PR Coach Twitter feed.

This week, it seemed to be all about content marketing. Everyone’s talking about it. So we’ve got a bonus – a special collection of ten of the best insights into content marketing to share with you. Including brand journalism and why cute cats aren’t going to cut it in the future without news, from yours truly.

You’ll also find a collection of our usual smart social media tips, a little about listicles, and the occasional humorous post.

So much great material this week and it’s all curated and shared right here. Let’s dive right in or go to the end of post to pick your favorites.

Content Marketing Rules

The folks at Copyblogger updated and reintroduced their superb, free content marketing course and resources. There’s no better way to learn about content marketing. Doug Kessler says yes, we have been doing content marketing forever. What’s new is the impact of the Internet and our ability to research, create in many media forms, target, and reach far and wide.

Jay Baer stresses the importance of “Youtility” and the importance of trying (and often failing) to be amazing and instead concentrating on being useful and helpful to your customers. Sage advice!

Over at Basic Blogging Tips, Glenn Andrews offers seven very useful tips for bloggers. In the Harvard Business Review, Mitch Joel says content marketers must ramp up the quantity as well as maintain the quality to get results. He shares a good example to illustrate his point. Meanwhile, Christabelle Tani provided a useful blueprint for B2B content marketers including a cool visual to illustrate the process.

Jay Pinkert serves up a list of storytelling and interview tips to make your content marketing more authentic. Need to get strategic about your content marketing? Michael Brenner provided a useful set of eight questions to help you get your content marketing grounded in strategy.

Social Media Tips

listicles appeal to readers

Even Moses had a list

In our social media segment, Jeff Korhan shares three tips on using hashtags on Facebook to help business make better use of this super-sized social media channel. Say, what’s with listicles? HubSpot investigates the research to tell us why lists work. Fascinating and fun visuals too for your Friday enjoyment.

If you ever wanted to add to your Twitter toolbox, check out Garin Kilpatrick’s list of 10 awesome analytics and visualization tools. Tamara Weintraub suggests seven social networks small to midsize business should be checking out. There were a couple of really good ones worth exploring.

On the KissMetrics blog, Kristi Hines shares an excellent guide to Google+. Her overview includes how to get started and a long list of helpful tips to make sure you get the most from your presence on this quickly growing social channel. It’s a must-read.

Cassandra Campbell takes an interesting approach to her guide to Pinterest tips and success with nine chapters and a list of links in each chapter.

What’s ahead for PR agencies in the transition to digital services? Nichole Kelly takes a look at the future and shares an interesting info graphic. Chris Syme explores how to manage and respond to an online PR crisis. Lou Hoffman wraps up with a Buzzfeed news release that ends up looking pretty funny and very ineffective.

Enjoy this week’s list and, as always, if you like these highlights, please share this post on your favorite social media channel.

Author: Jeff Domansky

Visuals: Charlton Heston as Moses via HubSpot

Content Marketing Insight

7 Content Writing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know [Basic Blog Tips]
Excellent blogging advice.

8 Questions To Help You Define Your Content Strategy [Michael Brenner]
Really useful set of strategic questions to help you get your content marketing grounded in strategy.

Leave lame content behind with Copyblogger’s superb tools and training for smarter content marketing. Really valuable.

Content Marketing From Start to Finish (a B2B Marketer’s Journey) [G2M Solutions]
Useful blueprint for B2B content marketers.

Future of Brand Journalism: Cute Cats or Catastrophe? [The PR Coach]
Your content has a critical need for “news”, not cute cats!

Make Content Marketing Authentic: The Case of Customer Stories [MarketingProfs]
Helpful set of tips to make your content marketing more effective.

Marketers Are Not Publishing Enough Content [Mitch Joel]
Mitch Joel argues you must have quantity and quality for content marketing results.

What’s So New About Content Marketing? [Doug Kessler]
A look at what really is new about content marketing thanks to the impact of the Internet.

Social Media & PR Tips

3 Facebook Hashtag Marketing Tips [Jeff Korhan]
Business can now get better potential results on Facebook using hashtags.

7 Social Networks SMBs Should Keep an Eye On [Reach Local]
Emerging social networks to check out including several new ones.

10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools [Twitter Tools & Tips Blog]
Several new discoveries among this list.

How to Use Pinterest (The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest) [Cassandra Campbell]
A very interesting approach to Pinterest resources.

How to Use Social Media to Prevent a Crisis
Valuable online crisis PR tips from Chris Syme.

It’s all in your head: 9 reasons you can’t resist a list [HubSpot]
Lists are impossible to resist and researchers say why.

Only the Best Should Attempt Full Ginsburgs [15-Second Blog]
Great read. What’s a “full Ginsburg?” Media relations and PR pros will want to know.

The 2013 Google+ Marketing Guide [KissMetrics]
An excellent resource and all you need to know about Google+ to get started or to make sure you’re getting maximum coverage from your existing profile.

PR-izing of BuzzFeed News Release Makes Dull Read [Lou Hoffman]
@LouHoffman shares a funny example of a cobbler’s children (ie Buzzfeed) not wearing shoes.

Transforming into the Digital Marketing Agency of the Future [Social Media Explorer]
Essential read for PR firms, solo PR pros and students of public relations.

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