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Quebec railway tragedy

Quebec railway tragedy & Asiana air crash led news coverage

Friday greetings. This week’s picks are focused on crisis communications, PR resources and a great set of savvy social media tips including Pinterest.

Crises Management Insight

First up, the crises news  kept coming all week long.

In rural Québec, a oil tanker train car derailment, explosion and fire wiped out the entire downtown core of Lac Magentic. The CEO of the railway could not have handled this tragedy more poorly. And utter PR fail on every count and the news coverage showed it

I couldn’t agree more with Melissa Agnes’s assessment of the PR fail for inept crisis management  in the rural Québec railway tragedy. Other experts were mystified too.

A Simpliflying presentation offers an in-depth crisis management case study of the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO. Valuable for social media crisis managers and planners. Gerald Baron asked a provocative question about the Asiana crash and what constitutes a crisis today. This is a must-read for crisis management experts. Brad Phillips wondered why the unsympathetic the Asiana Airlines news release?

Public Relations

This older post featured five web tools for activists, created by activists, and still useful for PR and public affairs strategists too. When it comes to influence their marketing, Gini Dietrich suggested influencer marketing is not quite as easy as it looks.

Deborah Hersman, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) showed how a press conference should be done according to Brad Phillips, aka Mr. Media Training.

There were many valuable startup lessons from 33 entrepreneurs who reveal why they failed. Presentation tool Haiku Deck‘s Pinterest page featured dozens of superb slide presentations for speaker inspiration. And three top PR recruiters told the PR Coach who’s hiring and what’s hot in PR jobs.

Social Media Tips & Tools

PinLeague offers a freemium to paid Pinterest analytics tool that delivers interesting insight into what’s being shared. Sarah Browne shared five excellent ways to use Pinterest as a research marketing tool.

Research and a useful infographic showed us several important facts about content marketing: 90% find custom content useful; 68% read content from brands they like; brands with blogs generate 67% more sales leads.

When it comes to measuring up in the social media, Siddharth Deswal had five important metrics to check every day while Kristina Kledzik offered tips on how to do a content audit for better website content.

Brafton reminded us of research that B2Bs should Tweet early in the workday and B2Cs in the evening. Gizmodo pointed to DuckDuckGo as a valuable but still unknown search engine alternative to Google.

Fun in Social Media

laptop beer bag - a cool summer treat

Laptop beer bag – cool PR tool?

We always like to finish Fridays with a little social media fun. This old Mashable post featured 10 popular animal social media accounts and compared their fan bases to those of prominent media organizations. We, like the Internet, have our priorities.

Qualcomm contemplates a “World Without Mobile” in a very funny YouTube video. Say, did you know the first e-mail was sent 1971 and the first spam in 1978? Now you do.

Finally, forget your laptop. Just in time for the start of summer, we have the ultimate laptop beer bag that carries a load of ice and your chilled beer. Aren’t inventors wonderful?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Picks? Pick your favorite post from below and remember, we’ve got more than 8000 other links and resources in the PR Library. Enjoy your summer weekend with something chilled from the special laptop bag.

Author: Jeff Domansky

Visuals: CTV News, Cult of Mac

More Weekend Reading

Crisis Management

Asiana Airlines: An Unsympathetic Press Release [Brad Phillips]
An unsympathetic news release was surprising during the first day of the airline crash.

Asiana Flight 214 crash in SFO – Crises Management Case Study and Analysis [Simplifying]
Detailed analysis of the incident from a crises communications perspective.

Does it matter that Asiana’s PR sucks? [Gerald Baron]
This provocative question of must-read for crisis managers. W

Lac-Mégantic: Rail World Inc.’s Crisis Communications Fail [Melissa Agnes]
Terrible Québec Railway tragedy made worse by inept CEO crisis management.

Railroad response to Quebec tragedy mystifies PR experts [Yahoo]
The experts are unanimous that this railroad is an absolute failure when it comes to crisis management.

Public Relations

5 Online Tools For Activists, By Activists [Mashable]
Tools include CrowdVoice, Sukey, Off-the-Record Messaging, Crabgrass and Pidder.

Haiku Deck
Presentation tool Haiku Deck has a superb speaker’s resource with dozens of excellent presentations pinned on its Pinterest site. W

Influencer Marketing: Stop Looking for the Pied Piper [Gini Dietrich]
When it comes to reaching influencers, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The Right Way To Run A Press Conference (Video) [Brad Phillips]
The National Transportation Safety Board chair showed how a news conference should be run.

Top PR Recruiters: What PR jobs are hot, where? [The PR Coach]
Who’s hiring and what skills are in demand in the PR job market? Three recruiters talk about the state of the PR job market in 2013. W

Social Media

25 Interesting Email Marketing Statistics for 2013 [Business 2 Community]
Useful e-mail stats and a couple of historical facts that will amuse you.

90 percent of customers find custom content useful, report says [PR Daily]
Great proof that content marketing delivers.  W 

B2Bs should Tweet before noon, B2Cs in the evening [Brafton]
Seems obvious, but there you go, research says.

Five Online Marketing Metrics You Should Monitor Every Day [Marketing Profs]
Measuring up? These five metrics will help.

How to Perform a Content Audit [Distilled]
Practical tips to help you improve your website content.

The Best Search Engine You’re Probably Not Using [Gizmodo]
For many, DuckDuckGo is a valuable, if unknown, search engine alternative to Google.

The Best Market Research Tool You’re Not Using [Marketing Daily]
Five great ways to use interest as a market research tool. W

The Google+ Cheat Sheet [Mashable]
Useful tips for Google+ users.

Using PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics to Curate [PinLeague]
Who knew Pinterest would prove valuable as a research marketing tool?


10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets [Mashable]
Back when this post was written, animal memes were way ahead of media in page views. I suspect it’s an even bigger gap now.

Instead of a Laptop, This Messenger Bag Hides An Ice-Cold Beer Bonanza [Cult of Mac]
Mothers of invention? The ultimate laptop beer bag contains ice and cold beer.

Sites marked with a W are PR Coach “winners.” 

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