Fri PR Picks: 39 Smart Social Media Tips for PR

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39 deluxe social media & PR tips

That social media. It’s a PR game changer isn’t it? Our Friday PR Picks are just in time for this weekend’s reading. We’ve got a special treat for you – 39 deluxe social media tips from PR 2.0 pros and savvy social media experts.

They include practical tips, new insight to help you integrate social media into your PR plans, business and marketing tactics using social media and a few strategies to help you convince senior management that social media makes business sense. So jump right in and enjoy this tasty collection.

Social Media & PR

First, let’s see what some of our PR 2.0 experts are saying about social media.

Charlene Li, author of “Groundswell”, said social media can be used to inspire public relations. She also said its impact on traditional media is profound because the filter of social media is now impacting news everywhere.

A CNN study showed 43% of peer-to-peer news sharing comes from social media networks and tools e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, followed by email (30%), SMS (15%) and IM (12%). The interesting finding for PR is that 27% of ‘Frequent Sharers’ were responsible for 87% of all news shared online. So not only do we need to deal with traditional media, we need now to find, nurture and feed those “influencers.”

Gini Dietrich wrote about four important social media trends: content, FTC rulings, net neutrality, and customer engagement. She added eight more vital social media trends for 2011. Mary Ellen Miller related a client story of how social media strategy won the day and Rebecca Lieb answered seven social media/PR questions.

Over at Fresh Ideas, Valerie Simon asked “Is social media a PR asset or distraction?Rich Becker explored how social media changed everything about communications and media by both broadcasting AND receiving. Alfred Hermida offered good advice for journalists on social media strategies which also apply to PR.

Practical Social Media Tips

Our experts also had plenty of practical, roll-up-your-sleeves tips for more effective social media.

Danny Brown shared 317 ways to succeed in social media. A research study by social media browser company Flock found social media can be overwhelming to a majority of consumers. It illustrates with some very valuable data.

Joe Thornley pointed to six simple keys to success in social media while BL Ochman served up her favorite elegant yet cheap social media tools worth a look. Dr Leslie Gaines-Ross shared her ideas on YouTubing Your CEO.

Fast Company showed  How to Backup Your Social Media Life. The always practical Lee Odden offered a super social media marketing checklist. And you’ll want to read Sarah Mitchell’s three easy ways to deal with online hecklers.

Hubspot offered a free e-book worth reading called How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success. You’ll learn how to build relationships with media, bloggers and influencers; what makes an effective news release, social media newsroom and blog; monitoring tips; using social media for better customer and employee relationships; and how to measure the ROI of public relations.

Superb Social Media Strategies

On the strategic side of social media, we’ve got several posts that are recommended reading whether you’re in public relations or are already a PR 2.0 expert.

Brand Infiltration presented one of the most stunning and valuable slide presentations I’ve ever seen on social media. Called What the F**k Is Social Media Now? It’s a must-see! If you’ve ever looked for compelling ammunition and ways to convince clients and senior management of the value and impact of social media, this is at. Did I mention it’s a must-see?

Valeria Maltoni told us that 86% of businesses don’t know that a social media plan must come first. She highlighted eight themes that illustrate the importance of planning. Steve Farnsworth blogged about the biggest mistake business makes with its social media strategies. Ryan Flinn showed how social media is being used to gather business intelligence.

Looking to launch your social media policy effectively? Deirdre Breakenridge talked about how. Mike Petroff served up an excellent Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed with useful links.

Business Starting to Get Social Media

As social media begins to be integrated into PR and marketing, business is starting to understand how it can deliver results.

Aliza Sherman suggested11 practical business uses for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Peter Kim shared four examples of excellent social media campaigns. Simon Heseltine scored a touchdown with his look at successful NFL teams using social media. Balancing the corporate brand with personal brands was explored by Todd Defren.

In Forbes, Ken Bruno looked at why CEOs are a no-show in social media. Surprising, given the potential upside. Make no mistake, the future of social media for business is real too, writes Ilana Rabinowitz.

We hope you enjoyed this deluxe collection of social media tips for PR and business. We had a lot of fun putting it together and of course you’ll find many more social media resources and tips for PR people in our PR Library. It’s always open!

Like what you read today? Please let us know what other PR tips, tactics and insights you’d like to see in future Friday PR Picks posts. We’ll be glad to deliver. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter or get our RSS feed directly to your favorite reader.

Resources marked with a W are PR Coach “winners” worth reading.

Author:  Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

39 Smart Social Media Tips for PR

3 Easy Steps for Dealing with Social Media Hecklers [Social Media Today]
Good advice for handling online louts.

11 Practical Business Uses for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter [GigaOm]
Here’s how to get social using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  W

86 Percent Don’t Know the Plan Comes First [Valeria Maltoni]
Valeria Maltoni looks at business, social media and the need for planning.  W

317 Ways to Succeed in Social Media [Danny Brown]
This is Danny Brown’s BIG list of resources. Really useful.  W

Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Social Media Strategy? [Steve Farnsworth]
Great advice for PR strategists.

CDC Publishes Social Media Toolkit Online []
Best guide ever. 12 Government 2.0 lessons.  W

CEOs Are Social Media No-Shows [Forbes]
Shouldn’t they be running companies?

Charlene Li on Using Social Media to Inspire Public Relations [Mopwater PR]
Good PR & social media insight from an industry leader.

Companies Look to Social Media to Avoid Snafus [SF Gate]
How companies are using social media to gather business intelligence.

Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011 [Gini Dietrich]
Gini Dietrich shares four important social media trends.  W

Download HubSpot’s free ebook, “How to Use Facebook for Business”, and get started!

Eight Social Media Trends for 2011 [Spin Sucks]
Keep a PR eye on these social media trends from Gini Dietrich.  W

Experience Has Nothing to Do with Your Social Media Status [Twist Image]
Great reminder!

Four Good Examples of Social Media Campaigns [Being Peter Kim]
Powerful marketing results worth reviewing.

How to Backup Your Social Media Life [Fast Company]
Are you covered with your many social media files?

How to Introduce & Support Your Social Media Policy [Deirdre Breakenridge]
Solid tips on launching your social media policy properly.

How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success [HubSpot]
Excellent social media/PR eBook resource.

How to Make Your Client Successful: PR, Politics and Social Media [Solo PR Pro]
Great case study showing how to deliver with social media and PR.

Seven Online PR Questions (and Answers) [eConsultancy]
Excellent questions about PR and social media.

Six Keys to Success in Social Media [Pro PR]
PR pros note.

Social Media in the NFL [Search Engine Watch]
Ready, set, run; winners & losers in NFL social media.

Social Media Marketing Checklist [Top Rank Blog]
Simple, practical advice from Lee Odden.  W

Social Media: PR Asset or Distraction? [Fresh Ideas]
What’s your opinion?

Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed [.eduGuru]
Excellent social media resource.

Social Media Strategies for Journalists []
Works for PR pros too.

Some Elegant and Cheap Social Media Tools You’ll Love [What’s Next Blog]
Smart social media tools you can use.

Teaching: How Social Media Changed Everything [Copywrite, Ink]
Rich Becker reflects on social media today.

The Future of Social Media Is Real [Social Media Explorer]
Refreshing; throwing away the social media hype for results.

Top 9 Things I Hear Myself Saying About Social Media to Others [GovLoop]
Same for PR.

Twitter for Business – Wondering how your Twitter presence could be more effective? Download the free ebook.

What the F**K Is Social Media Now? [Brand Infiltration]
Excellent social media presentation with captivating visuals, impressive numbers; perfect for training and info sharing.  W W

Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions []
Surprising view worth considering as you plan your social media strategy.

Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working [SitePro News]
In depth look at the power of marketing integrated with social media.

YouTubing Your CEO [ReputationXchange]
Here’s a PR/social media strategy to explore.

Your Social Media Report to the Bosses [ComMetrics]
3 tips that help you get better metrics to demonstrate the value of social media to your executive.  W

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