Curation: Powerful PR & Thought Leadership Tool

Curation is the Internet's best filter

Curation is a powerful tool for PR, marketing & thought leadership

Curation is becoming a big deal on the web. The problem today is we simply have too much information.

As thinker, academic and writer Clay Shirkey says “It’s Not Information Overload. It’s filter failure.”

The value of curators is rising quickly because we’re able to add value by finding key information, adding critical context or meaning, and finding new ways to share the resulting “intelligence.”

In fact, curation is such an new art and science that finding a clear and concise definition is a challenge. We can help you with that!

Our Newest Curation Collection

curation-tipsIn addition to the archive below, we’ve assembled a brand-new collection of hundreds of curated articles on, you guessed it, curation. You’ll find a range of curation insights, best practices, curation tools, practical tips, case studies and even some definitions to help you add it to your content marketing and social media toolbox. No reason to wait. Get curating now.

As always, we’ve got related topics including Content Marketing and Blogging. If you want to see a useful example of a curation and content marketing tool in action and topics of interest to PR, targeting and social media pros, check out my page Public Relations & Social Media Insight.

This is our newest page in the PR Library, so check back often for updates. Note, articles below with a W are PR Coach high value “winners.”

Curation, Content Marketing & Thought Leadership Strategies Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles on curation, the archive below has posts from 2011 to 2014.

4 Reasons Why Content Curation Has Gone Mainstream
Why the buzz? Because finding, organizing and sharing has gone mainstream

5 Curation Apps and Examples With a Wow! Factor
Liz Wilson shares terrific tools. W

5 Reasons Content Curation Needs a Human Touch 
Useful curation tips

5 Reasons to Pick Up the Curation Habit
Curation basics.

5 Visual Content Creation Ideas to Add Punch and Power
Get the picture?

7 smart techniques for content curation 
Good primer by Beth Kanter.

7 top tools for content curation
Collection  of really useful curation tools.

12 Attributes of a Successful Content Curation Strategy
Good insight and strategic tips.

14 Sources for Content Curation Inspiration
Useful curation tips.

19 ways to curate great financial content 
Excellent curation guide by Jay Palter. W

57+ Content Curation Tools, Resource – Awesome for Marketing, Blogging, PR
Excellent overview.

Building Online Influence With Content Curation
Just the basics.

Building thought leadership in an age of curation
Excellent and complete guide to curation by Corinne Weisgerber. 

Content Curation in a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan
Basic tips for potential curators.

Content Curation, SEO Both Part of a Virtuous Cycle
Good tips for SEO through content.

Content Curation Sneaks Up on Marketers 
Adding value through curation counts big time.

Content Curation: Your Next Social Media Marketing Idea
Nice collection of curation tips and best practices.

Curated News Sites Examples
Massimo Chiruzzi shares an inspiring collection.

Curation – Amplifier or Condenser? 
Exploring definitions.

Curation and the Questions No One Is Asking
Thoughtful look at the value of curation by Mark Armstrong. W

Curation is necessary for thought leadership, though not sufficient by itself
Good read on thought leadership by curation from Jay Palter.

Curation May Be Hot But Creation Is Still Cool 
Challenge is to get your content curated.

Curation techniques, types and tips
Steve Buttry offers an excellent overview. W

Effectively Curate Content to Appeal to Search Engines
Useful curation tips.

How Content Curation Can Improve Your Search Rankings
Neil Patel looks at at the value of curation, useful tools and SEO impact. W

How curation fits in to your content marketing [pt 1]
Liz Wilson looks at curation as finding Information ,organizing and distributing or sharing it.

How to be a Content Curation Intellectual Thief
5 useful content curation tips.

How to Do News Curation Without Problems with Duplicate Content
Helpful POV for content curators.

How to Find New Competitive Knowledge in Social Media
Curation at the cutting edge in this post from Harvard Business Review.

Insights Into the Hot Trend of Social Media Content Curation
Maria Petrescu interviews a co-founder of

Intel Launches Curated Site – Interview with Luke Kintigh, Managing Editor 
Valuable curation case study. W

It’s Not Curation; It’s Storytelling
Good read via @ChrisThirk. Think “small pieces, loosely joined.”

Peretti: Human Curation Beats SEO in the Social Web
Goodbye traditional SEO?

Photos & Videos as Social Currency: The People Behind Content Creation & Curation
PEW study offers insight for marketers.
The most valuable and comprehensive curation tool available in my opinion and includes free and paid versions.  WW

Storify: Valuable tool lets PR pros be storytellers
Good overview and tips.

Take charge of the curation wave with these slick tools
Why, Bundlr, Pearltrees, Storify & Pinterest should be part of your Web marketing plan.

We Are the Filter Bubble [Gideon Rosenblatt]
Intriguing post on curation implications by @gideonro. W

What are curation’s two most important PR assets?
Public relations strategists note. W

What Content Curation Is and How To Do It Right: Margot Bloomenstein
Nice intro to curation: Filtering, relevance, perspective and adding value.

What’s new in news aggregation?
Good look at newest tools too. W

Why Topic Pages Are The Next Big Thing
Interesting trend, curation possibilities.