Crisis PR Allstars: Who’s Your Favorite?

by PR Coach

Who are your trusted crisis management sources?

As a PR blogger and curator, I’m often asked who are my “go-to” people on any number of public relations topics? You know. The must-read experts? The PR pros you read no matter how full your email inbox or RSS feed?

Another test I use is to look through my virtual PR Library of more than 8,500+ resources and see who pops up often. Those are some of the best in any of 32 topics.

For the next few Fridays, I’ll feature my favorite PR Allstars. They’re PR pros whose posts, emails, newsletters or articles are so consistent, thoughtful, thought-provoking and wise in their insight.

I’m starting this week with the Crisis PR Allstars. A few are well-known. Others will be a fresh discovery.

In short, I recommend you follow these PR Allstars and I’m glad to share them with you and I hope you’ll find them valuable too. Perfect for a Friday Follow.

Who are the Crisis PR experts to follow?

My choice for the Crisis PR Allstars? Jonathan and Erik Bernstein, Melissa Agnes, Chris Syme, Gerald Baron and Jonathan Hemus.

You’ll find traditional crisis public relations and crisis management insight as well as fresh thinking on how to manage social media crises.

No magic in why I chose them. These pros simply deliver insight, valuable tips and experience. Consistently. You’ll want to read their posts. Check out their books and other resources. And follow them on Twitter.

It’s not an exhaustive list of crisis experts but it is a good one.

So many great crisis Allstars and so little time…

Jonathan & Erik Bernstein – The Bernsteins have two crisis blogs. Jonathan writes about traditional crises and strategies while Erik tends to focus on social media crises. They have a twice-monthly newsletter and other resources as well.
Blogs: Bernstein Crisis Management Blog, Crisis Management
Recent postsAlleged Delta Employee’s Reddit Posts Create Crisis Management Stir, The Outrage Trap – How You Get Turned into a Dupe by Political and Activist Groups
Books: Manager’s Guide to Crisis ManagementKeeping the Wolves at Bay – Media Training
Twitter: @bernsteincrisis @nomorecrisis

 Melissa Agnes – Agnes specializes in social media crisis management and crisis consulting. She’s an active blogger with frequent guest posts from other crisis experts. She curates a useful Friday post with the week’s best crisis articles, links and resources.
Blog: Melissa Agnes
Recent posts: Starbucks’ Lesson: A Social Media Attack Can Arise When Least Expected, Tips For Using Social Media During Emergencies
Twitter: @Melissa_Agnes

Chris Syme – Syme is a crisis and social media consultant as well as a frequent blogger. Her posts always provide solid crisis management insights and advice. She is also a strong curator on Twitter and her newsletter has lots of good crisis reading.
Blogs:  Chris Syme Real-Time Crisis PR News
Recent posts: Why Crisis Managers Need to Understand Social Media Engagement Strategies, The Difference Between Influencers and Advocates in Crisis
BookListen, Engage, Respond: Crisis Communications in Real-Time
Twitter: @cksyme

Gerald Baron – a longtime crisis blogger, Baron posts regularly on crisis communication challenges, case studies and crises in the news. His crisis news, links and blogger feeds are useful.
Blog: Crisisblogger
Recent posts: Answering some basic questions on crisis communication, The media’s disregard for reputation at heart of “speed journalism” problem
Twitter: @GBaron

 Jonathan Hemus – UK-based Hemus is a reputation management consultant specialising in corporate communications, crisis and issues management, communication training and coaching, and change communication. He adds an EU and global perspective to this group of crisis experts.
Twitter: @jhemusinsignia

A couple of other resources worth a look. On Twitter, check out the #crisispr and #crisismanagement hashtags. LinkedIn has many crisis groups and among those worth following: Crisis Communication (11,684 members) and Crisis Management (1,039).

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed these crisis Allstars. Got a favorite crisis expert to share? Glad to hear from you in the comments below. Watch for another PR Allstars post next Friday. The list’s a secret but you won’t want to miss it!

If you want a look at my crisis PR resources try the crisis planning, crisis management and online crisis tips on the shelves in the virtual PR Library.

Author: Jeff Domansky

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Disclaimer: books mentioned are Amazon affiliate links

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