Corporate Blogging Tips & Strategies

What’s your business blogging strategy?

Corporate blogging is a unique beast with limitations on what’s appropriate and how you approach it compared with personal blogging.

We’ve gathered business blogging tips and resources to help you plan, publish, grow and get great results from your business blog.

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Blogging Tips Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles and older blogging tips, the archive below has posts from 2008 to 2013.

4 Corporate Blogs That Set the Bar High
Lots of good blogging lessons from these four quality business blogs.

5 Most Important Content & Social Media Tips for a Successful Business Blog
Study that shows blogging is the second most effective B2B lead generation tactic.

6 “Compelling” Reasons a Blog Should Be Center of Social Content Strategy
Tom Pick builds a strong business and financial case for business blogging.  W

6 Tips for Improving Corporate Blog Content 
Here’s how to make your corporate blogging better.

7 Reasons Why Companies Should Blog
Jeff Bullas has seven good reasons why companies should start blogging and he also offers advice on what should be included for best ROI.   W

10 Blogging Tips from 10 Bloggers
10 corporate blogging tips to make your business blogging better.

10 Posts That Re-Energize Your B2B Blog
How to keep your business blog fresh.

10 Tips for Corporate Blogging
10 practical tips for corporate bloggers hoping to make a positive splash in their communities by Erica Swallow.  W

10 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Corporate Blog
Chris Baggott suggests 10 excellent ways to boost the value of your corporate blog.

10 Ways to Persuade Your Boss to Start a Company Blog
Learn how to promote the value of a blog from Heidi Cohen.

11 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Bloggers Make
Avoiding these basic mistakes will get you on the road to business blogging effectively.

15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From
Superb blogs to learn about success.

20 Best Blog Post Ideas for Small Business Blogging
Donna Gunter has 20 ideas for blog posts when you’re stuck for a topic.

40 Best Corporate Blogs in the World
Great blogging reference and best practices. W

65 Metrics to Track Blog Success 
how to measure blogging effectiveness. W

A Blog Should Feel Like a Gift: 10 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Blog
10 really practical corporate blogging tips from Kami Huyse.

Advanced Corporate Blogging Training, Crowdsourced Ebook
Valuable collection of expert blogging tips.

Anatomy of a Corporate Blog: Layers and Building Blocks
Mark White identifies five layers and the key building blocks in a successful business blog.

Best Business Blogging Tips and Guides of 2010
This bushel of blog tips makes for interesting reading.

Blogging Competitive Review
An April 2008 competitive review of large PR agency blogs by Porter Novelli turns up some valuable lessons.   W

Blogging for Business [Video 3:04]
Blogger Darren Barefoot talks with Mike Agribo about why business should be blogging.   W

Build Upon Your Strengths as a Blogger
Once you’ve had initial blogging success, these blog strategies will help you build your business blog.

Building Blocks for a Successful Business Blog
Mark White offers 5 key elements to a successful business blog.

CEO Blogs [Video 4:24]
Video IconTwo communicators talk with MyRaganTV about CEO blogs and why your CEO should be blogging.   W

Corporate Blog Creative Brief
Thinking about launching a corporate blog? Here’s a handy creative brief checklist to get started. From PR 20/20.   W

Corporate Blog Essentials
Useful biz blog tips from Rich Richards.

Corporate Blogging 101: What You Said
Kami Huyse’s readers their best links on corporate blogging. Lots of useful info.

Corporate Blogging: A Revolution in Corporate Communication [Video 1:54]
Blogging expert Debbie Weil tells why companies need to get blogging now!  W

Corporate Blogging: Go Real or Go Home
CEO Dave Kellogg says a real corporate blog is not written by ghosts.

Corporate Blogging Inches Up Gartner’s Slope of Mainstream Adoption
Debbie Weil looks at a 2009 Gartner report noting that blogging is nearing mainstream adoption while Twitter may be experiencing a backlash.

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Corporate Blogging: You’re Doing It Wrong
Josh Catone looks at a Forrester Research report citing lack of trust in business blogs and offers some solutions.

Creating a Successful Corporate Blog
A look at how Wells Fargo uses business blogs to create stronger relationships.

Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Blogging

Know your audience, update regularly and cover your rear says Matthew Boyle in Fortune.

Do Business Blogs Chase the Wrong Metrics?
Heidi Cohen shares 12 metrics that should matter most.  W

Do You Know the Five Cornerstones of an Outstanding Business Blog?
Five tips that can make your business blog better.

Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere?
Skillful business blogging can be a company asset if managed well writes journalist Katherine Heires in her article for Harvard Management Communication Letter.

Five Keys to a Vibrant Corporate Blog
Concise business blogging advice from Sysomos.

Five Reasons Corporations are Failing at Social Media
From the Inbound Marketing Summit, Amy Mengel cites five reasons corporate social media efforts are floundering.   W

Fortune 500 Business Bogging Wiki
Here’s an interesting directory of active company blogs, links and reviews of these blogs.   W

Have Corporate Blogs Really Caught On Yet?
Have companies realized that blogs are an essential business tool?

How B2B Companies Use Real-time Blog Posts to Get Trade Media Exposure
Real-time posts can work with breaking news to get publicity.

How Do We Measure a Blog’s Success?
To measure blogging ROI, Mark White has some suggestions.

How Small Business Owners Can Build a Blog Without Blowing the Business
Smart business blogging tips from Stoney deGeyter include planning, writing, and scheduling.   W

How to Grow Your Blog Like a Fortune 500 Company
Excellent advice and blueprint for blogging growth. 

How to Make Blogging Work for Your Business
Chris Garrett offers great tips on how blogs can help your business grow.

Make It Bigger – The 4 Types of Corporate Blogs
Jay Baer shares four ways to make your business blog bigger and better.

Managing a Brand Crisis
Valuable advice for brands in a crisis.

The Art of Corporate Blogging
Terrific free business blog resource.  W

The Business Value of Blogging
Lewis PR report on the business value of blogging is essential reading for blog planning, strategies and insight. A valuable report for business bloggers.  

The Complete In-Depth Guide to Creating a Killer B2B Blog 
Best blogging tips. W

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto
Robert Scoble’s 2003 manifesto is still relevant today.

The Fortune 500’s Tepid Embrace of Blogging
With the obvious advantages, it’s hard to understand why business doesn’t get it.

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Company Should Not Have a Blog
Really thoughtful post by Valeria Maltoni. The 10 reasons should be read by all potential company bloggers.   W

Transparency Key to Sony Electronics Blog Success [Video 3:35]
Video Icon
Rick Clancy explains why transparency is critical to blog success.   W

What Business Bloggers Can Learn from Journalists
What we can learn from journalists for better blogging.

Where Does Blogging Fit In To Corporate Marketing And Communications? — Expert Series. Part 1
Lou Hoffman talks about corporate blogging.

Why Companies (and CEOs) Should Blog
Trevor Young suggests why it matters.

Why Should Companies #Blog?
Great reasons for biz blogging.

Why Writing a Corporate Blog Can Be Fun (and Profitable Too)
Business blogging insight from Debbie Weil.

Why Your Blog Beats Your Website to Your Prospects
Blogs offer a steady stream of fresh content and leadership thinking compared to a static website writes Newt Barrett.

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