Best Blogging Blogs for PR to Follow

Best Blogging blogs to followYes, you read it right. Here are the “best blogging blogs to follow” or blogs about blogging that you’ll want to follow if you’re serious about this rapidly-changing communication channel.

We’ve picked only those bloggers that don’t spam, slam or jam you with sales pitches and those that PR people will find most informative.  If you want to learn how to blog, there’s no better place to start for PR people than by learning from the best.

Other blogging resources include: Blog Writing, Corporate Blogging, PR Blogging Tips & Tactics and Top PR Bloggers.  You may also enjoy The PR Coach’s weekly blog This Just In… to keep you current.

50 Most Influential Bloggers of 2009
These aren’t blogger bloggers necessarily, but Michael Dunlop picks his 50 best bloggers, many heavyweights worth following by PR people.   W

Andy Wibbels
Author of Blogwild!, Wibbels is a blog trainer and blogger.

Better Business Blogging
Mark White provides tips on better business blogging.

Best Blogs of 2010
Here is TIME magazine’s full list of its choices for best blogs of 2010 from the savvy to the satirical, the eye-opening to the jaw-dropping. Useful reference.

Lots of basic blog building resources from Hendry Lee.

Bloggers Blog
Simply news about blogging for serious bloggers.

TypePad Best Blogger

Blogging Tips
A blog with tips to help bloggers blog better. The Beginner’s Guides are especially useful.

Consistent, practical tips for better blogging from Alex Christache.

Cat’s Eye Writer
Judy Dunn’s blog is a treat for bloggers and writers.
Chris Garrett blogs about the business of blogging and new media.

If copywriting tips for blogs are what you need, Brian Clark delivers.

Daily Blog Tips
Daniel Scocco’s award-winning daily blog is loaded with the best blogging tips and resources.

Five Keys to a Vibrant Corporate Blog
Concise business blogging advice from Sysomos.

Idiot’s Guide to Blogging
This blog is aimed at younger bloggers looking for tips and tactics.

Influential Marketing Blog
Always thoughtful reflections on compelling marketing, advertising & PR strategy from Rohit Bhargava.

Writers Digest Shop

Men With Pens
If you want a focus on writing and marketing, James Chartrand and his writers deliver.

Blogger Darren Rowse and contributors are always worth reading for friendly, useful blogging tips for those who want their blog profitable.

Successful Blog
Longtime blogger Liz Strauss shares how to blog tips and blogging insights as well as inspiration.

Thou Shall Blog
Yan Susanto blogs for beginners.

Top Ten Blog Tips
Ben Barden consistently provides practical Top Ten tips on how to blog.

Write to Done
Writers will enjoy and learn from Leo Baubata’s blog and focus on blog writing.

Writing Happiness
Marya writes an inspiring blog for bloggers.

This blogging resource is curated by Jeff Domansky. Follow him on Twitter @ThePRCoach or his curation site Public Relations & Social Media Insight.