Bad PR: Asbestos is No Laughing Matter

by PR Coach

PR Fail: Asbestos is no laughing matter

My colleague Brad Phillips is a New York-based media trainer par excellence. So when Brad invited me to write a guest post for his Mr. Media Training blog, I was delighted to contribute. When it comes to media training lessons, I had just the story.

Talk about getting punk’d! A Canadian mining executive learned a tough lesson about knowing who you’re talking to in a media interview. Thrilled to get an interview request from a TV reporter, the exec walked right into a PR disaster and onto Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show with disastrous results.

Come on over to Brad Phillips’ blog and I’ll share this interesting case study with you: If You Sell Asbestos, You Better Get A Good P.R. Team. It’s part media training, part crisis management and part Bad PR. While there’s some comedy too, this asbestos story was no laughing matter. You’ll definitely want to see the video clip and learn from the media training lessons that resulted.

If you haven’t visited before, Brad Phillips’ website is a wonderful resource for daily media training tips, tactics and insight. I enjoyed guest posting and I hope we’ll see you over there.

As always, we’ve got lots of media training tips, crisis management insight and examples of Bad PR…Bad for your learning and amusement right here in our PR Library. Remember to sign up for our newsletter or get our RSS feed directly to your favorite reader.

Photo: CTV news

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