The Age of Distraction: Live On Your Smartphone

by PR Coach


Quick. You have 8 seconds to grab your reader.

Say buddy, can you spare some time? Excuse me Miss, can you spare a minute?

We live in the age of distraction and, as Wayne Friedman writes in MediaPost, a recent CRE/Nielsen study highlights the issue for advertisers, marketers, PR pros and social marketers:

“Beyond noticing TV ads, the CRE says viewing, defined as total time in “fixation” using eye-tracking, is a more stringent measure. Results here are that solo viewers spent 58% of time in “fixation,” which dropped to 43% when including co-viewers.

Access to second screens dipped these results even lower for solo viewers: 34% in fixation time. Adding co-viewers with a second screen drops the number to 25%.

Attention to TV ads dropped 75% with a second screen the study reported.

Please pass the filter

filterThere is simply too much content, too many channels and too many devices.

Recent research estimates we’re exposed to between 300 and 700 advertising messages daily.

Then there’s email, text messages, and every social media channel from Facebook to YouTube.

And don’t forget binge watching on Netflix and Hulu.

Goldfish have higher attention spans than humans

After all, don’t humans now have a lower attention span than goldfish according to a Microsoft study reported in TIME?

Yes, thanks to the Internet, human attention spans are now down from 12 seconds to eight seconds compared to goldfish at nine seconds. That’s how digital media rolls.

We need filters fast. We need help choosing only the best channels before we get waterboarded by too many choices. And, let’s limit ourselves to a maximum of two devices, okay?

Make it mobile

I have seen the enemy and it is too much choice. On too many devices.

There’s only one way to break through – create the highest quality stories and content and make them visual and mobile-friendly.

I’d share more on this topic but I know our eight seconds together are up. You just got a text, a tweet, an email and the new season opener for Game of Thrones is just about to start.

So, off with you. But a small favor? Please share this eight-second distraction, would you?
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