Blogged Down? 80 Extraordinary Blog Tips to Go

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Best blogging tips

Are you blogged down? Is your blog writing tired, needing new ideas, a fresh approach or strategy to break away from the blahs? You’ve come to just the right place for blogging solutions and inspiration.

We’ve gathered 80 extraordinary blogging tips & resources from the ‘net to get you recharged, refreshed and writing up a storm. It’s a great batch of how-tos, strategies and business blogging tips you won’t find in one place anywhere else. So, jump right in!

Blogging How-Tos

If it’s how-to blog tips you’re after, start with Jeff Bullas’ great grocery list of blogging tips in 69 Secret Tips to Make Your Blog Rock. Annabel Candy shows How to Write Hypnotic Headlines That Drive People to Your Blog and Glenn Allsop offers some fresh out of the box suggestions. Corbett Barr also steps up with a superb article
5 Extraordinary Blog Post Types that Will Grow Your Audience Faster

Ted Demopoulos suggests using journalism tools like the inverted pyramid, unbiased sources and strong copy editing in Hooking Readers In: Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Journalists.

If you’re getting stuck for content ideas see Alice Sheba’s Creating Better Content: Faster & With More Conversion. Joe Pulizzi shares 4 Content Curation Ideas to Implement Now, Taylor Pratt has a never ending list of new content inspiration and Arik Hanson tells you 9 places to find social content within your organization.

Blog Tune Ups

We’ve got a bunch of practical blog tune up tips to enhance your blog and your readers’ enjoyment. Watch out for 10 things bloggers should not do from Onibalusi Bamidele. David Smith has 18 Types of Posts That Get More Comments and Valeria Maltoni suggests you think about your images as content and offers her favorite sources for photos.

Business Blogging Tips

For you business bloggers the Sysomos blog shares five  keys to a vibrant business blog, there’s Best practices for a killer corporate blog from imedia Connection, Rich Richards offers Corporate Blog Essentials and Debbie Weil looks at why corporate blogging can be both fun and profitable.

There’s much more on blogging strategies, thoughtful insights and more blog business tips than you can shake your booty at. We had a lot of fun putting these 80 links and blog resources together for you. Let us know if you liked them and what else you’d like to see in the future in the comments below.

Of course we’ve got a bag full of more than 530 blogging tips and resources elsewhere in the PR Library including: Blog Writing, Corporate Blogging, PR Blogging Tips & Tactics and Top PR Bloggers.  You may also enjoy The PR Coach’s blog This Just In… to keep you current in all things PR.

PR & Blogging Tips

3 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Blog Needs [Open Forum]
5 Extraordinary #Blog Post Types that Will Grow Your Audience Faster
[Think Traffic]
8 Blogger Outreach No-nos to Avoid at All Costs
[Communications Conversations]
8 Ways to Get Inspiration as a Blogger [Famous Bloggers]
9 places to find social content within your organization
[Communications Conversations]
10 Posts That Re-Energize Your B2B Blog
[Social Media B2B]
10 Things Bloggers Should NOT Do
[Daily Blog Tips]
15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From
16 Rules of Blog Writing. Which Ones Are You Breaking?
[Get in the Hot Spot]
18 Types of Posts That Get More Comments
[Blog Herald]
69 Secret Tips to Make Your Blog Rock [Jeff Bullas]
202 Bite-Sized Tips To Insanely Increase Your Blog Traffic
[Traffic Generation Cafe]
Best practices for a killer corporate blog
[imedia Connection]
Blog Content Strategy 101
Blogging – Why Bother?
[Health Insurance & Protection]
Corporate Blog Essentials
[PR with Purpose]
Creating Better Content: Faster & With More Conversions
Effective Blogger Relations: Debunking Myths, Discovering Reality
[Heather Whaling]
Eight Strategies to Help Newspapers Thrive
[Reflections of a Newsosaur]
Five Keys to a Vibrant Corporate Blog
[Sysomos Blog]
Forbes to Staff: ‘Get Thee to a Bloggery’
[Newspaper Death Watch]
Found a Web Scrape Thief – Now What?
[Free Blog Help]
How Being a Blogger Makes You a Better PR Pro
[The Washington Post]
How Do We Know What Our Return on Investment Is as Bloggers?
[We Build Your Blog]
How to Write Hypnotic Headlines That Drive People to Your Blog [
Get in the Hot Spot]
If You Post It, Will They Come?
Images are Content. Where I Find Mine
[Conversation Agent]
Never-Ending List of New Content Inspiration
[Search Engine People]
Public Relations Blogs – 25 Essential PR Bloggers You Should Be Reading [PR Web]
The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations
The Best PR Blogs Out There
The Ongoing Myth That Web Content Must Always Be Short
[The Future Buzz]
To Blog or Not to Blog (Nine Years Later)
[Debbie Weil – Social Media Insights]
Traffic Content vs Trust Content
[Eat Media]
What You Don’t Know About Blogging: A Masterclass on the Newsphere
Why Every Independent News Site Should Have a YouTube Channel
Why Writing a Corporate Blog Can Be Fun (and Profitable Too)
[Debbie Weil – Social Media Insights]

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