52 Holidays PR WILL Want to Celebrate!

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International Pickle Week May 18-23

I love holidays. I really do. That’s why I set out to find 52 brand new holidays, created by PR and marketing people.  One per week, so we could enjoy a holiday all year long. Who needs a vacation when you can have a new holiday every week?

So I scoured the Internet in search of more meaningful days off and did I ever find some great choices! Just don’t let your staff get hold of this list because you could soon have a serious manpower issue if they decide to start celebrating.

October is a rich vein of holidays with Sarcastic Month, National Pizza Month, Name Your Car Day (Oct 2nd), International Skeptics Day (Oct 13th), Be Bald and Free Day (Oct 14th), Babbling Day (Oct 21st) and Mischief Night (Oct 30th).

November is also looking great! It’s Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month and watch out for Dunce Day (Nov 8th), Chaos Never Dies Day (Nov 9th), Chicken Soup for the Soul Day (Nov 12th), Have a Bad Day Day (Nov 19th) and leading right into shopping season – Buy Nothing Day (Nov 26th).

Some holidays are especially meaningful to public relations, like National Ghost Writers Week (March1st-7th), National Columnists Day (April 18th),National Radio Day (Aug 20th), National Punctuation Day (Sept 24th) and National Authors’ Day (Nov 1st). But do be careful on Hug a Newsman Day (April 4th).

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find Public Relations Month, Week or Day. Strange or what PR people?

Those of us who work with difficult clients and busy schedules might like International Juggling Day (June 20th), National Get Out of the Doghouse Day (July 20th) or International Magic Week (Oct 26-31).

Activists, journalists and editors might also accuse us of celebrating Tell a Lie Day (April 4th), Blah Blah Blah Day (April 17th), Fly a Kite Day (June 15th), Mushroom Month (Sept) or October’s National Roller Skating Month. There is hope though because April 30th is National Honesty Day.

Most of these “holidays” are a creation of PR, marketing or promotional people designed simply to create enough awareness to sell products like chocolate cakes, pies, gumdrops, guitars, hamburgers, baked beans, mustard, potatoes and of course greeting cards.

A few of my favorites below are whimsical and just good fun such as Sword Swallowers’ Day (Feb 28th) and Cabin Fever Day (Mar 9th). My wife’s favorites are No Housework Day (April 7th) and Read in the Bathtub Day (Feb 9th).

Well, I’ve got to run. Yesterday was Mother-in-Law Day (Oct 24th) and I’ve got an overdue phone call to make. Coming up soon on November 5th is National Men Make Dinner Day but don’t tell my wife. It’s a surprise! And then later today, I’m going to celebrate Relaxation Day (Aug 15th) and Hammock Day (July 22nd) early.

I’ve learned November 24th hasn’t been tagged as a holiday yet so get on it quick. Congress or your local City Council are breathlessly waiting for your request.

You’ll find a terrific list of my favorite holidays and many more available, with clip art at About.com or 2011 Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays. Got a favorite bizarre or weird holiday? Please share it in comments below.

My 52 Favorite New Holidays

January:  Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day [2nd]; I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day [7th]; Handwriting Day [23rd]; National Pie Day [23rd]; Chocolate Cake Day [27th]; Backward Day [31st]

February:  Read in the Bathtub Day [9th]; National Gumdrop Day [15th]; Sword Swallowers’ Day [28th]

March:  Hamburger And Pickle Month; National Ghost Writers Week [1st-7th]; Cabin Fever Day [9th]; Pencil Day [30th]

April:  Hug a Newsman Day [4th]; No Housework Day [7th]; Blah Blah Blah Day [17th]

May:  Salad Month; World International Laughter Day [3rd]; Oyster Day [5th]; Frog Jumping Day [13th]; Hug Your Cat Day [30th]

June:  National Candy Month; Crowded Nest Awareness Day [12th]; Fly a Kite Day [15th]; Nature Photography Day [15th]; Juggling Day [20th]

July:  National Baked Beans Month; Cow Appreciation Day [10th]; National Get Out of the Doghouse Day [20th]; Hammock Day [July 22nd]; National Day of the Cowboy [25th];

August:  National Mustard Day [1st]; National Garage Sale Day [8th]; Relaxation Day [15th]; National Radio Day [20th]; Dream Day [28th]

September:  National Potato Month; Mushroom Month; International Literacy Day [8th]; National Punctuation Day [24th]; Hunting and Fishing Day [26th]

October:  National Roller Skating Month; World Smile Day [3rd]; Mother-in-Law Day [24th]

November:  National Authors’ Day [1st]; National Men Make Dinner Day [5th]; World Kindness Day [13th]; Homemade Bread Day [15th]; World Hello Day [21st]

December:  International Shareware Day [7th]; National Hugging Day [10th]; Poinsettia Day [12th]; Cat Herders’ Day [15th].

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Illustration: Bobbie Peachey

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