51 Expert Tips for PR Job Hunters

by PR Coach

51 PR pros share PR job tips

Just in time for new PR grads and the booming job market, we’ve got 51 expert tips for PR job hunters.

These PR pros offer smart advice and PR job tips on everything from better resumes, guerrilla job tactics, social media jobs and internships to using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora and video resumes for PR job search.

It’s a terrific resource for those in the market for PR jobs. Let’s jump right into the highlights from the PR pros.

PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide
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Tips for New PR Grads & Entry PR Job Seekers

Jackson Wightman suggests five ways an MBA can help PR pros and Arik Hanson offers his opinion on which matters more: APR or MBA?. Jeff Wilson offers 15 Tips to Land That First Job in PR.

There are seven ways PR students can improve their marketability blogs according to Vincent Paventa. This includes networking, being at in student affairs at school and learning Microsoft Excel. The HyperText blog ran a two-part series on preparing for a career in communications: Part One and Part Two.

Lisa Grimm offers great advice on getting that PR internship and Nick Lucido wonders if unpaid PR internships are devaluing the PR business? PRSA issued helpful and long-overdue new guidelines on PR internships. Deirdre Breakenridge shared a valuable idea on PR job search mentors and how they can be invaluable to graduating students looking for their first PR job.

US News and CNN/Money reported that a PR specialist is one of the best career opportunities in 2011 while a new Society of Digital Agencies study highlights the big demand for online talent. Petya Georgieva shared seven super tips from seven PR pros to help those starting a new PR job. The Transcript from #PRSSA Virtual Career Fair is loaded with PR job tips and advice.

PR Resume Tips

Our PR pros had plenty of resume tips and suggestions. Meghan Peters reminded us that cover letters are still valuable even in technology and social media jobs.

Amit Agarwal showed why he’s a fan of video resumes and showcased three good ones. Julie Ann Ross suggested what you should include in your video resume if you think one is appropriate.

Huffington Post asked if this was the coolest student resume ever? Not in my humble opinion but still interesting.

Traditional resumes still have an important role to play in PR job search. Jeff Domansky (The PR Coach) has 11 tips to take your resume from lame to “game.” Deb Wenger looks at the right way to do a reporter’s resume, which apply very nicely to PR as well. Bob Witten reminded us how not to get the job.

Eve Tahmincioglu suggested six networking no-nos. Were you were laid off recently? Forbes had some smart tips on how to handle the fact on your resume and in interviews. You should also take note of the top 10 overused phrases on LinkedIn profiles.

Using Social Media for PR Job Searching

Not surprisingly, our PR job experts were high on social media for finding PR jobs. Lindsay Olson showed how to start looking and where you should be looking for a PR job online. How about five guerilla tactics including sending only half your resume, using Google Adwords, creating a viral chain e-mail and giving away a free e-book? Very creative.

Arik Hanson shared six tips on creative ways to land a job in digital PR and Heidi Cohen had seven social media tips to get your job search on track.

Wayne Breitbarth offered five LinkedIn secrets for job seekers. There were also tips on using Quora, Twitter, the #Happo hashtag on Twitter and the Get Public Relations Jobs website looks like a useful new resource.

All in all, these posts are a must-read for serious PR job seekers. Articles marked with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

51 PR Experts & Tips for PR Job Hunters

3 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Your First Nonprofit Job for at Least a Year [Rosetta Thurman]
Here’s a really thoughtful look at the .value of nonprofit PR jobs.

5 Guerrilla Tactics to Get a Job [Quick Online Tips]
Five tips that may help you get your next PR job.

5 Ways Getting an MBA Can Help PR Pros [Jackson Wightman]
Pondering an MBA? 5 reasons it counts.

6 Creative Ways to Land a Job in Digital PR [Communications Conversations]
Excellent PR job advice from Arik Hanson.

7 Social Media Tips to Get Your Job Search on Track [Heidi Cohen]
Practical PR Job tips from Heidi Cohen.

10 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Job Search [Poynter]
Watch out for these online social media job hunting pitfalls.

12 Ways to Use Quora for Your Job Search [Mashable]
Very helpful for PR job hunters.  W

Are Cover Letters Still Relevant for Social Media and Tech Jobs? [Mashable]
Absolutely for PR jobs too.

Beautiful Visual Resumes [Digital Inspiration]
Worth exploring to supplement traditional resumes; three great examples.  W

Beyond the Basics: Using Social Media to Attract & Connect with Candidates [Amy Mengel]
Smart PR hiring presentation worth reviewing.  W

Five LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers [Wayne Breitbarth]
PR job tips worth following.   W

Get Public Relations Jobs
PR job website offers jobs by keyword, country and state.

How Not to Get a Job [Advancing the Story]
Solid PR job advice too.

How PR Students Can Improve Their Marketability [Journalistics]
Here are several smart PR job tips for students.

How to Deal with That Hole in Your Resume [Forbes]
Useful tips to help you answer the question about layoffs.

How to Find the Best PR Agency to Work for?
The PR Coach offers 20 questions to help you find the right PR agency job.

How to Start Looking for a Job [Lindsay Olson]
Lindsay Olson shares seven smart PR job hunting tips.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Career [US News]
Useful online PR jobs strategies.

How to Use Twitter to Land a Job [US News]
Terrific tips to help you get noticed and hired on twitter.  W

I Hate to Bug You But …  Six Networking No-nos [MSNBC]
Excellent PR job tips from Eve Tahmincioglu.

Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever? [Huffington Post]
Interesting for PR jobs too?

Job Hunting via Social Media – #HAPPO Hashtag
Here’s a quick look at the Help a PR Pro Out Twitter resource.

LinkedIn Branding for Today’s Savvy Job Seeker [Personal Branding Network]
How to get your LinkedIn title working for you.

PR Specialist One of the Best Careers for 2011 [MediaBistro]
US News
finds PR is a best career. But then we knew that, right?

PRSA Issues Guidance on Intern Programs [Media Bistro]
1st step in right direction as PR intern guidelines are overdue.  W

PR Job Search Strategies: 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd [Arik Hanson]
Smart PR job strategies from the co-founder of #HAPPO.

Preparing for a Communications Career – Advice from the PR Pros: Part One [HyperText]
Three tips to help you get ready for a PR career.

Preparing for a Communications Career – Advice from the PR Pros: Part Two [HyperText]
More sound PR career advice.

Recruiters: Should Job Applicants Mention Using Social Media? [Mack Collier]
Surprising and valuable PR job debate.

Report Highlights Need for Online Talent Now [Marketing Pilgrim]
The demand for social media skills is exploding.

Six Signs that PR Agency Business is Improving [Lindsay Olson]
Encouraging news for PR job hunters.

Supercharge Your Job Search with Social Media [Heidi Cohen]
PR job hunters take note.

Take Your PR Resume from Lame to Game [The PR Coach]
11 PR resume tips worth reading.

The Right Way to Do a Resume? [Advancing the Story]
10 tips for reporter and PR resumes too.

Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes [Mashable]
Think outside the box with these tips and video resume examples.

Transcript from #PRSSA Virtual Career Fair
Loaded with PR job and PR intern tips from smart PR pros.  W

Using Advanced Twitter Search to Find a Job [Video 3:15] [Mashable]
Excellent resource & how-to for PR job hunters.  W

What Should You Include in Your Video Resume? [SitePro]
Interesting tips to producing a video resume.

Where Job Seekers Should Be Online [US News]
Several new tips on where you should be looking for PR jobs online.

Which Letters Matter More? [Arik Hanson]
Thoughtful debate: APR vs MBA?

Why Starting at a Small Agency Is Better for Your Career [Ad Age]
Thoughts on working in big vs small ad agencies apply to the PR too.

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